popular vote   (人気投票)

The crest was selected, by popular vote, in 1958.

He is elected by popular vote to a seven-year term.

The plaque was erected following a popular vote.

right to vote   (選挙権)

Women had the right to vote and stand for elections.

In addition, women still did not have the right to vote.

By 1900 they also lost the right to vote.

vote against   (反対票)

Clodius cast the single vote against the decree.

He received 100% of the caucus vote against no opponents.

In 2005, he won with 62% of the vote against Democrat David Cox.

public vote   (公投票)

The girls won, meaning the men faced the public vote.

She was saved by the public vote seven times.

Each public vote triggers donations to eight charities.

majority vote   (多数決)

Legislation is passed by an open majority vote.

The decisions of the commission are taken by a majority vote.

Laws are passed on a majority vote.

not vote   (投票しない)

He did not vote on the Hanoverians in 1746.

Senator Pete Wilson (R-CA) did not vote.

Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) did not vote.

vote share   (投票シェア)

The Greens held the seat with an increased vote share.

The party's vote share declined 99.7% from its 2010 result.

In 1987 its vote share fell to just 0.3% and it lost its only seat.

vote of no   (否決)

The minister survived the vote of no confidence.

The conference passed a vote of no confidence in his policies.

There was alarm in Paris, and Clemenceau faced a vote of no confidence.

eligible to vote   (投票する資格がある)

All 10-year members of the BBWAA were eligible to vote.

3,307,366 women and 3,048,434 men were eligible to vote.

Around 900,000 people were eligible to vote in the election.

voice vote   (音声投票)

Batts was confirmed by the Senate in a voice vote in 1994.

On May 12, 2010 his nomination was confirmed by voice vote.

The Senate confirmed Gordon in a voice vote on March 11, 2013.

allowed to vote   (投票できる)

Coaches are not allowed to vote for their own players.

Any resident of Basel allowed to vote can be elected as a member of the parliament.

The battleground was the election of 1866; Southern states were not allowed to vote.

unanimous vote   (全会一致の投票)

They were eliminated by a unanimous vote from the judges.

In a nearly unanimous vote, Congress declared war on Japan.

Each pair had to battle for the judges' unanimous vote to move on.

vote of confidence   (信頼票)

I regard this as an act of faith and a vote of confidence."

An administration may at any time seek a "vote of confidence".

On 2 December 2013, a parliamentary vote of confidence was held against Shirdon.

primary vote   (一次投票)

The incumbent Congressman won 57.73% of the Republican primary vote.

The Labor primary vote improved by 1.6% compared to the previous year's general election.

The absence of a Greens candidate saw all candidates increase their share of the primary vote.

transferable vote   (譲渡可能票)

Elections are by single transferable vote in 5- to 7-member district electoral areas.

Elections were by proportional representation, using the single transferable vote system.

The council has 70 councillors, elected in 19 multi-member wards by single transferable vote.

registered to vote   (投票登録済み)

Stevens registered to vote in Kansas that year.

It was not known if all of these people were registered to vote.

He had rented a small apartment in Stilwell, and was registered to vote from that location.

total vote   (総投票)

He received 16% of the total vote from the fans.

Moulton received 18,713 votes, six percent of the total vote.

He was third in the voting, amassing 7.94% of the total vote.

final vote   (最終投票)

The final vote was 56 in favour, three against.

The third and final vote requires a (180 votes) majority.

The Scotland–Ireland bid came fourth overall in the final vote.

single transferable vote   (単一譲渡可能票)

Elections are by single transferable vote in 5- to 7-member district electoral areas.

Elections were by proportional representation, using the single transferable vote system.

The council has 70 councillors, elected in 19 multi-member wards by single transferable vote.

did not vote   (投票しなかった)

He did not vote on the Hanoverians in 1746.

Senator Pete Wilson (R-CA) did not vote.

Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) did not vote.

able to vote   (投票できる)

In most parts of the country Iraqis were able to vote freely.

Voters in the territories, however, were able to vote on the plebiscite.

Albee Benitez, head of the badminton NSA arrived late and was not able to vote.

entitled to vote   (投票する権利)

The district organisations and the elite clubs are entitled to vote at the F.A.

Regular members are members who are entitled to vote and are holders of commons shares.

