Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

wanted to make   (Muốn làm)

Copenhagen wanted to make the loan move permanent.

We wanted to make a record you could pass down.

"I wanted to make the storyline contemporary.

always wanted   (luôn muốn)

I have always wanted to take the realism approach.

Goan's always wanted a unique identity from India.

Cagle had always wanted to fly from a young age.

wanted to create   (muốn tạo)

President Guazzini wanted to create identifiable jerseys.

He wanted to create responsibility.

He wanted to create a new architectural style to reflect this new era.

wanted to see

You wanted to see that Shakespearean monster."

Maudie says that she wanted to see the Psammead again.

"I was young and wanted to see the world.

wanted to use

Both parties wanted to use the other as bait for the hunters.

Porter and Wahl each wanted to use the Thinker for their own ends.

Jon Peters wanted to use a Nike product placement with the Batsuit.

wanted to become   (muốn trở thành)

He wanted to become Nevada's first black Senator.

Early in life she wanted to become a writer.

Launder and Gillat wanted to become producers and directors.

wanted to take

I have always wanted to take the realism approach.

So I just wanted to take the energy to the next level.

It was sort of a challenge I wanted to take on, I guess".

wanted to get

Howe wanted to get all of the news to the people.

I really wanted to get that one on the record."

If you wanted to get that confession, the answer is yes.

wanted to go

I have always wanted to go into this side of the game.

They loved it and wanted to go to contract immediately.

exam in 1898 and wanted to go to Madras for his BSc degree.

because he wanted   (bởi vì anh ấy muốn)

50 also asked for a stage because he wanted to perform.

Dogbert hired him because he wanted an H.R.

Ross reveals he stole the moon rock because he wanted to be an astronaut.

just wanted   (chỉ muốn)

"I just wanted to congratulate you," said Evers.

We just wanted to be somewhere more inspiring."

So I just wanted to take the energy to the next level.

wanted to keep   (muốn giữ)

The son saw the monkey and wanted to keep it.

The Lords Proprietor, though, wanted to keep the matter quiet.

Ótr was slain accidentally by Loki, who wanted to keep his pelt.

wanted to play   (muốn chơi)

Willis, however, still wanted to play football.

I wouldn't have wanted to play Coleen's good-girl parts."

On 5 April 2014, he declared that he wanted to play for Senegal.

originally wanted

He originally wanted to be a laboratory researcher.

Chao had originally wanted to study medicine and be a doctor.

Bogart had originally wanted his wife Lauren Bacall to be cast as Sabrina.

really wanted   (thực sự muốn)

I really wanted to do the story in a different way.

I don't think he ever really wanted to be a parent."

I really wanted to get that one on the record."

wanted to give

I wanted to give people a reason to come back to season 14.

Earlier in the offseason, he stated he wanted to give up No.

Suzanne said she wanted to give Condon a Valentine's Day card.

wanted to write

I wanted to write, draw, and letter all my own stories.

So we wanted to write a song that professed that truth."

I wanted to write something that was empowering for girls.

wanted to work   (muốn làm việc)

Originally she wanted to work in a bank office.

He's someone I've wanted to work with for a long time.

He decided he wanted to work with them.

most wanted   (Truy nã gắt gao)

), Hungary's most wanted session drummer Gergely Borlai.

The game was voted #45 for "most wanted sequels" by Famitsu's readers.

Since 2008, its website contains a list of the country's most wanted criminals.

what he wanted

The Emperor knew what he wanted people to believe.

Hatami approached Manson, asking him what he wanted.

Albert remained vague about what he wanted done.

wanted to continue

Stone wanted to continue to use the name "Christians."

Adomaitis wanted to continue his studies and left for Warsaw in 1882.

In Paris Louise wanted to continue her musical education playing piano.

wanted to know

This intrigued him and he wanted to know more.

Scipio had discovered the intelligence he wanted to know.

They wanted to know was I leaving or not.

wanted to avoid   (muốn tránh)

Residents generally wanted to avoid a civil war.

She wanted to avoid comparisons with Winters and Grable.

I wanted to avoid a war.

wanted more

"Ronnie wanted more say in things," Iommi said.

Business was booming for Barnette, but he wanted more.

They agreed to this but wanted more exposure and press.

wanted to leave   (muốn rời đi)

They wanted to leave before they were forced to.

I never said I wanted to leave Roma.

