visitor center   (访客中心)

It currently serves as the Winslow visitor center.

The visitor center as originally built was in area.

A trail guide is available at the visitor center.

visitor centre   (访客中心)

There is a visitor centre including a cafe and shop.

A visitor centre was constructed about from the castle.

The visitor centre has had many facelifts notably in 2005 and 2010.

frequent visitor   (常客)

Former First Lady Sarah Polk was a frequent visitor.

Richard Nixon was a frequent visitor.

Casanova was also a frequent visitor.

visitor attraction   (访客吸引力)

East Lake is now a visitor attraction.

It is an ecological centre, an educational centre and a visitor attraction.

Thuloorvanath Bhagavathi Temple (Kizhakoolom) is the main visitor attraction.

regular visitor   (常客)

Bram Stoker was a regular visitor between 1893 and 1910.

Jeremy Thorpe was a regular visitor.

Stoker was a regular visitor to Cruden Bay in Scotland between 1893 and 1910.

visitor numbers

"Ice Age art" attracted large visitor numbers and good reviews.

Due primarily to falling visitor numbers the centre was redeveloped between 2009 and 2011.

During Paul's tenure, visitor numbers increased from around 250,000 per annum, peaking at over 600,000.