İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

visual arts   (görsel Sanatlar)

Bicycles are also celebrated in the visual arts.

Lancaster has a large visual arts department.

The school features advanced classes in the visual arts.

visual effects   (görsel efektler)

A total of nine companies handled the visual effects.

ILM usually does visual effects for live-action films.

Twelve companies handled the visual effects.

visual artist   (görsel sanatçı)

The art was created by visual artist Erica Hinyot.

In 2013 Haber married visual artist Anna Schuleit.

He is married to Métis visual artist Amy Malbeuf.

visual magnitude   (görsel büyüklük)

Normally this star system has a visual magnitude of 2.1.

NGC 821 is 2.6 by 2.0 arcminutes and has a visual magnitude of 11.3.

It has a visual magnitude of 11.8 and an absolute magnitude of 10.9.

visual art   (görsel sanat)

The night parade was a popular theme in Japanese visual art.

Since 1867, typewriters have been used for creating visual art.

", a column on fair use issues in visual art, for Art21 Magazine.

apparent visual   (görünür görsel)

It shines with a combined apparent visual magnitude (V band) of 4.13.

Visible to the naked eye, it has an apparent visual magnitude of 4.84.

It is a dim, naked eye star with an apparent visual magnitude of 4.98.

apparent visual magnitude   (görünür görsel büyüklük)

It shines with a combined apparent visual magnitude (V band) of 4.13.

Visible to the naked eye, it has an apparent visual magnitude of 4.84.

It is a dim, naked eye star with an apparent visual magnitude of 4.98.

visual novel   (görsel roman)

A visual novel is also in development by Otomate.

Ecstasy" by the Japanese visual novel brand Key.

A visual novel was also released for the PlayStation 2.

visual style

The game's visual style is both cartoon-like and gritty.

Its vivid visual style was noted by critics.

Windows XP includes 22 preset color schemes for this visual style.

visual artists   (görsel sanatçılar)

Both of Shen Wei's brothers are visual artists.

Ballarat has inspired many visual artists.

From 1933 he belonged to a group of visual artists known as "Nowocześni".

visual field

They offer a good visual field.

No visual field is considered."

The visual field of the human eye spans approximately 120 degrees of arc.

visual system

The avian visual system is usually highly developed.

The Low Frequency Radio Range system began to replace this visual system in 1929.

The Gestalt grouping rules are the result of the experience of the visual system.

visual cortex   (görsel korteks)

The processing largely takes place in the visual cortex.

Area 17 is the primary visual cortex.

An example of this would be the map in primary visual cortex (V1).

visual impairment   (görme bozukluğu)

The visual impairment classification was part of the 1994 Commonwealth Games.

<br> <br> Adams who also has a visual impairment attended a mainstream school.

A research section holds books, periodicals and monographs on visual impairment.

visual acuity   (görüş keskinliği)

B4 was defined as "visual acuity of 6/60 up to visual acuity of 6/46."

The repeated corneal inflammation over time can lead to reduced visual acuity.

visual perception   (görsel algı)

Conceptualizing forms of visual perception; 5.

Julesz made important contributions to the theory of human visual perception of texture.

One tool for studying visual perception is by looking at how people process optical illusions.

visual representation

It focuses on visual representation and aggregation of Jira tasks.

The affinity concept was very closely linked to the visual representation of substances on a table.

It includes a calendar and Gantt charts to aid visual representation of projects and their deadlines.

visual information   (görsel bilgi)

The database includes verbal information, without visual information.

The see-say condition converts visual information into acoustic information.

The hear-write condition converts acoustic information into visual information.

visual cues   (görsel ipuçları)

The child again uses visual cues to grasp what this relationship is.

They were subsequently adapted into an animated series, itself taking visual cues from anime.

The game doesn't use any dialogue to explain the story, instead using characters' actions and visual cues.

visual design

Gry Online thought the game's visual design was its draw card.

Tearaway won "Edge"s 2013 award for best visual design in a game.

White was the principal sales person and helped with visual design.

visual effect

The opening sequence has an intentionally distorted visual effect.

The only visual effect is the huge field where she is seen walking.

Spinners and spinsocks can be attached to the flying line for visual effect.

visual and performing

It hosts a yearly visual and performing arts festival.

Pat Oleszko Pat Oleszko is an American visual and performing artist.

Courses were offered in visual and performing arts and media, also family learning.

visual culture

), "From child art to visual culture of youth".

Ubukata writes for the Japanese visual culture magazine "Newtype".

Blobjects can also be found in most areas of contemporary visual culture.

visual effects supervisor   (görsel efekt süpervizörü)

Bruce Jones was the visual effects supervisor on the film.

Mark Kolpack serves as visual effects supervisor for the series.

Elan Soltes was the visual effects supervisor since the show began.

visual novels

Christine Love began creating visual novels while in school at Trent University.

It is also the location of J-List, a retailer of anime goods, visual novels and related products from Japan.

The rest of the soundtrack for the entire anime series is sampled from albums released for the visual novels, "Little Busters!

visual kei

The cultures such as Japanese idol and visual kei began as youth culture in the Japan.

The youth culture include Japanese idol, visual kei, gothic lolita, Nagoya kei and gyaru.

Vandalize (album) Vandalize is the 3rd studio album from visual kei rock band Alice Nine.

visual language

Aphasia also affects visual language such as sign language.

She has developed her own visual language that frequently combines text with images.

