most visited   (最も訪問した)

Dresden is one of the most visited cities in Germany.

Costa Rica is the most visited nation in Central America.

The club's museum is the second most visited in Catalonia.

first visited   (最初に訪れた)

Portuguese explorers first visited the archipelago in 1505.

Portuguese explorers first visited the archipelago in 1503.

He first visited Skagen in 1870, returning on several occasions.

when he visited   (彼が訪れたとき)

Mark Twain stayed here when he visited London.

He experienced the same when he visited the fort in Junagadh.

Guglielmo Marconi stayed here as well when he visited London.

often visited   (よく訪れる)

He has often visited Japan where he is very popular.

The village is often visited by walkers and cyclists.

There he would reunite with Mozart who often visited him.

frequently visited

It is frequently visited by cruise ships.

The tsar himself frequently visited the monastery as a pilgrim.

"Stosch" also frequently visited foreign ports to show the flag.

visited the site   (サイトを訪れた)

Howard Crosby also visited the site during 1851.

Aristocratic travelers from across Europe visited the site.

Dalit Leader B. R. Ambedkar visited the site on 1 January 1927.

visited the area

Later, pearl luggers visited the area from Broome.

He visited the area periodically between 1727 and 1751.

In 1955, he and Dr. A.G. Mathew in turn visited the area.

never visited

Burns turned on his heels and never visited her again.

Gosden never visited the set again.

The king never visited Drohobych.

people visited

In 2007/08 about 26,000 people visited the castle.

Overall, 7.3 million people visited the garden show.

Over 20,000 people visited the cave in 2015.

then visited

They then visited many cities on the North Island.

He then visited Facilier's office and discovers it there.

Diệm then visited the Maryknoll Seminary.

regularly visited

The city is regularly visited by Scotland's National Arts Companies.

Polish King John III Sobieski regularly visited Hevelius numerous times.

During his stay in the United States, Banac regularly visited Yugoslavia.

visited several

Vorhaus and writer Jean Rouverol visited several institutions to gather ideas.

In Bangalore, Chopra visited several clubs with DJ Nash to promote "In My City".

For a shorter time, he visited several universities in Europe, Brazil and Israel.

visited the city

In 2008, 7.1 million tourists visited the city.

He had visited the city at least once before with an uncle.

By the time Pausanias visited the city, it was completely in ruins.

visited the island

John Cabot reportedly visited the island in 1497.

Captain Cook visited the island in 1773 and 1777.

Godzilla also visited the island occasionally.

visited many

They then visited many cities on the North Island.

He visited many sick soldiers while in Padua, Italy.

During that time she visited many countries and ports.

visited the town   (町を訪れた)

She finally visited the town in 1848, and subsequently promoted it.

Europeans and wealthy natives from Manila frequently visited the town.

During their exile, Pandavas visited the town and came to know about the demon.

later visited

Voss later visited Daly in hospital twice.

He later visited the house for a dinner party with the family.

He was later visited by Prince Charles and Lady Diana in hospital."

visited the school   (学校を訪問した)

Margaret Thatcher visited the school that year.

In celebration of this fact the Queen visited the school.

In 1948 Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery visited the school.

having visited

He has an intense love for the outdoors and travel, having visited Mt.

He describes Livia as having visited "stepmotherly provocations" on Agrippina.

Faxian also reported having visited "stūpas" dedicated to Ānanda at the river Rohīni, but also in Mathurā.

visited by many

Lympne was visited by many aviation personalities.

Today, the home is often visited by many tourist and locals.

Caves are visited by many surface-living animals, including humans.

visited the country   (国を訪れた)

Paul of Aleppo, who visited the country a few years later, told of a desire for extermination.

The scholar was therefore considered an expert on China, although he had never visited the country.

In the first seven months of 2019, 906,788 tourists visited the country, a 11.7% jump from the previous year.

visited the village

In 1875, the French explorer Victor Guérin visited the village.

Mungo Park became the first European known to have visited the village in 1796.

In the summer 1938 Wańkowicz visited the village of Zaleszany, near Sandomierz.

again visited

Therefore he again visited the pope, now in Assisi (Italy).

In 1990 he again visited the United Arab Emirates to give lectures.

Three years later he again visited Asia Minor in the capacity of draughtsman.

when she visited   (彼女が訪れたとき)

Brenda first appeared when she visited Gennie in hospital.

In May 1982, Youens met the Queen when she visited the set of "Coronation Street".

Hammond addressed Queen Elizabeth in a short Latin speech when she visited his college on 9 August 1564.

visited during

It can be visited during opening hours of the museum.

The mill can be visited during opening hours of the museum.

The tjasker can be visited during opening hours of the museum.

visited all

He visited all the parishes in his diocese and wrote six pastoral letters to his flock.

In the six weeks between Huntsman's announcement and the end of 2019, Huntsman's campaign raised $520,000, and visited all 29 Utah counties.

At the end of the event, the competitor who has visited all these controls and who has the fewest early or late penalties overall is the winner.

team visited   (訪問したチーム)

The Cuban team visited Baltimore in May 1999.

A Red Cross team visited Phu Quoc Prison in 1969 and 1972.

The design team visited three of the academies to learn of their training requirements.

when they visited   (彼らが訪れたとき)

when they visited Tennessee as delegates of the Christian Commission.

A New Zealand Māori team first toured overseas in 1908 when they visited Australia.

More rustic than the castle, the lodge was often the home of Charles and Diana when they visited.

previously visited   (以前に訪れた)

Shots to the UP or DOWN ramps skip any previously visited floors.

Japan had previously visited Uruguay and Argentina, losing one test to each.

President Obama had previously visited the school as a United States senator.

tourists visited

In 2011, 35,000 Israeli tourists visited Croatia.

In 2006, about 516,500 tourists visited the church.

By 2016, 2.6 million tourists visited Costa Rica.

tour visited

The tour visited venues with smaller capacity in North America and Europe.

The tour visited the United States and Europe, as well as Central and South America.

The tour visited a total of 15 cities in 12 countries across East and Southeast Asia.

visited by tourists

These four islands are routinely visited by tourists:

Her grave remains one of the cemetery's most visited by tourists.

It is also the only vent field on the MAR which has been visited by tourists.

personally visited

Wańkowicz personally visited this province, meeting with its residents.

A number of his agents personally visited the Gambia, including a Moor named Omar.

Before coming to Rome, the head of the Commission personally visited the Cardinal Archbishop of Baltimore.