İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

north wall   (kuzey duvarı)

The entrance to the pavement was on the north wall.

The north wall has a single restored perpendicular window.

The main entrance is near the western end of the north wall.

south wall   (güney duvarı)

There are two Hebrew inscriptions on the south wall.

There is a canonical sundial on the south wall.

On the south wall there is a stalactic tiered mihrab.

cell wall   (hücre çeperi)

This functions to increase cell wall extensibility.

In bacteria, the cell wall is composed of peptidoglycan.

Fungi use a chitin-glucan-protein cell wall.

stone wall   (taş duvar)

This stone wall around the city was 2.3 km long.

The site is now enclosed within a well built stone wall.

The town was ringed by a defensive stone wall with towers.

city wall   (şehir duvarı)

They kiss on the city wall which is witnessed by Maxine.

(The Marais was just outside the city wall at the time.)

The city wall was 33.676 kilometres long.

curtain wall   (perde duvar)

With a glass curtain wall, it appears to float.

The two fortresses are linked by a stone “curtain wall”.

The inner curtain wall has several towers and a talus as well.

wall paintings   (duvar boyamaları)

The wall paintings are still present.

Late Asuka-period wall paintings are now known from in Takashima, Shiga.

Inside the evangelical church are gothic wall paintings from 18 century.

retaining wall   (istinat duvarı)

The vehicle went over the concrete retaining wall.

A retaining wall is a structure that holds back earth.

The calciferous retaining wall was built in the early 20th century.

west wall

However, only parts of the west wall remain today.

There is a brass dedication plaque on the west wall.

The west wall of the canyon is about from the ocean.

east wall

The east wall of the basilica features a portico.

A portion of the east wall collapsed.

The gabled east wall of the chancel is buttressed on the external corners.

outer wall   (dış duvar)

In the case of DWNTs, only the outer wall is modified.

Beyond the outer wall was a water-filled moat.

An oil pipeline runs through an outer wall of the city.

brick wall   (tuğla duvar)

It retains its sash windows, brick wall and large cedar tree.

A brick wall was also "shook" down within St. Louis, Missouri.

They are configured to enclose a courtyard, closed by a brick wall.

fourth wall

At two points, Groucho breaks the fourth wall.

(Bloom breaks the fourth wall to assure the viewer that "He'll get it".)

Finally, it will come back into the room through the fourth wall and end.

inner wall

The inner wall of the mezzanine opens to a hall.

The inner wall was built using a heavier stone.

Clark has a narrow inner wall, and thus a wide interior floor.

against the wall   (duvara Karşı)

I almost threw my phone against the wall.

But in the hallway, he fell against the wall and started crying.

Incredulous, Simone grabs Marcello by the throat and pins him against the wall.

back wall   (arka duvar)

They are visible only through the glass back wall in the toilets.

or "The ball has passed the short line after touching the back wall."

Slasher moves to the back of the unit and stands against the back wall.

western wall   (Batı duvarı)

Its western wall was pulled down in the 19th century.

Its western wall conventionally faces west towards Mecca.

The scarp forms the western wall of a narrow and long valley.

southern wall

The gravestone lies on the southern wall of the church.

"The southern wall of the stadium."

The ARVN 3rd Regiment launched a night attack along the southern wall of the Citadel.

against a wall   (duvara Karşı)

I was naked and we projected my face against a wall.

Pericles tries to help Leo, but Thade throws him hard against a wall.

Lining them up against a wall, Michael takes their guns and his money.

eastern wall   (doğu duvarı)

His large tomb lies midway along the eastern wall amongst other large monuments.

On February 11, 2004, the eastern wall of the Temple Mount was damaged by an earthquake.

On the eastern wall of the fountain, four semi-circular steps lead up to the entrance door.

rear wall

The west facade and part of the rear wall survive.

It is approximately from the stage to the rear wall.

The fresco on the rear wall of the church dates from the 17th century.

outside wall   (Dış duvar)

Irwin, if he knew the thickness of the outside wall.

On lap 39, Ed Carpenter brushed the outside wall in turn 2.

The outside wall consists of red brick, dark metal and tint glass.

wall around   (duvar etrafında)

This stone wall around the city was 2.3 km long.

Justinian I had a fortified wall around it rebuilt in the 6th century.

They therefore built a thick enclosure wall around the city for defense.

dam wall   (baraj duvarı)

A 131m high and 700m wide dam wall is under construction.

