İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

frequent visits   (sık ziyaretler)

Once released, she made frequent visits to Hugo's home.

He made frequent visits to the battlefronts with the French and Italian armies.

Absenteeism and frequent visits to the physician are common in individuals who have arthritis.

state visits   (eyalet ziyaretleri)

It is used for ceremonies such as state visits and royal weddings.

It is often the site of state visits and ceremonial events in the royal family.

However, the first lady sometimes accompanies her husband on formal occasions such as state visits.

regular visits   (düzenli ziyaretler)

The courses included both lectures and regular visits to working farms.

The primates started to make regular visits only after about six months.

He juggles his "Mr. Chompers" job and regular visits to a heroin dealer, Dita (Liz Torres).

port visits   (liman ziyaretleri)

"Giulio Cesare" made port visits in the Levant in 1919 and 1920.

Its scheduled port visits included Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, Dubai and Daman and Diu.

In the summer of 2016, "Goose Bay" was sent on a goodwill tour of the Great Lakes, making several port visits.

official visits

During Ilham Aliyev's official visits to Italy the subject was touched on again.

The strong relations between Italy and Uruguay are further strengthened by official visits.

They often play a protocol role at the Carthage Palace and during official visits, though possess no official title.

several visits

Huntsman is a supporter of Israel and has made several visits to Israel.

Since then, both countries leaders has made several visits to each others.

Between 1962 and 1977, Riefenstahl had been photographing people of the Nuba tribes on several visits.

later visits

Odin later visits Eitri to help in forging something for him.

Daryl later visits Lori's grave, placing a Cherokee Rose to honor her memory.

Dave later visits Julie after she calls him, and he comforts her in her grief.

then visits

Palach then visits France along with his friends.

Brophy then visits the Supreme Council for Exorcism Granting.

Carmel then visits Nana in hospital as Sonny tried to murder Nana.

home visits   (ev ziyaretleri)

Willemse made it to the home visits as part of the Over 25s category.

It was estimated that 250,000 home visits were conducted by the end of 2018.

grouping clinic visits, providing after hours clinic visits, or home visits).

occasional visits   (ara sıra ziyaretler)

Still, in the summer he had occasional visits from both scholars and saints.

Hasan Ali Shah spent his final years in Bombay with occasional visits to Pune.

He did however make occasional visits to Paris and England, where he apparently had a mistress.

many visits

After many visits, she establishes a relationship with him.

In 1920 he traveled to California for the first of what would be many visits.

Treatment can involve operations to lengthen the leg bones, which involves many visits to the hospital.