first visit   (最初の訪問)

It was the Queen's first visit to the Cathedral.

He also paid a first visit to nearby Amsterdam.

The event marked the promotion's first visit to Utica.

during a visit   (訪問中)

He was murdered during a visit to San Francisco in 1903.

He died during a visit to Paris in 1809.

Gerung fell ill during a visit to Petersberg Abbey and died there.

official visit   (公式訪問)

It included the official visit of the IACHR to Nicaragua.

President Kenyatta made an official visit to Cuba in 2018.

In 1551, Dorothea and Frederick made an official visit to Lorraine.

state visit   (州訪問)

Nelson Mandela paid a state visit to Pakistan in 1993.

The venture was promoted by president Halonen's state visit in 2003.

Václav Klaus, as Czech President, made a state visit to Iceland in 2005.

during his visit   (彼の訪問中に)

In "Ju-on" Kobayashi is claimed by Kayako during his visit to the house.

On 6 June, Artuković accompanied Pavelić during his visit to Adolf Hitler.

María meets and falls in love with Javier during his visit to the Hacienda.

paid a visit

In 1889, Robert Louis Stevenson paid a visit to Pago Pago.

Albert, her stepfather, has paid a visit.

In 2003 Irish President Mary McAleese paid a visit to Poland.

second visit

This was Cantlie's second visit to Syria.

A second visit by Captain Ross also disclosed unacceptable features.

It was Welzl's second visit of Europe, when he went to Czechoslovakia.

came to visit

The Robinson sisters came to visit Anne in December 1848.

His brother came to visit him in Paris.

On one occasion, when he fell sick at work, his wife came to visit him.

people visit

Around 100,000 people visit Kheda for this event.

About 1.5 million people visit the tomb annually.

Thousands of people visit this temple annually.

allowed to visit

Some heroes of Greek legend are allowed to visit the underworld.

It was the first time Jews were allowed to visit the tomb in over a month.

Georgiou's sister was allowed to visit him during his captivity in Angola.

comes to visit

Daily hundreds of people comes to visit the mosque.

Amidst all this Santa Claus comes to visit Pia.

Meanwhile, the group of touring widows comes to visit.

not visit

The Democratic ticket did not visit the state.

Cameron did not visit the set, as he was busy filming his "Avatar" sequels.

Manock did not visit the scene until three months after the drowning theory was proposed.

goes to visit

J.R. goes to visit the Del Sol family who claim to be unaware of Marta's plans.

Stacy goes to visit House again in "Three Stories", five years after their break up.

Finally the sage falls in love with her and then the dancer goes to visit her mother.

last visit   (最後の訪問)

This was the last visit of Emperor Showa to the United States.

It was his last visit to the country.

The Sox swept the Nationals in their last visit to D.C. in 2010.

during the visit

However, no talks on sovereignty took place during the visit.

Fourcade had collected sporadically in the 1880s and also during the visit to Natal.

Meanwhile, there has been an epochal event, during the visit to Pope John Paul II in Romania (7-9 May 1999).

went to visit

From there, Bakikhanov went to visit Mecca and Medina.

In January 1976, Jim and his wife Freda went to visit Jim's sister, offscreen.

However, he realized that he was in love with her when they went to visit Xi Ze.

able to visit   (訪問することができます)

Trelawny was able to visit Augusta Draper in 1874.

As I will be very busy tomorrow, I won't be able to visit you.

I am able to visit you now as I still have some free time before my mission starts.

brief visit

Roy had paid a brief visit to the House.

Louden played the role from 1988 to 1990 and for a brief visit in 1993.

In May 1923, Aleksei returned to Russia for a brief visit and received a hero's welcome.

used to visit

Once a year Mileikowsky used to visit Palestine.

She used to visit courts just for curiosity.

He was a disciple of Rama Dada and often used to visit Khandwa.

come to visit

are serving to some extent who come to visit Megauli.

More of Schubert's friends come to visit.

Women began to come to visit him there.

made a visit

In May 2001, Pope John Paul II made a visit of pilgrimage to Greece.

The Earl made a visit of several days to Watton Rectory in the summer 1836.

In October 2019, President Uhuru Kenyatta made a visit to Russia and attended the Russia Africa Summit in Sochi.

port visit   (寄港)

For some reason, she was the only ship of the class not to make a port visit to Stockholm, Sweden in July–August 1865.

The ship was assigned to the Baltic Fleet upon completion and she, and all of her sister ships except , made a port visit to Stockholm, Sweden in July–August 1865 while under the command of General Admiral Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich.

visit the area

Mary Vaux would continue to visit the area every summer until her death in 1940.

In 1929 Shoghi Effendi, then Guardian of the religion, was the first Baháʼí to visit the area.

To encourage New York City residents to visit the area, a steamer, the "Shippan", was built in 1866.

tourists visit

Some 15,000 tourists visit the islands each year.