To commemorate the visit, a carved stone has been set into the dam wall of the Yeoman Hey Reservoir.

It was this configuration which allowed a relatively short but high dam wall in the gorge to impound a large quantity of water.

sea wall   (Dalgakıran)

Portions of the old sea wall remain on the beach.

The plan included a complete replacement of the sea wall.

In 1918 it was reported that repairs to the sea wall were needed.

defensive wall   (savunma duvarı)

Sieciechów probably had a defensive wall, and a Vistula river port.

An orillon was generally built at the flank of a bastion, close to the adjacent defensive wall.

In the 14th century the city was expanded in two stages, and a second defensive wall was constructed.

wall was built

The wall was built by Count Ulrich III of Abensberg.

The inner wall was built using a heavier stone.

The easternmost wall was built in a zig-zag configuration.

front wall   (ön duvar)

The cave is damaged with its front wall completely collapsed.

In the front wall was a secondary staircase to the upper floor.

The filling points were on the front wall the left and right of the smokebox.

northern wall

Only the northern wall remains standing with pilasters in the northeast corner.

The pool also served as a moat, protecting the northern wall of the Temple Mount.

The western wall’s landscape is similar to the one on the northern wall detailed above.

wall between

More blind arcading with trefoil heads fills the wall between the niches and the floor.

The national emergency even broke down the unspoken wall between CBS radio and television.

King Street formed its northern border, with a retaining wall between the street and the cemetery.

climbing wall   (tırmanma duvarı)

The camp also contains a COPE Course and climbing wall.

It also has an indoor gym which features a climbing wall.

), fitness center with exercise equipment, and climbing wall.

concrete wall   (beton duvar)

Protection from external damage is provided by an outer concrete wall.

The maximum-security portion is made up of surrounded by a concrete wall.

The playing surface is surrounded by a steel fence (replacing the old concrete wall) and a tarmac walkway.

boundary wall

The graveyard has a near circular boundary wall.

The boundary wall was usually made of beaten earth, topped with tiles.

There is a serious lack of electricity, drinking water and boundary wall with scores of 11.7, 27.93 and 40.09 respectively.

hit the wall

He hit the wall with such an impact that his neck was broken.

At the 2003 U.S. Championships, he literally hit the wall during his long program.

Just before halfway, Johnson blew a tire and hit the wall, bringing out the caution.

exterior wall

A fresco of Saint Christopher is preserved on its exterior wall.

It is a Baroque structure dating from 1743 (the year is carved on the exterior wall of the chancel).

In 2002, the stadium was closed and rebuilt with only the exterior wall of the stadium being preserved.

wall behind   (arkasındaki duvar)

Sept. 12" hung on the wall behind him.

Her hair is palish blue like the canvas of the chair and her face the same red as the wall behind.

When Attorney Jack Young got up to defend the riders, the judge turned his body to face the wall behind him.

through the wall

While drunk, Stewie crashes Brian's car through the wall of the bar.

On June 18, Krivonos began a siege of Tulchyn, and broke through the wall on the 21st.

Three gate towers were constructed, one on each of the major roads passing through the wall.

side wall

"Principal Dimensions" Length of side wall (i.e.

In the exposed side wall of the church, there are three bricked-in elongated windows.

Work involved wet abrasive blasting, sealing of the interior vault, side wall redesign and painting.

town wall   (şehir duvarı)

Most of the infantry were more resolute and rallied behind the town wall.

This was separate from the Greyfriars site, outside the town wall on Millstone Lane.

Parts of the ancient town wall, and three of its defensive towers, are still standing.

wall painting

A section of medieval wall painting is visible on the West wall.

In the 1950s and 1960s, specialized patterns in wall painting were developed.

It is believed that the decorative wall painting was added at this time as well.

wall thickness   (duvar kalınlığı)

Minimum recommended wall thickness is 3.05 – 3.12 mm.

Minimum recommended wall thickness in this case is 2.03 – 2.29 mm.

The size of a part puts a limit on how thin the wall thickness can be.

body wall

The ventral body wall also has a group of U-shaped fibers.

5 longitudinal muscles are broad, V-shaped, and attached to the body wall.

The body wall defects allow internal organs to protrude through the abdomen.

high wall

The churchyard is surrounded a high wall and is home to several Yew trees.

The castle was surrounded by a high wall with less than half still remaining.

