volunteered for service

Over 50% of Alberta's doctors volunteered for service overseas.

During the Spanish Civil War, he volunteered for service in the Condor Legion.

McMillan was in Illinois in 1846, and volunteered for service during the Mexican–American War.

volunteered to serve

After the meeting, 45 attendees volunteered to serve in the company.

Wales In 1916 Thomas volunteered to serve his country in World War I.

He volunteered to serve in the V-5 Naval Aviation Program in June 1942.

volunteered to join   (参加を志願した)

In Muhovo over 40 people volunteered to join Benkovski.

Although he volunteered to join the Army, he was assessed as unfit to fight.

He was educated at Birkenhead School and in 1917 volunteered to join the Royal Navy.

volunteered for military

After the outbreak of World War I, Fritz Weidner volunteered for military service.

Over 2 million Indians volunteered for military service, including a large Muslim contingent.

Following graduation from school, he volunteered for military service in the "Reichswehr" in 1933.

volunteered to fight   (戦うために志願した)

He was fifteen years old when he volunteered to fight in the Wars of Liberation.

Among the most admired and skilled "auctorati" were those who, having been granted manumission, volunteered to fight in the arena.

Numerous men from Detroit volunteered to fight for the Union during the American Civil War, including the 24th Michigan Infantry Regiment.