A series of elements conforming a visual language have evolved to represent information stored in computers.

visual appearance

The climate of the region affects only the visual appearance of the map.

The visual appearance of the characters have also received notice from reviewers.

The network's visual appearance is mainly based on that of its English-language counterpart.

visual elements

Other visual elements in Ashevak's creations included varying sizes and shapes of eyes.

These visual elements were processed in 2009, as part of a NASA-approved restoration project of the first moonwalk.

Some of the magazine's visual elements are whimsical, frequently appearing in the artwork without context or explanation.

other visual   (diğer görsel)

It was afterward digitally added along with sound, tentacles, and other visual effects.

He performed a fertility dance, while Westenberg took pictures of him using a long exposure to achieve the blurring and other visual effects.

This patterning is caused by fluorescent tissue and is visible to other members of the species, however the patterning is invisible at other visual spectra.

visual media

Her interdisciplinary work combines creative writing, research and visual media.

That was the time when many of the print journalists were switching to visual media.

Visual errors are instant "discontinuities" occurring in visual media such as film and television.

visual impact   (görsel etki)

The city of Cambridge objected to the visual impact of the chosen Charles River crossing design.

Now abandoned, the area was partially landscaped at the end of 2001, reducing its visual impact.

Unlike a lift bridge this type has only slight visual impact upon its surroundings when closed for use by road traffic.

visual stimuli   (görsel uyarıcılar)

This was demonstrated for moderately attractive visual stimuli and replicated and extended to include negative stimuli.

Most studies have found no sex differences in short term memory, the rate of memory decline due to aging, or memory of visual stimuli.

A later study tested applied muscle tension as a way of preventing fainting when an individual with a fear of injuries was exposed to triggering visual stimuli.

visual communication   (görsel iletişim)

Müller-Brockman was author of several books on design and visual communication.

Marcus was always interested in both science and technology as well as visual communication.

An Inc. 5000 company for three years in a row (2016–2018), Killer has won more than 30 awards for excellence in visual communication.

visual images

His visual images earned him numerous photography awards.

The visual images were taken from an aircraft flying over the East End of London at 1000 feet.

This is in contrast to analog video, which represents moving visual images with analog signals.

visual identity

The team hired sports design firm Brandiose to create their new visual identity.

In October 2006, the bank began operating under a single brand, name and visual identity.

As part of the creative mandate, Rediffusion Y&R maintains Hoichoi's visual identity and its advertising campaigns.

audio visual

The main level includes the main circulation desk and audio visual, and the Testing Center.

Here are the updated Official Broadcasters and audio visual Producers of different cricket boards.

Facilities include computer aided education, audio visual aids, multimedia systems, L.C.D Projectors.

new visual

In 2016, Love released a new visual novel, "Ladykiller in a Bind".

It used a brand new visual concept which was never seen on TV before.

The team hired sports design firm Brandiose to create their new visual identity.

visual inspection   (görsel inceleme)

A doctor can diagnose a stork bite with a simple visual inspection.

Additionally, X-rays may be used to inspect the seam as part of the visual inspection

i) Radio Galaxy Zoo: host galaxies and radio morphologies derived from visual inspection.

visual imagery   (görsel hayalgücü)

The genre was initially connected to the visual imagery of the Counter-Reformation movement.

Projected visual imagery plays a large part in the show, with VJ mixing, animation and film.

Therefore, when objects are thought of using mental or visual imagery, more gestures should be produced.

audio and visual

Further audio and visual formats were playable through various plugins, for example AVI video files.

The renovation was conducted by Memphis firm Askew Nixon Ferguson Architects with state-of-the-art audio and visual design.

The library currently holds over 150,000 books, periodicals, journal articles, audio and visual materials, and other resources.

visual processing   (görsel işleme)

It has been estimated that visual processing areas occupy more than half of the total surface of the primate neocortex.

The visual processing network of primates includes at least 30 distinguishable brain areas, with a complex web of interconnections.

Middle vision is the stage in visual processing that combines all the basic features in the scene into distinct, recognizable object groups.

visual image

a visual image of a spider, and outputs the appropriate reaction, e.g.

Looking to stand out, he created an eye-catching visual image comprised a pudding basin haircut, cloth cap and short trousers.

The general release of the film did use the standard four-track stereo soundtrack, printed alongside the visual image on the film.

contemporary visual

1979, Poland) is a German contemporary visual artist.

Blobjects can also be found in most areas of contemporary visual culture.

Ipek Duben Ipek Duben (born 1941) is a contemporary visual artist based in Istanbul.

visual display

The visual display is a reliable indicator of mate quality, providing indirect benefits.

Most oscilloscopes have a graticule as part of the visual display, to facilitate measurements.

It therefore presented a visual display of the 235 months of the Metonic cycle (19 years ≈ 235 Synodic Months).

visual appeal   (görsel cazibe)

His films were characterised by strong "visual appeal" and minimal number of characters.

Anguhadluq also began to use colour for visual appeal, organization of the subject and to connote symbolic value to the figures in his works.

Forbes referred to the visual appeal of the book when it described the 29 Sketchnotes as, "I've Seen Our Digital Future, In These 29 Zany Sketches."

primary visual   (birincil görsel)

Area 17 is the primary visual cortex.

An example of this would be the map in primary visual cortex (V1).

ft. gallery is one of Conejo Valley’s primary visual arts facilities.