The of Abdülaziz's entourage didn't wanted to leave the Dolmabahçe Palace.

initially wanted

He initially wanted to become a journalist but turned to acting while at university.

Reed initially wanted to be either Miss America, a veterinarian, an actress, and entertainment attorney.

Wang Wujun was relieved to get to leave Heng Prefecture, and once he exited the city, initially wanted to flee to Zhang.

wanted to show   (muốn thể hiện)

I wanted to show how it impacted our characters.

I had a message on my top for Gary Speed which I wanted to show.

In an article on Bandcamp he said "I wanted to show I’m not just a one-trick pony.

wanted to build

I wanted to build a mini-orchestra with my friends.

Some also wanted to build a better life for themselves in Singapore.

Many wanted to build a bridge to connect San Francisco to Marin County.

only wanted   (chỉ muốn)

Sigge's dad (Ahlbom) only wanted money from him.

She explained, "I only wanted to do like three songs...

In the court he stated that he only wanted to oppose the British forces.

wanted to return   (muốn trở về)

Soon after, Bender changed his mind and wanted to return to MMA.

The generals wanted to return home to the King, but Bensurdatu was firm.

In the band's opinion they had always wanted to return to their hardcore punk roots.

never wanted

She replies, "I never wanted to be your enemy.

Rydal then reveals that he "never wanted Chester's money.

But he never wanted them to be published.

wanted to move   (muốn di chuyển)

Cummings enjoyed the city and wanted to move there.

By the end of the year Pauline, who was pregnant, wanted to move back to America.

Moreover, the original film was a taxing experience for Dante, and he wanted to move on.

wanted to bring   (muốn mang)

They wanted to bring Holtz in to replace Green.

He wanted to bring a definitive end to their quarrels.

He wanted to bring the war to an end himself and gain glory this way.

what they wanted

Maybe this is all just what they wanted me to say.

Proponents of the new courthouse cheated to get what they wanted.

I'd try to find a meeting point of what I do and what they wanted."

wanted to join   (muốn tham gia)

She wanted to join the show because the legacy it had created.

He wanted to join the Army, even attending school in a crew cut.

Goldman wanted to join her sister, but their father refused to allow it.

wanted to marry   (đa tưng muôn kêt hôn)

Possibly Czambor wanted to marry Elizabeth to obtain her riches.

The king wanted to marry him to his youngest daughter, but she refused.

As a youngster, Lata Mangeshkar is alleged to have said that she wanted to marry K.L.

still wanted   (vẫn muốn)

Willis, however, still wanted to play football.

Weiner still wanted to portray Peggy as a young girl.

As of 2019, he is still wanted by the DEA.

wanted to pursue

He said he wanted to pursue "some other opportunity".

Keaton also wanted to pursue "more interesting roles", turning down $15 million.

The band reportedly claimed that the two wanted to pursue solo careers in the future.

wanted to stay   (muốn ở lại)

Most of the refugees wanted to stay.

Fages wanted to stay on as governor.

They wanted to stay in Las Vegas, so the Thomas & Mack Center was the place to go.

wanted to start

"We wanted to start a school, in the European sense.

And they really wanted to start getting into Western RPGs.

I wanted to start off just at the lowest point in society, a very beaten down secretary."

wanted to kill

Nezinu, bet trāpīja mums (Who wanted to kill Julia?

"The Kiss fans wanted to kill me," he recalled.

McGlinchey wanted to kill the man but was persuaded against it.

wanted to establish   (muốn thành lập)

The British also wanted to establish a British resident in Kumasi.

The village dates to 1261 AD, when Lord Sinclair wanted to establish a chapel in the area.

John Kirby Allen and Augustus Chapman Allen wanted to establish a new town upstream from Galveston Bay.

wanted to put

I wanted to put that fear back in hip hop.

There just wasn't one version that we felt that we wanted to put on the album."

He wanted to put the emphasis on Bayonne Ruling Bayonne, not Jersey City politicians running Bayonne.

because they wanted   (bởi vì họ muốn)

The reason why they stopped there was because they wanted iron.

Best Buy only took limited [stock] because they wanted to play it safe.

The reason they moved to Beltway was because they wanted bigger houses for their families.

wanted to focus

Anselmo did not want to play bass live because he wanted to focus mainly on singing.

The tour was ultimately canceled as Tinashe wanted to focus on making new songs for the album.