In 1931, the population of Marinaleda was 2,318, of whom only 317 were entitled to vote.

national vote   (国民投票)

In 2005, Moroz received 5.8% of the national vote.

The party got 12 seats, having got 4% of the national vote.

In the 1935 election, DCVP gathered 2% of the national vote.

vote in favor   (賛成票)

The May 20 vote in favor of maintaining affiliation with the CPPA was 38-12.

In Alaska, such measures become state law, if a majority of voters vote in favor of the measure.

It urged members to call their representatives in Congress and ask them to vote in favor of the bill.

single vote   (一票)

The plank ultimately failed by only a single vote.

Clodius cast the single vote against the decree.

In seven counties, Lincoln received not a single vote.

electoral vote   (選挙票)

Later, in October of that year, he became "bona fide" mayor via the electoral vote.

He ran for president in 1824, winning a plurality of the popular and electoral vote.

This proved to be decisive as Hayes would win the electoral vote by a margin of one vote.

vote in favour   (賛成票)

He did eventually participate in the 1997 campaign that led to a narrow vote in favour.

Viewers cast their vote in favour of the contestants they would like to save from eviction.

John Efford, a cabinet minister who recently opposed SSM decided to vote in favour of C-38.

vote count   (投票数)

The final vote count was unknown at noon Friday, November 9, 2012.

Bush won the election night vote count in Florida by a little over 1000 votes.

The best film award went to Azar produced by Niki Karimi, after a very close vote count.

register to vote   (登録して投票する)

He also helped adult men of color of both groups to register to vote.

The deadline to register to vote remained midnight on November 23, 2018.

She advocates that adults register to vote and vote, and that children pre-register.

voters to vote   (投票する有権者)

Russia allows voters to vote "against all" candidates.

Despite targeting Green voters to vote strategically for her, she lost to Kaye by 717 votes.

The previous paper, July 2, 1948, had five advertisements urging voters to vote to be a wet county.

party vote   (党票)

They won 1.66% of the party vote in that election, the largest proportion in its history.

The United Future Party saw its party vote drop by a quarter to 0.60 percent, but retained its single seat.

ACT New Zealand won less than a third of the party vote it received in 2008, reducing from five seats to one.

jury vote   (審査員投票)

The televote was won by Russia and the jury vote by Australia.

The jury vote is evenly split.

In the super-final, the winner was selected by the public and jury vote.

casting vote   (投票票)

Where the votes were tied, the presiding member had the casting vote.

In the event that the tiebreak vote is also tied, Ronan Keating, as captain of the 100 has the casting vote.

Voting was deadlocked and the then Association president, Jim Underhill used his casting vote to support a replay.

vote system   (投票システム)

Elections were by proportional representation, using the single transferable vote system.

However the alternative vote system was rejected 2-1 by British voters in a referendum held on 5 May 2011.

This year, a single Wick ward was created to elect three councillors by the single transferable vote system.

highest vote   (最高票)

At the 1997 general election he received the fifth highest vote in the country.

Carlos Beltrán (.305, 19 HR, 51 RBIs) received the highest vote total for outfielders.

Cargas garnered the highest vote percentage (44%) of any Democrat in Texas 7 since 1964.

vote was held   (投票が行われました)

The vote was held between April 6 and April 9.

On 22 October, a vote was held on the bill.

The final Senate vote was held later that same day, with the measure passing by a vote of 65–31.

second vote   (第二投票)

One week later, on 8 May, the second vote took place.

"Fraktion"), which are traditionally formed by political parties who win at least 5% of the "second vote."

In the second vote Marianne Gaarden received 206 votes against 201 votes for Christina Rygaard Kristiansen.

confidence vote   (信頼投票)

The minister survived the no confidence vote.

She received over 85% approval in that confidence vote.

The censure became a confidence vote at the CHP for Atatürk.

vote is compared   (投票が比較されます)

"Note: Canadian Alliance vote is compared to the Reform vote in 1997."

"Note: Conservative vote is compared to the Canadian Alliance vote in 2000 election."

"Note: Conservative vote is compared to the total of Progressive Conservative and Canadian Alliance vote in 2000."

vote total   (投票合計)

He beat opponent Kyle Szarzynski by a vote total 1180 to 880 (57% to 42%).

Carlos Beltrán (.305, 19 HR, 51 RBIs) received the highest vote total for outfielders.

