went viral   (ウイルスにかかった)

The film went viral, winning a Webby award in 2017.

The fictional story went viral on social media.

Sun.Star Manila reported that the article went viral.

viral infection   (ウイルス感染)

He died a few hours later, doctors diagnosing a viral infection.

Gargling is practiced in Japan for perceived prevention of viral infection.

In March 2017 Ogris was struck by a viral infection which affected his kidney, liver, heart and brain.

viral video   (バイラルビデオ)

"Time magazine" listed it as the 6th best viral video of 2009.

The film, on its release to YouTube, soon became a viral video.

"Let's Have a Kiki" inspired several viral video parodies from the drag queen community.

viral infections   (ウイルス感染)

The cell wall might have evolved to deter viral infections.

PKR protects against viral infections.

Specific antiviral drugs are used to treat some viral infections.

viral marketing   (バイラルマーケティング)

A viral marketing campaign began on August 30, 2017 with a publicity stunt.

Nurv NURV is a film production and viral marketing company based out of Colorado Springs, CO.

He is specialized in the areas of social media, viral marketing, and the digital world in general.

viral genome   (ウイルスゲノム)

The pentameric motor processively translocates DNA until the head shell is full with one viral genome.

In this process NS1 acts as an ATP powered helicase to resolve terminal hairpin structures of the viral genome.

Their viral genome will integrate with host DNA and replicate along with it, relatively harmlessly, or may even become established as a plasmid.

viral videos

NURV has produced several viral videos.

The Ed Anger persona has also spawned a series of comedic viral videos.

She continues to make viral videos on her Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

viral replication   (ウイルス複製)

About one third of the genome is not necessary for the viral replication itself.

Ezh1/2 has been implicated in suppression of viral replication during lytic infection.

Resistance to nevirapine develops rapidly if viral replication is not completely suppressed.

viral proteins   (ウイルスタンパク質)

The mRNA is used to make viral proteins to take over the host cell.

Expression of the viral proteins alone does not cause host cell death.

Their work mainly focused on sequencing viral genes and characterizing viral proteins.

became a viral

It became a viral Internet meme in 2014.

The film, on its release to YouTube, soon became a viral video.

", which became a viral music video.

viral load

Nevirapine in triple combination therapy has been shown to suppress viral load effectively when used as initial antiretroviral therapy ("i.e.

In the first case, it was used to describe an anonymous person from Berlin, Germany, who has exhibited prolonged "post-treatment control" of HIV viral load after HIV treatments were interrupted.

Vaccination against meningococcus does not decrease CD4 T cell counts or increase viral load in HIV-infected individuals and there has been no evidence that the vaccines adversely affect survival.