In addition, Philip II of Spain wanted to focus his strength against the Barbary states of North Africa.

wanted to help

I wanted to help provide that opportunity for them."

Schulberg later said: "In a small way, I wanted to help...

He lost his job, and called his sister who said that she wanted to help him.

people wanted

Many people wanted to go not only from Lowell to Boston but to places in between.

His belly contained precious objects and valuable things that people wanted very much.

The decision was made because people wanted to make Olympic and Paralympic sport more equal.

team wanted   (đội muốn)

Wong and the rest of the team wanted to create a game that eschewed violence.

The entire team wanted to highlight the impact of climate change on the Antarctic, to the rest of the world.

However, the Spanish team wanted the entire Bible to be released as one single work and withdrew from publication.

government wanted   (chính phủ muốn)

The Reich government wanted to give this task to the state railway.

The US government wanted "Sissoko held in custody, but he was bailed" for 20 million USA dollars.

During the Second World War, the Japanese government wanted to buy the mansion and use it as an embassy.

wanted something

"We wanted something that would light up the crowd," said Michael Klein.

As destiny wanted something else, he could not contest the 2000 election.

Megan tells Garth that she wanted something more romantic than a sex song.

wanted to find   (muốn tìm)

They wanted to find ways and means to 'incinerate' us."

At times, one part of the survey may not have yielded the evidence one wanted to find.

They were adamant they wanted to find actors who looked alike to accurately portray twins.

because she wanted   (bởi vì cô ấy muốn)

She agrees, but only because she wanted to steal the Moscram Ray Gun.

She obtained a degree in German because she wanted to become a German teacher.

It was an experiment to see if Gabrielle would seduce him because she wanted the money.

wanted to try

We wanted to try something a bit different and new.

Keyes himself had considered this and wanted to try.

He wanted to try to medal at the 2018 Winter Paralympics.

wanted to record   (muốn ghi lại)

He loved the tune and wanted to record it as a duet.

wanted to record an album with Raul when he was alive.

He didn't think much of them, but Davis wanted to record them.

wanted to change

The folks who run the website wanted to change directions.

Crosby wanted to change to recorded production for several reasons.

He felt tormented by his addictions, however, and wanted to change his life.

decided he wanted

Bazin became impatient and decided he wanted Bloodshed dead.

He decided he wanted to work with them.

and even got dumped at the altar when her boyfriend decided he wanted to become a priest.

wanted to buy

Floyd had wanted to buy a farm owned by one of his brothers, but could not agree on a price.

Prospectors who wanted to buy a bag of flour were also required to by three cases of canned goods.

During the Second World War, the Japanese government wanted to buy the mansion and use it as an embassy.

wanted to expand

Sutuphaa wanted to expand the territory of Ahom kingdom.

Rogers wanted to expand into television, but died in 1954.

Platini was clear about why he wanted to expand the World Cup.

father wanted

He came from a wealthy background and his father wanted him to play football in Italy.

His father wanted him to pursue a career in banking for his son, but Soler had different ideas.

His father wanted him to become a soldier but Murias did not desire that career path for himself.

not wanted

Thames had not wanted to end the series at this point.

Personalities and ambitions are not wanted in soldiers, as Fearing explains.

Alvin then reveals to Bill he is not wanted in New York and that they scammed him.

wanted to develop   (muốn phát triển)

The new Czechoslovak republic (1918–1938) wanted to develop sciences.

Britain wanted to develop the frontier of Upper Canada on a British colonial model.

In 1982, Kaplan was approached by a number of investors who wanted to develop a new game platform.

wanted to hear

It was all fiction, but it is what the Inquisitors wanted to hear.

Lee Soo-man noticed him and wanted to hear him sing during a one time on the spot audition.

Judge Richard Kopf said he may not be bound by the tribal court, but wanted to hear their opinion.

wanted to ensure   (muốn đảm bảo)

So if the king wanted to ensure smooth revenue collection, he needed gentry co-operation.

They wanted to ensure their shipmates who were killed in action on submarines would never be forgotten.

Wimbush said: "We wanted to ensure that we could preserve the long-term health of this irreplaceable natural resource."

band wanted

In this album the band wanted to try a more brutal and extreme sound.

The band wanted to record "a track that was straight hip-hop", according to Borland.

The band wanted an eight-song EP with a unique packaging that would not involve crystal cases.

wanted to release

Smith had already written all the album's songs before she decided she wanted to release an album.