Many tourists visit Rampur each year for rafting.

Today, thousands of tourists visit the temples daily.

time to visit

The ideal time to visit this is from June – September.

The best time to visit it is between December and March.

Best time to visit is between Feb and July.

surprise visit

Back home, Anna-Kaisa gets a surprise visit from her little son Joose.

As he begins to resurrect his stalled writing career, he gets a surprise visit from Kitty.

In October 2018 a surprise visit to the school was made by the UK's Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan.

decides to visit

Dodger tracks Patrick down and decides to visit him.

Fellers decides to visit General Kajima, who was also Aya's uncle.

When she gets there, she decides to visit her mother Kathleen in prison.

royal visit   (王室訪問)

It was built in 1909 for King Rama V on his next royal visit to Prachinburi, but the king never again visited.

Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh visited between 9 and 13 December 1867 and as the first royal visit, the occasion was met with great fanfare.

Craigowan Lodge is used regularly by the family and friends of the royal family and also has been used while Balmoral Castle was being prepared for a royal visit.

continued to visit

Fraley continued to visit and interact with him while he was incarcerated.

Pinklao died in 1865, though Mongkut continued to visit the palace, ensuring its upkeep.

Upon her recovery she continued to visit the theatre despite her parents' objections, often dressed in boys' clothes.

often visit   (よく訪れる)

Cruise ships often visit, frequently as a tie-in to Antarctica.

Frasier and the others often visit the local coffee shop, Café Nervosa.

fans often visit the cafe.

return visit   (再訪問)

On a return visit to Britain he met his future wife, whom he married in 1949.

In 2007, Feng Yan made a return visit to her characters from the Three Gorges reservoir.

They do not bother to do any work and discover Bill has died when they make a return visit.

short visit

In 1871 he returned to Munich for a short visit, availing himself of the opportunity for still further study.

The next year, a short visit with family in Southern Rhodesia became permanent when she accepted a teaching job in Selukwe.

On Saturday 25 November 1967 the couple left Cape Town for a short visit with his mother in Boksburg, before leaving on a long-planned overseas visit.

did not visit

The Democratic ticket did not visit the state.

Cameron did not visit the set, as he was busy filming his "Avatar" sequels.

Manock did not visit the scene until three months after the drowning theory was proposed.

visit the site   (サイトをご覧ください)

An Italian archaeological team was allowed to visit the site for one day in September, 2003.

To commemorate his visit to the site, now thousands of his followers visit the site every New Year's Day.

It is not a well known site among the people of India and only a few dozen foreign tourists visit the site annually.

pay a visit

Abha & Karan pay a visit to Nilanjana.

They pay a visit to her place.

In February 1939, Chu was allowed to pay a visit to his home and his church for three days.

invited to visit

Favored PAFA students were invited to visit and use his studio.

He Tianjian, Xie Jun and Peng Zhaoqin were invited to visit USSR.

He was invited to visit Russia for the wedding of Duke Anthony Ulrich of Brunswick.

decided to visit

After the success of Lillywhite's tour, the Australians decided to visit England in 1878.

Rebecca decided to visit a birthing center saying: "Hospitals have a rigid way of doing things."

She decided to visit England before her first book was published to make sure she had all her information correct.

visit each

Approximately 17,000 people visit each year.

Nazarbayev have stated that: The heads of both states visit each other regularly.

One of the jobs of outside plant personnel was to visit each telephone periodically to inspect the battery.

pays a visit

Walt pays a visit to the recently promoted Hank at his new DEA office.

A brief stop and two bullets later, Viktor pays a visit to Trafficant in a restaurant.

Meanwhile, Dugong's mother and Victoria's aunt, Tandang Ella, pays a visit to Victoria.

following a visit

Returning to the Cape following a visit to England in 1860, there was an incident and the marriage hit stormy waters.

Ochs was inspired to write this song following a visit to the state as a volunteer for the Mississippi Caravan of Music.

President Mba promoted the initiative following a visit to Tel Aviv, Israel, where he met female staff in its Defense Forces.

visit the island

Western tourists began to visit the island.

Most visit the island for short periods and work from hotels.

The DENR would only allow for 19,000 tourists to visit the island daily.

opportunity to visit

When, in July 1913, De Bussy's gave him an opportunity to visit the Cape Province, he welcomed it.

The radar work paid for a couple of trips to North America, where he took the opportunity to visit astronomers.

While in Ottawa, they gain a greater awareness of federal politics and are privileged with the opportunity to visit the Senate.

another visit   (別の訪問)

After the war and another visit to Germany, he rose to be Vice Minister of War.

Sophia did not reply, but took the hint and departed for another visit to Paris.

It was while in Hungary that she received another visit from her niece, Maria Beatrice.

place to visit   (訪れる場所)

It is a beautiful place to visit during July to September.

It is situated near the Laxmi temple one of good place to visit.

The cemetery still exists and provides an interesting place to visit.