He had been expected to win a landslide victory, but he won by slightly more than 1% of the vote total.

first vote   (最初の投票)

She cast her first vote for president in November 1920 and voted in 14 presidential elections.

He used the argument that Carmouche, if successful, would cast his first vote for Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California.

Three League clubs were re-elected, along with Hereford United who were elected in favour of Barrow after a tie in the first vote.

permitted to vote   (投票できる)

The coaches were not permitted to vote for their own players.

Those in prison for a felony are not permitted to vote, but one can vote if they are on parole or probation.

Sam suggests holding an election where all the people of Westeros are permitted to vote for the next ruler, but is roundly mocked.

before the vote   (投票前)

Murphey died on January 16, 1861, just before the vote was taken.

The cabinet then resigned on March 4, one day before the vote of no confidence was to take place.

In the weeks before the vote, almost $55,000 was raised outside of Florida to oppose Save Our Children.

women to vote   (投票する女性)

In 1937, UP students and faculty campaigned for the right of Filipino women to vote.

She disagreed with the movement for women's suffrage, which demanded the right of women to vote.

They organized a campaign along with other women's groups to encourage women to vote and to vote for women candidates.

people to vote   (投票する人々)

Former president Frederick Chiluba urged people to vote for Sata.

A variety of organizations worked to encourage young people to vote.

René Pérez, from Calle 13, also invited people to vote "No" to the amendments.

no vote   (投票なし)

The difference between the yes and no vote was 2,190 votes.

Auxiliary and retired bishops are also members of the Conference but have no vote.

Still in 1986, these parties advocated a no vote in the Single European Act referendum.

deciding vote   (投票を決定する)

Who had the deciding vote?

The independent chair, Andrew Cubie, used his deciding vote to support UUK's preferred plan.

With them tied, Johnson, who had no votes, became the final jury member and cast the deciding vote.

not to vote   (投票しない)

Jaron was the only one not to vote for Adrian, staying true to the gray team.

Those who are not serve as non-elected members, which permits them to debate but not to vote.

The Attorney General is permitted to participate in the proceedings of the Assembly, but not to vote.

fan vote   (ファン投票)

§ – Qualified to the Top 20 via the fan vote.

Completing the list was the Mister International Facebook fan vote winner.

Page won the 2017 "Best Bowler" ESPY Award in a fan vote conducted by ESPN.

vote by referendum   (国民投票による投票)

Districts are not allowed to raise taxes above that index unless they allow voters to vote by referendum, or they seek an exception from the state Department of Education.

then vote   (次に投票する)

The housemates then vote to evict one of the three.

Sophomore women then vote who should be on the court.

The HouseGuests then vote to evict one of the nominees.

vote totals   (投票合計)

The teachers' unions did not release vote totals for the strike.

Seats were apportioned based on a set quota, not according to actual vote totals.

Reports of a quorum and even vote totals for both bodies also appeared quickly in some newspapers.

ability to vote   (投票する能力)

Nearly all African Americans had lost the ability to vote.

Moreover, the ability to vote was linked to land ownership.

The Congress of Deputies had greater legislative power than the Senate, having the ability to vote confidence in or withdraw it from a Prime Minister and to override Senate vetoes by an absolute majority of votes.

vote on whether   (かどうかに投票する)

University officials and the coaching staff decided to allow the team to vote on whether they would accept the bowl bid.

It was annexed by the City of Richmond on September 26, 1926, after a 13-12 vote on whether to join Richmond or El Cerrito.

The Trần king assembled all his citizens, allowing all to vote on whether to surrender to the Yuan or to stand and fight for their homeland.

cast a vote   (投票する)

To cast a vote, the elector must manually mark their ballot.

He only cast a vote if there was an even split in the committee.

Voters could cast a vote for one or two candidates, as they chose.

vote in elections   (選挙で投票する)

Users can vote in elections and users can create elections.

Further opposition to Simon came from supporters of Women's suffrage (the right to vote in elections).

No one dares to stand up to the cattle smugglers, but the local people can vote in elections and vent their feelings.

parliamentary vote   (議会投票)

On 2 December 2013, a parliamentary vote of confidence was held against Shirdon.

Few of his colleagues agreed with him, even those dismayed by the parliamentary vote.

A parliamentary vote of confidence was later held against Shirdon on 2 December 2013.