On the basis of this show, Greg decided he wanted to release an album with the band on his record label SST.

This triggered debate on the team, some of whom wanted to release the game for older consoles to maximise profit. ""

wanted to explore   (muốn khám phá)

His research had raised questions of religious tolerance which he wanted to explore.

Young wanted to explore Jeff and Dixie's marriage and felt that the webisode gave him the opportunity to do this.

Wong said, "I wanted to explore what kind of stories and what kind of dynamics we can get without resorting to violence."

longer wanted

No longer wanted in the Aude, Albert moved to Algeria.

By then, the Bell company no longer wanted to sell the patent.

New York no longer wanted him to appear on radio and television.

wanted to include

They wanted to include film of how Auschwitz was currently seen.

However, Charlemagne wanted to include the liberal arts and, most importantly, the study of religion.

Miyamoto claimed that multiplayer functionality was the first aspect of the game that he wanted to include.

no longer wanted

By then, the Bell company no longer wanted to sell the patent.

New York no longer wanted him to appear on radio and television.

On his release, no longer wanted in the Aude, he moved to Algeria.

wanted to study

He wanted to study painting but became an architect.

Chao had originally wanted to study medicine and be a doctor.

Silvia wanted to study opera.

wanted to sell   (muốn bán)

By then, the Bell company no longer wanted to sell the patent.

During the litigation voters wanted to sell it, but no deal finalized.

In 1927 Henry Murphy decided he wanted to sell the of land he held around the burnt mill.

wanted to remain   (muốn ở lại)

Wace wanted to remain incognito.

At first they wanted to remain a traditional heavy metal band, so they began looking for a male singer.

So far the Sunday demonstrations had been calm and disciplined, and the protesters wanted to remain peaceful.

wanted to live   (muốn sống)

However, they soon divorced, when she wanted to live in Los Angeles, California.

In 1824 he was advised that if he wanted to live longer, he needed to scale back his activities.

She, a woman, was resolved to win or die; if the men wanted to live in slavery, that was their choice.

wanted to learn

Once it was said if one wanted to learn Hindi, they had to "read "Aj"".

Plato believed that children would never learn unless they wanted to learn.

In 2005, Christine Scheu of Tallahassee, Florida, wanted to learn to dance.

wanted to maintain   (muốn duy trì)

Bryn continued to see Sherrard discretely, but wanted to maintain her marriage.

Aaliyah reflected: "I always wanted to maintain that, even in high school when I first started to travel.

A week before his contract expiration, he attended the club's first session of the new season, insisting he wanted to maintain his fitness.

wanted to produce   (muốn sản xuất)

He himself wanted to produce plays and make movies.

Lee Noble wanted to produce cheaper cars, so Noble Automotive set out to build a relatively affordable, fast car.

Roth had read and enjoyed Lynch's "Ronnie Rocket" script, but did not think it was something he wanted to produce.

wanted to tell

That is all he wanted to tell his young son at the time.

She says she cried and wanted to tell Alison all about it but couldn't.

I wanted to tell a grown-up story about people who behave in childish ways."

wanted list

Morris and the Anglin brothers remain on its wanted list.

He has been on the wanted list since 1995.

Following this, Dyulgerov was put on the international wanted list.

wanted to sign

Future Brown wanted to sign with Warp because of the album's big production budget.

Two days later they called and said they liked "No Longer" and wanted to sign the band.

A lot of clubs wanted to sign Samy after the season ended, including Al Ahly, Ismaily and Misr Lel Makkasa.

producers wanted

The main issue was whether the producers wanted to do a show with time travel.

Some of these producers wanted to make Chiantis that were 100% varietal Sangiovese.

Originally, the producers wanted Foreman to appear instead of Frazier, but he was unavailable.

people who wanted

During one reception, the building was stormed by people who wanted to see and hear him.

It consisted of people who wanted to commit themselves to the return of democracy in Suriname.

The cross had seven arms, like seven were the young people who wanted to make fun of their compatriot.

what she wanted

In her early days Annalise had manipulative tendencies and was used to getting what she wanted.

She was living the American Dream in Los Angeles, California and managed to get what she wanted.

When she first decided to go to art school, Armstrong didn't have a very firm grasp on what she wanted to do.

wanted to meet

He said he wanted to meet "Mister Rogers".

Consequently, he wrote to his uncle, claiming he wanted to meet him.

