İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

vocal range   (ses aralığı)

They have a rich vocal range, and good hearing.

Hoppus and DeLonge's vocal range spans from F# to F#.

Scherzinger possesses a wide vocal range.

vocal group   (ses grubu)

The Avons The Avons were a British pop vocal group.

In 1989, Steinman formed all-female vocal group Pandora's Box.

He is one of the two lead singers of the vocal group Westlife.

vocal performance   (ses performansı)

He did, however, praise David's vocal performance.

Lee's vocal performance has been described as snarling.

The song has been noted for Swindell's vocal performance.

lead vocal   (vokal yapmak)

Ono recorded her lead vocal on September 19.

They share lead vocal duties and play guitar in the group.

Renato was the lead vocal and bass player.

vocal music   (Vokal müzik)

Chinna Moulana taught vocal music to his daughter.

In the field of vocal music he has composed app.

Chest voice Chest voice is a term used within vocal music.

vocal style

Her soulful vocal style has been compared to Amy Winehouse.

The song's lyrics and vocal style have been compared to glossolalia.

Sue Tompkins' unique vocal style was singled out in multiple reviews.

vocal harmonies   (vokal armoniler)

Jimmy arranged a lot of the vocal harmonies for the group.

The album was well-received, and praised for its vocal harmonies.

Many of the tracks are instrumental, or only feature vocal harmonies without lyrics.

vocal coach   (vokal koçu)

In December 2011, she was a vocal coach on Daybreak.

He has been vocal coach to cricketer Andrew Flintoff.

She is also a voice actress and vocal coach.

vocal cords   (ses telleri)

Keifer continued to undergo surgeries on his vocal cords.

"There were bits of skin hanging off my vocal cords", she said.

A similar process has been created to aid people who have lost their vocal cords.

most vocal   (en sesli)

The most vocal and strident was Pope Gregory VII.

Its most vocal leader was William Miller.

Meretz remains the most vocal party within the Israeli peace camp.

vocal critic

Al-Miqdad is also a vocal critic of the government.

Lupica has been listed a vocal critic of the steroid era.

Sangaree had been a vocal critic of the government sponsored paramilitary groups.

vocal duties

They share lead vocal duties and play guitar in the group.

Nicholas assumed co-lead vocal duties with drummer Walter Orange.

Dimiter Voev's vocal duties were taken by younger brother Simeon Voev.

vocal delivery   (vokal teslimatı)

His vocal delivery encompasses singing, rapping and scatting.

However, he claimed Shania's vocal delivery was at times frail.

The gorgeous vocal delivery on the track is perfectly complemented by the lush production."

vocal and instrumental

The CD contains a vocal and instrumental track for all three theme songs.

The single contains vocal and instrumental songs of the opening theme, "Say It!

He is the author of "Anthem of Wikipedia" - a piece for a soloist, vocal and instrumental ensembles.

vocal performances

It's one of the most unguarded vocal performances he's ever given."

The track "features one of Urie’s strongest vocal performances to date."

Dance groups, vocal performances, and a study club provide interaction with friends.

vocal tracks

The game additionally features three vocal tracks.

Some vocal tracks were redone with different lyrics.

They recorded vocal tracks throughout this period but often released the tunes as instrumentals on albums.

vocal parts

Only two vocal parts are extant (soprano and alto).

One feature is the increasing syncopation in the vocal parts.

Funk bands such as Earth, Wind & Fire have harmony vocal parts.

vocal opponent   (vokal rakibi)

Roberts was a vocal opponent of Freemasonry in the mid 19th century.

In 2013, Golden was a vocal opponent of traffic enforcement cameras.

She was also a vocal opponent to the closure of the Newcastle State Dockyards.

vocal folds   (vokal kıvrımlar)

The vocal folds are long and are attached close to the epiglottis base.

Voiceless aspiration occurs when the vocal folds remain open after a consonant is released.

Contact granulomas can occur unilaterally or bilaterally, affecting one or both vocal folds.

vocal supporter   (vokal destekçisi)

She is a vocal supporter of gender equity in STEM.

He is a vocal supporter of the New York Knicks basketball team.

Breckinridge was also a vocal supporter for the League of Nations.

vocal works

They also have participated in the recording of vocal works.

Casulana favoured dramatic dialogue in her polyphonic vocal works.

The team is dedicated to the repertoire of great European vocal works.

vocal training

In 2011, he did vocal training and speech therapy.

Rosseland associated with jazz vocal training at "Norges Musikkhøgskole".

Lois McDonall began her vocal training in Edmonton with Eileen McEcheran.

vocal advocate   (vokal savunucusu)

He was a vocal advocate for the legalization of marijuana.

Camus was a vocal advocate of the "new Mediterranean Culture".

Lastly, Hume was a vocal advocate of the stability of the private sector.

vocal track   (ses parçası)

The vocal track was recorded at the Hit Factory in New York City.

She then asked fans to pair the vocal track with "Stache" and selected a winner.

A cappella can also describe the isolated vocal track(s) from a multitrack recording that originally included instrumentation.

more vocal

"The Nation" was just a little more vocal about it.

During and after the crisis, criticism of the CDO market was more vocal.

Infuriated, Zamor became more vocal and open in his support to the Revolution.

vocal ensemble

The ""Footnotes"" vocal ensemble entertains patrons prior to the performance.

The tributes to Manhattan Transfer station include a jazz vocal ensemble formed in 1969.

World Voices World Voices is a vocal ensemble based in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, conducted by Dr. Karle Erickson, Artistic Director.

very vocal

As with other dolphins, orcas are very vocal animals.

Scherzinger is also very vocal when it comes to bullying.