Like other urban friaries, it was surrounded by a high wall to provide a measure of privacy.

abdominal wall   (karın duvarı)

Because of this, these flaps have the advantage of maintaining the majority of abdominal wall strength.

It is a shallow depression on the inner aspect of the abdominal wall lateral to the lateral umbilical fold.

The loss of a section of the abdominal wall on the female shows two eggs already developed and near the abdomen tip.

wall along

The traverse wall along the top of the cliff was never built.

There is a slight outward bulge along the wall along the west-southwestern side.

The total length of the wall along the perimeter of the park is estimated to be about 25 km.

perimeter wall   (Çevre duvarı)

Around this trench, a stone perimeter wall was built and decorated with deep niches.

Its perimeter wall encloses , making it one of the largest walled city parks in Europe.

The perimeter wall of the tumulus is long, and is made of limestone covered with marble.

rock wall

The rock wall overlooking the lake has a panel of images as described below.

Continuing on, he soon is confronted with a steep rock wall that was not indicated on the map.

Upon entering the attraction, the queue winds through a narrow rock wall and passing by the tracks.

border wall   (sınır duvarı)

Hill supports building a border wall and ending the concept of anchor babies.

Donnelly said that he supports more funding for the border wall proposed by Trump.

A member of the caravan was caught on video throwing rocks at border agents while at the border wall.

field wall

The Green Monster is the nickname of the left field wall in the park.

Their initials are shown in two stripes on the left field wall in Morse code.

McGwire hit the pitch 341 feet over the left field wall, his shortest of the year.

off the wall   (duvardan)

The Offspring guitarist Noodles has praised Kerslake's unique videos as very "off the wall."

After the existing plaster has been hacked off the wall, a salt and moisture retardant cream is applied to the wall.

Absent Maier's interference, it appeared as if the ball might have been off the wall or caught by right fielder Tony Tarasco.

chest wall   (göğsüs kafesi)

Then come onto chest wall immed anterior and divide Pec maj origin from remaining clav.

It is surrounded by the chest wall in front, the lungs to the sides and the spine at the back.

Lateral decubitus views, with the patient lying on their side, can confirm the effusion as it will layer along the lateral chest wall.

wall panels

There are basalt reliefs in the lower wall panels.

Some of the wall panels near the stairs were modified to include stars in them to go with the format of the series.

The wall panels are decorated with tiling in diagonal stripes of retro shades of cyan, navy, straw yellow and brick red.

wall above   (yukarıdaki duvar)

located in a cavity of the west wall above the Porta Aurea of Diocletian's Palace.

Two portraits of the present Earl of Devon and his wife hang on the north wall above the wooden panelling.

For example, a flower bed next to an affected wall might result in soil being piled up against the wall above the level of the DPC.

glass wall

Laurel behind a two-story glass wall.

The glass wall around the balcony was inscribed with the men who died from the battle.

When they struck atoms in the glass wall, they excited their orbital electrons to higher energy levels.

along the wall

He got into the marbles, and brushed along the wall in turn four.

There is a slight outward bulge along the wall along the west-southwestern side.

The title coordinate is for the location of the remains of a fort midway along the wall.

parietal wall   (parietal duvar)

The short columella forms an almost straight line with the faint callus of the parietal wall.

The columella is vertical, excavated toward the parietal wall, slightly turned to the left below.

The parietal wall is covered by a thick callus, which gives the periostracum a continuous appearance.

inside wall

Brad Keselowski made a narrow escape, squeezing past and nearly grazing the inside wall that borders pit road.

The two paired anchors are connected within the left ventricle, pulling the outside wall into contact with the inside wall.

The optical chamber ("camera ottica") has an optical system that projects to an inside wall a view of the town through mirrors and a prism.

wall built

North of the seam is an early section of the wall built of large ashlar blocks.

Pungnaptoseong Pungnaptoseong is a flat earthen wall built at the edge of the Han River in Korea.

Only along the northern saddle, at the town's eastern extremity, was a 350 meters-long wall built.

wall near   (duvara yakın)

It was situated close to the wall near the border crossing.

The crucifix which was part of this screen is now affixed to a wall near the lectern.

Upon arrival at the camp, they were lined up against a wall near the entrance and searched and made to hand over valuables.

interior wall

Particularly along the western face, the interior wall displays some terraces.

The rim is generally circular, but has an outward bulge and a wider interior wall to the west-southwest.

The interior wall decoration is simple, but there is a beautifully curved coffered ceiling lightly decorated in blue and gold.