When he arrived from his Midwest hometown to Boston, Woody wanted to meet his pen pal Coach.

wanted to say

He wanted to say, 'This is what one does.

In his final days he saw everyone he wanted to say goodbye to.

Mizuki said "I wanted to say good-bye to Candice in beautiful place.

ever wanted

But that was the only thing I ever wanted to do."

"The Undoing" follows "Grace Fraser, who is living the only life she ever wanted for herself.

All he ever wanted was to go home and maybe, Nelson is the kind of man who would help him do that.

wanted to spend

Kaashi now full of anger and sadness admits that he love Devina and wanted to spend his life with her.

In February 2020, Nabavi resigned from her post, stating that she wanted to spend more time with her children.

At first he simply wanted to spend three months in Hollywood and earn enough money to pay his debts and fund his next theatrical season.

wanted nothing

He really wanted nothing to do with me.

She had wanted nothing more in her life than to be a good cop.

Nick had wanted nothing to do with Anne, very well their child.

wanted a more

But unlike Smokey Mountain, I wanted a more mature group as compared to a teen group," Mr. C said.

Volk also explained that he had played the "Startrek" game and wanted a more complex version of that game.

Chris Jones of BBC noted the band's differed from most country bands and wanted a more country-influenced sound.

wanted to end

Weber wanted to end the rule of the German nobility.

Thames had not wanted to end the series at this point.

So, I knew how I wanted to end the movie.

wanted to come

He said he had always wanted to come back but did not have the courage.

"Three days before we were due to go into the studio, Ozzy wanted to come back to the band", Iommi explained.

Unlike his predecessors, Suzuki was a fluent speaker of English who actually wanted to come to the United States.

wanted to capture

That's what I wanted to capture".

They wanted to capture performances that were immediate and intimate.

We wanted to capture that feeling and have it sound a bit raucous and messy and euphoric.

wanted all

If Elle wanted all this, she had to sack either Paul or Oliver.

Bruce wanted all of Glasgow's citizens to be rehoused within the city boundaries.

Corrado had appeared in many Hollywood films, often as a waiter, and Welles wanted all of the actors to be new to films.

parents wanted

Instead of working after graduating, as his parents wanted, he enrolled in college.

Early in his life, Gates observed that his parents wanted him to pursue a law career.

She began dating this man although he had told her his parents wanted him to marry a Sicilian woman.

wanted to call   (muốn gọi)

Trinidad had wanted to call the player into their squad for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

The infant's parents wanted to call the baby Louis, and suggested the Queen of Prussia and the Duke of York as sponsors.

He said: "I wanted to call my company General, but there's so many Generals in the U.S.: General Electric, General Motors.

wanted to add

Gaudí wanted to add a longitudinal axis of bricks connecting all vaults at their keystones".

The post-its idea was implemented on May 18, as Hewitt had long wanted to add personal touches to the game.

Furthermore, the navy wanted to add the latest technologies in terms of the new 533 mm torpedoes in three double launchers.

wanted to fight   (muốn chiến đấu)

He wanted to fight the battle and not beat around the bush."

He said, "Bradley was the guy I wanted to fight but he chickened out.

After the fight, Miller stated he wanted to fight a British boxer in 2019.

company wanted   (công ty muốn)

No French company wanted to undertake the work.

One company wanted to use the wood grown in old cane areas that were planted with eucalyptus.

In fact, one UK production company wanted to co-produce Lazenby's next two films, just two months after Shrine's release.

wanted to preserve

Although the Kremlin wanted to preserve socialism in its satellites, the decision was not to intervene.

He also lacked the authority to abolish football and was, in fact, actually a fan of the sport and wanted to preserve it.

Bradman thus wanted to preserve his two first-choice pacemen for a vigorous attack on the English batsmen every 55 overs.

wanted to replace

Tanin wanted to replace the constitution with a huge statue of King Prajadhipok.

Thus he wanted to replace Portuguese and Malay with Dutch in the education system.

Reinsdorf wanted to replace the aging Comiskey Park, and sought public funds to do so.

wanted to prevent   (muốn ngăn chặn)

Democrats wanted to prevent their alliance.

Tutu and Allan Boesak had been planning a protest march in Cape Town, which the security chiefs wanted to prevent.

The Court wanted to prevent "confusion" within parent-child relations, as well as "abrupt changes" in Japanese society.