violent crime   (暴力犯罪)

Belize has relatively high rates of violent crime.

The violent crime rate is one of the highest in the United States.

As chief, she was credited with reducing violent crime in Orlando.

more violent   (より暴力的な)

Gradually, however, their activities grew more violent.

The newer, more violent race of men served Matango's needs better.

Thunderbolts are the result of a thicker and more violent air flow.

most violent   (最も暴力的な)

The 1920s were some of the most violent times in Cape Breton.

The events of the day were some of the most violent in recent years.

It was considered the "most violent storm" in Martinique in 20 years.

violent crimes   (暴力犯罪)

Assassinations and other violent crimes are featured regularly.

Overall, these types of violent crimes are decreasing in Connecticut.

The Palestinian terrorists were convicted of a series of violent crimes.

violent clashes   (激しい衝突)

Even his expected attendance might have led to violent clashes, e.g.

UNAN was the site violent clashes during the 2018 Nicaraguan protests.

At times, in the 1970s, there were violent clashes between the ethnic groups.

violent acts

Every chapter in the novel contains graphic sexual or violent acts.

To off-set violent acts, the KKK participated in charitable activities.

Where the Nicaraguan government is held responsible for the violent acts.

violent attacks

This includes breaks, burns, cuts, surgery, and violent attacks.

BdSF carried out several violent attacks against non-Bodo civilians.

Discrimination and violent attacks against Jews began immediately after the seizure of power in 1933.

violent incidents   (暴力事件)

Several Bangladeshi students were severely injured in violent incidents.

Like last year, the pride parade took place without any violent incidents.

After several violent incidents, including beating up a roadie, he was fired.

turned violent   (暴力的になった)

It was initially peaceful but later turned violent.

The strike started peacefully but soon turned violent.

There were two instances when the blockade nearly turned violent.

violent conflict

Such a need for structural change is likely to result in a violent conflict.

Although Louis was a pious man, he soon came into a violent conflict with Pope Innocent II.

This violent conflict could be of any type and could involve either latent or actual violence.

violent death   (暴力的な死)

There is a suggestion that the man died a violent death.

He was the only UPC leader who did not die a violent death.

It may be a name for the death god in the context of violent death or sacrifice, hence the name "red god".

violent protests

The suicides prompted violent protests by T activists.

At the same time, he called for rejecting violent protests.

The government closed the mine at the time because of the violent protests.

violent storm   (暴風雨)

It was considered the "most violent storm" in Martinique in 20 years.

The whole fleet left on 21 December 1619, and ran into a violent storm on 3 January 1620.

The remains were discovered accidentally when a violent storm uncovered part of a funerary tophet.

violent behavior

His violent behavior gained him "the notoriety of a cult figure."

The early texts condemn the mental states that lead to violent behavior.

There is also debate about the causation between gangsta rap and violent behavior.

violent confrontation   (激しい対立)

After a violent confrontation, Eddie orders Rodolfo to leave the apartment.

Thereafter, the police detachment fled, in fear of a violent confrontation with the mass of soldiers.

Another customer ends up in a violent confrontation with Seymour, resulting in his being injured and hospitalized.

violent nature

The music video went viral due to its extremely graphic and violent nature.

The game's violent nature, erotic elements, and portrayal of women incited controversy.

His nickname was reportedly given due either to his red hair, or his violent nature and bloodthirstiness.

violent actions

However, Picard is skeptical of her claim because of their violent actions.

Ulster Loyalist paramilitary groups also carried out a small number of violent actions.

Many children brought into gangs are torn away from their families or forced to partake in violent actions.

increasingly violent

Offscreen, in 1977, Jim became increasingly violent.

It also became increasingly violent.

Ruffin became increasingly violent towards Terrell as his drug abuse worsened.

often violent   (しばしば暴力的)

He lived in interesting but chaotic and often violent times.

These encounters are often violent.

These stories were often violent, but his friends found them exciting.

series of violent

The Palestinian terrorists were convicted of a series of violent crimes.

As a result, there was not a single war, but rather a series of violent engagements and massacres across the continent.

Following a series of violent shootouts between Roden's and Koresh's group, the Mount Carmel compound was eventually taken over by the "Koreshians".

extremely violent

The months leading up to the election were extremely violent.

The capital city Kabul saw extremely violent fighting during that period.

Virgulino sought vengeance and proved to be extremely violent in doing so.

violent confrontations

Northern Mexico has been the scene of violent confrontations between Mexico's drug gangs.

There were "violent confrontations with wild beasts" and "performances over time became more brutal and bloodier".

In the following week, the teacher marches in the capital followed, which included violent confrontations with the police.

very violent

And these phantasies are often very violent and aggressive.

Her father becomes very violent and her mother severely depressed.

The fighting was very violent.

sometimes violent

Whenever he got drunk, he became noisy, rowdy and sometimes violent towards his subordinates.

The bitter and sometimes violent racial tensions that have divided the US are notably absent in Brazil.

The improvising is quite free, exploratory, and sometimes violent, although there are a few strong melodies".

violent conduct   (暴力行為)

The FA concluded that his behaviour had constituted violent conduct.

In April 2012, he was sent off for violent conduct against East Fife F.C.

However, he again saw red for violent conduct in the game against Young Lions on 23 August.

too violent

There is nothing too violent however.

Tom Baker disliked Leela's character concept because he felt that she was too violent.

Considered too violent and gory by some critics, the film had to be edited in order to avoid an NC-17 rating by the MPAA.

violent deaths

Both died violent deaths years later.

In the same year, there were 2,986 violent deaths, including 2,121 due to accidents.

Conflicts in the following list have caused at least 10,000 direct violent deaths in 2018.

violent content

It was a subject of controversy for its violent content.

He claimed that the violent content of the novel "nauseated" him.

Within weeks the media had picked up on the title's violent content.

violent action   (暴力行為)

The basis of fascism's support of violent action in politics is connected to social Darwinism.

It rejects the violent action by the National Liberation Front of Corsica, as well as independence.

Fascism views violent action as a necessity in politics that fascism identifies as being an "endless struggle".

less violent   (暴力が少ない)

Alec sees the Green as being no less violent and wild as the Red and the Rot.

A year later, the prison was converted to a Category C prison for less violent offenders.

Jain scriptures say that all creatures who listen would become less violent and less greedy.

violent video

It is a total conversion of the more violent video game "Doom" (specifically "The Ultimate Doom" version of the game).

"Franko 2" was to be initially developed for the Amiga, but Mirage Software's lack of interest in releasing violent video games coupled with the fading viability of the Amiga as a commercial platform caused the project to be cancelled.

Then in 2003 "Franko 2: No Mercy" was in development for the Game Boy Advance with Mariusz Pawluk reprising as an artist and director, but that project was also canceled, with Pawluk putting the blame on Nintendo's policies regarding violent video games.

became violent

In the end, he became violent and had her locked up.

On both occasions, the protest became violent.

The protest became violent when police tried to suppress it.