Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

maiden voyage   (viaje inaugural)

He died when the "Titanic" sank on her maiden voyage.

She sailed for New York City on her maiden voyage on 8 June 1871.

She was fitted out and made her maiden voyage on November 10, 1927.

first voyage   (primer viaje)

Her first voyage in this role started on 10 June 1950.

Her owner was S. Baker, and her first voyage was Lynn–London.

However, "Young Nicholas"s first voyage, in 1798, was to St Petersburg.

return voyage   (viaje de regreso)

She was on her return voyage from Sierra Leone to London.

On 6 March 1878, she began her return voyage from Bermuda for Portsmouth.

For her return voyage to Britain, "Broxbornebury" passed Saugor on 29 December.

second voyage   (segundo viaje)

On a second voyage a French privateer captured her.

For her second voyage, Douglas was still "Queen"s captain.

"John and James" sailed on a second voyage to Madeira and India.

during the voyage   (durante el viaje)

Chew remained aboard the ship during the voyage.

Two elks and a bison died during the voyage.

Nine of the wounded died during the voyage.

sea voyage

A king went on a sea voyage.

With everything cleared up, Andersen and Sorensen resume their sea voyage.

Satellite hospitals were created as the only other choice was a long sea voyage.

last voyage   (último viaje)

Her last voyage as a cadet training ship ended on 28 March 1968.

EIC voyage #4 (1795–1796): War with France had broken out during "Princess Amelia"s last voyage.

In 1921, Ellis Joseph was a passenger on the first part of the last voyage of the "SS Canastota".

whaling voyage   (viaje ballenero)

It is not clear that this was in fact a whaling voyage.

"Catherine"s third whaling voyage began on 22 July 1819.

This is the last whaling voyage for "British Tar"s that has any details.

final voyage

The transport embarked upon her final voyage for the Navy on 14 April.

"The Commerce Comet arrives on the final voyage of the Yankee Clipper."

"Otsego"s final voyage for Libby, McNeill & Libby ended at Lake Union on 30 August 1941.

long voyage   (largo viaje)

This was in fact her last long voyage at sea.

Three days later, "Winooski" began the long voyage home.

Her first long voyage was in 1984 to the Mediterranean Sea.

voyage back   (viaje de regreso)

George continued his voyage back to Cape Town alone.

On 18 November 1945 she began a circuitous voyage back to the United States.

On 1 June, during the voyage back to Brest, "Warrington" and "Smith" depth-charged the "U-90".

third voyage

During her third voyage she was wrecked in 1779 at Calcutta.

For her third voyage, "Queen" was under the command of Captain Milliken Craig.

Their intention was to explore the coast of a new landmass found by Columbus on his third voyage.

voyage around   (viaje alrededor)

During the voyage around the South Orkney Islands the expedition had tried sealing but with little success.

He was educated at College Jolie Clair, near Paris, and, in 1852, set out on a voyage around the world for four years.

Soon he was able to advance his enthusiastic lord's plan for a voyage around the world: he assisted with its planning in 1856.