This breed is also very vocal in expressing their emotions.

vocal version

Elgar incorporated the new vocal version into the Ode.

A vocal version was recorded by Kathy Kirby the next year.

Lennon's vocal version appears on his "Anthology" box set, in 1998.

instrumental and vocal

It features instrumental and vocal material by American singer/songwriter Laura Veirs.

He composed over 1100 instrumental and vocal works influenced by his Ukrainian heritage and the baroque.

Some of the musical features used are reminiscent of "L'Orfeo", written slightly earlier for similar instrumental and vocal forces.

vocal abilities

Aside from Da'Ville's vocal abilities, he is a songwriter, composer and producer.

Club" called the track scaled-back and criticized Gaga's vocal abilities in the song.

Brinda Fuller Willis of the "Jackson Advocate" considered Lynche's vocal abilities superior to many current singers.

backing vocal

A backing vocal chorus in the style Spaghetti Western classics added intrigue.

Cheryl Lynn provided the female backing vocal, singing an adaptation from a nursery rhyme Georgie Porgie.

Chesney's version includes a backing vocal from Grace Potter, with whom he recorded his 2011 single "You and Tequila".

vocal work   (vokal işi)

Three tracks included vocal work from Japanese singer Kokia.

Gately shared the majority of lead vocal work with Ronan Keating.

The vocal work was all choral, maintaining the game's dark atmosphere.

vocal groups

Contestants in this category are duos or vocal groups and all members must be aged 16 or over.

He sang in vocal groups, including the 1940s group The Snowflakes where he sang with the Claude Thornhill orchestra.

However, for clarity of each voice, recording each voice individually is most commonly the norm with most modern vocal groups.

vocal range spans

Hoppus and DeLonge's vocal range spans from F# to F#.

Spears's vocal range spans from G-C.

Braxton's vocal range spans from the low note of F3 to the high note of G4.

vocal samples

It also contains vocal samples of The Notorious B.I.G.

"The Number Song" uses various breakbeats and vocal samples of count-offs.

Chipmunked vocal samples and overdubs aplenty make up the song's foundation.

vocal technique

Here he picked up trumpet as well as improving vocal technique.

The young Michael Jackson owed his vocal technique in large part to Diana Ross.

Schlusnus: "[He] has given me freedom of voice, my vocal technique, and an understanding of proper singing.

vocal arrangements

The vocal arrangements.

It was directed and choreographed by Ron Lewis, with vocal arrangements by Kay Thompson and Billy Stritch.

Ulvaeus and Andersson persevered with their songwriting and experimented with new sounds and vocal arrangements.

vocal trio

She was a member of the vocal trio the Rhythmettes, which also included Dorothy Compton.

The EP contained six tracks, with the lead single "Sweet Lies" featuring vocal trio The Barberettes.

The vocal trio in the "Scherzi" comprises two sopranos and a bass, accompanied by simple instrumental ritornellos.

vocal tract

However, to estimate the acoustic resonances of the vocal tract (i.e.

It is thought to be associated with one or more of the higher resonances of the vocal tract.

Their vocal tract will be shaped to resonate at frequencies associated with the tone being produced.

female vocal   (kadın vokal)

MAX (band) MAX (pronounced "Max") is a Japanese female vocal group.

She provided the female vocal counterpart on the song "Can U Handle It?"

The female vocal bouts occur after 0500 hr, with the vocal bout activity peaking around 0600 hr.

vocal soloists

The work is scored for five vocal soloists, chorus and orchestra.

The music is scored for three vocal soloists, a four-part choir, oboe, strings and continuo.

The words are sung during the final (4th) movement of the symphony by four vocal soloists and a chorus.

vocal fold   (vokal katlama)

In other words, it is the loss of vocal fold tone and elasticity due to aging which affects voice quality.

Various methods are used to diagnose contact granuloma which aid in differentiating it from other vocal fold pathology.

Laryngoscopy, as well as an acoustic analysis of the voice, can help rule out vocal fold paresis as an underlying cause.

vocal cord

Eventually it was determined that he had paralysis of the left vocal cord.

Costas was filling in for Michael Kay, who was recovering from vocal cord surgery.

In 2008, before Jo Jo San AF the Musical began, Kiatkamol was diagnosed with a cyst on his vocal cord.

vocal harmony   (ses uyumu)

Sometimes, he would sing each vocal harmony part alone through multi-track tape.

Tony Hayes formed a new vocal harmony group named "The Skyliners" after the "Fraser Hayes Four" split up.

The band specialized in Pop, RnB, and even Gospel music which highlighted their vocal harmony as a group.

became a vocal

She became a vocal advocate for strengthening regulations of boarding kennels.

In 2016, Cubitt became a vocal supporter of senator Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.

He also joined the Independent Labour Party, and became a vocal advocate of women's suffrage.

vocal lines

Anderson would then create vocal lines, which he would work on at home changing them to lyrics.

However, he criticised singer Tennant, claiming his "vocal lines often struggle to fit the songs".

His vocal lines were quite demanding, the ranges for each part quite high, and the sonorities often in 5 parts.

vocal ability

She exhibited her vocal ability at a young age, but not her mother's fiery temperament.

He shared that he would never have a duet with Trizzie due to the differences in style and vocal ability.

Lee has been criticized for her vocal ability, which she responded with "I think everyone thinks differently, so they can think so.

vocal talent

Lea Hermann from "Focus" praised Dion's vocal talent but called the album trivial.

Although she didn't demonstrate any vocal talent through the course of the show, she got to stay for 17 weeks on the show.

During service in the RCAF, Reynolds' vocal talent caught the attention of senior officers as he was often heard singing and yodeling throughout the ship.