walking distance   (歩行距離)

It is also within walking distance to Chennai Central.

They also tell him the city is within walking distance.

The art pieces are all within walking distance of each other.

within walking   (徒歩圏内)

It is also within walking distance to Chennai Central.

They also tell him the city is within walking distance.

All four buildings were within walking range.

within walking distance   (徒歩圏内)

It is also within walking distance to Chennai Central.

They also tell him the city is within walking distance.

The art pieces are all within walking distance of each other.

walking through

The dún (fort) is accessible by walking through the fields.

In the winter of 1945, she started walking through the Čakor area.

One night, while walking through Swaledale by night, he loses his way.

walking around   (歩き回る)

I’m ecstatic; I’m walking around on a cloud."

It features Dion walking around Edinburgh and taking the bus.

Moabit exercises consisted of walking around and calisthenics.

walking down   (歩いて)

In the last sequence, Hinano is walking down the street.

He next sees her walking down the street, and follows her.

He is soon arrested while walking down the street at night.

walking trails   (ウォーキングトレイル)

Two walking trails pass through the village:

The museum also offers walking trails along Shitike Creek.

There are numerous gardens and walking trails through the park.

walking along

The brothers were once walking along a beach and found two trees there.

You can apparently hear a spectre/banshee screaming while walking along the path.

This is relevant because "Chionea" flies are very commonly seen walking along snow.

walking away

The man is seen in silhouette, walking away from a single chair.

"I hope I shall never again have to shoot down men walking away."

Tiffany is last seen walking away from the Channard Institute alongside Kirsty.

walking trail   (ウォーキングトレイル)

2) in the Harzer Wandernadel walking trail network.

The park contains a playground, picnic area, and walking trail.

Today, the water channel of the aqueduct serves as a public walking trail.

seen walking   (歩いて見える)

Then, Swift is seen walking on the streets during nighttime.

The Wanted are seen walking somewhere while singing their parts.

The only visual effect is the huge field where she is seen walking.

accessible within walking

The museum is accessible within walking distance west of Yilan Station of Taiwan Railways.

The museum is accessible within walking distance north of Tainan Station of Taiwan Railways.

The area is accessible within walking distance north of Zhonghuamen Station of Nanjing Metro.

walking stick   (杖)

The most preferred of these kinds is a branch or walking stick.

He wants the walking stick back, which Mercy had given to Coyote.

The fae walking stick shows up and Mercy gives it to the Oakman on his request.

walking home   (家に帰る)

His son, Lyon Wong, died in 1986 after being attacked by a young man while walking home in Sacramento.

On July 16, 1858, Corbett was propositioned by two prostitutes while walking home from a church meeting.

As she's walking home, Lilly sees David waiting outside her house; they kiss and have sex in the garage.

walking track   (ウォーキングトラック)

Access is via a walking track off Craigieburn Road.

It is followed by a walking track known as 'The Ponds Walk'.

At that time there was only a walking track to the top of Vøringsfossen.

walking tour

The sculpture has been included in at least one published walking tour of Portland.

A map and info of the walking tour is available at the website of the city of Akaa.

As part of his walking tour, he explored the then already famous Font-de-Gaume cave.

walking paths   (散歩道)

The park has several walking paths through it.

The chateau's grounds also contain a forest of native and exotic species, with walking paths.

It has jogging tracks, walking paths, roller blading enclosure, refreshment stand, and playground.

walking up

It shows Tinie walking up to the camera and grinning.

"Always walking up and down she/he is!"

Shawna who is now walking up to the house just dodges rifle fire from inside the house.

walking across   (歩く)

Drawing a series of these and the user gets a man walking across the screen.

At the end of the last Ice Age, lower sea levels even permitted walking across.

Ellen, Cameron’s protector, is also walking across the country away from the city.

walking tracks

There are walking tracks to for visitors to view the park itself.

There are a number of walking tracks through the bush and a perimeter track.

Both parks offer walking tracks, and access to the river for swimming and rafting.

when walking   (歩くとき)

The femur or thigh bone turns inward when walking.

They have a stride of when walking at a normal pace.

The tibia or lower leg slightly or severely twists inward when walking or standing.

walking tours

The NJHS offers occasional Newark walking tours.

Park rangers provide guided walking tours of the ranch from October through May.

City Liquidators has been included in published guides and walking tours of Portland.

before walking

She simply replies "Let them come" before walking out.

before walking out of the theater.

There, they see Hiu-tai helping out an old lady before walking into a cha chaan teng.

walking towards

While walking towards the Crowley's former home, Jim is killed by Victor Crowley.

When he is in his room, he sees Wendell in the street walking towards Harvey's house.

While going back, Shankar sees Ashadevi walking towards a molten iron furnace and saves her from an accident.

walking and cycling

A walking and cycling track runs through it.

Over the years, the bed has been developed as trails for walking and cycling.

It has popular walking and cycling routes, some of which lead to Linacre Reservoir.

walking route

The route is also promoted as a walking route.

Parts of it have been converted into a long-distance walking route.

The section from Bisperode to Holzen of European walking route E11 runs along the crest of the Ith.

rather than walking

Gunners rode into action while sitting on the limbers rather than walking beside the guns.

The feet are adapted to perching rather than walking, and the front toes are partially joined at the base.

walking path

On your way to the farm you run across a man who has passed out on the walking path.

Some are located along the walking path, and others are within Hart's Woods along a boardwalk.

A 1.3 mile bike and walking path lines the lake and are used as a recreational area for the surrounding community.

walking off

Rosa asks Ginger to forgive her, but Ginger doesn't answer, simply walking off instead.

The film ends with the trio immolating Aquarius before walking off into the Mexican town.

This set off a local controversy in Boston that resulted in the entire airstaff walking off the air striking in protest.

people walking

"Diablo" was a show based on hate and had people walking out mid-performance.

Often, people walking down the streets, or buying food at shops say hello by saying "Pura Vida".

It is not uncommon for people walking or standing on beaches and ocean jetties to also be washed into the sea.