station wagon   (ステーションワゴン)

The station wagon had seating for eight passengers.

The station wagon continued with the "Country Squire".

2 doors station wagon and pick-up versions.

wagon train   (貨車)

Their initial task was to take a 60 wagon train to Hyden for loading.

He began the venture with $75,000 in gold as well as his wagon train.

His father was killed by raiders, and his mother died on a wagon train.

wagon road   (ワゴンロード)

The former wagon road is still in use as Wagon Train Trail.

U.S. Route 20 closely follows the original route of the wagon road.

He helped constructed a wagon road for the United States government.

wagon trains   (ワゴン列車)

These products were shipped to the port via wagon trains and the 24-mile-long Tallahassee Railroad.

South Pass was first discovered by European-American traders in 1812; the first wagon trains crossed in 1832.

The storehouse details the history of the Colorado River and the steamboat era on it, and of the mule wagon trains.

covered wagon   (覆われたワゴン)

He moved west with his family in the 1850s, taking an overland route in a covered wagon.

The caravan included one covered wagon with eleven mules and was escorted by fifteen soldiers.

He grew up in Tennessee before traveling in a covered wagon to rural Shannon County, Missouri, at the age of 14.