İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

wants to marry   (Evlenmek istemek)

He falls in love with Nadia and wants to marry her.

Leonard is poor but wants to marry the fair Lucilia.

Zhou's nephew Shunqing wants to marry Ah Zhen.

wants to go   (gitmek istiyor)

Rafterman wants to go into combat, as Joker claims he has.

Xavier decides he wants to go travelling and take a gap year.

Sriranjini wants to go back to Mukesh.

wants to get   (almak istiyor)

Carmel later tells Calvin she wants to get back together.

Moreover, Baxter suspects that he wants to get rid of his wife.

She wants to get revenge on the people who foiled her evil plans.

wants to see   (görmek istiyor)

"It is not what the world wants to see.

Silla is pleased but still wants to see Claudio torn by beasts.

Cole retreats inside but states that he wants to see his children.

wants to make   (yapmak istemek)

My wife wants to make sure I mention that more often."

Nila considered Vinoth as a friend who wants to make her happy.

The king wants to make war, but the prince wants to win Ida's love.

wants to take   (almak istiyor)

Kasi is furious and wants to take revenge on Balu.

Now she wants to take revenge on Thakur and his team.

The mine inspector then tells her he wants to take her to safety.

what he wants

He can easily manipulate Josh to get what he wants.

will go to any lengths to get what he wants.

He has a right to say what he wants to say.

what she wants   (onun istediği)

She is known for getting what she wants via scheming.

She does what she wants."

Vas also believes Mishti "certainly knows what she wants and how to get it."

wants to know   (bilmek istiyor)

When he wants to know the truth, she explains about Ravi.

She tells him that she wants to know who killed her mother.

George wants to know more about closing the recycling circle.

just wants   (sadece istiyor)

Or maybe he just wants Jane to think he's dead."

Ellen laments that she just wants someone with whom she clicks.

(...) WanBi just wants to change his audience's taste, and expand it to many audiences.

wants to become   (olmak ister)

Sam wants to become his own boss and start a business.

He wants to become multimillionaire and has many ideas in mind.

But Vishwas wants to become an actor.

only wants   (sadece istiyor)

Morales only wants to protect his friend Adrian's interests.

Of course, she only wants to stall the divorce for Carlos's money.

Günes is madly in love with Emir but Emir only wants to seek his revenge.

wants to kill

Jackal blames Spider-Man for Gwen's death and wants to kill him.

He also asks if she wants to kill him and she says no, she loves him.

An enraged Haria wants to kill Ajay in return, but Ajay's dad stops him from doing so.

wants to leave   (ayrılmak istiyor)

The burglar's real wife wants to leave, but there is no key.

Brody then tells Justin that he loves Simone and wants to leave Ziggy to be with her.

The film shows how Durga (Nilkantha's wife) wants to leave him saying "separation is essential".

wants to help

She wants to help people and make everything right.

Vasechkin wants to help his friend Petrov.

One day, Raja tells Vinoth that he wants to help him and gives him good advice to woo Nila.

wants nothing

Disillusioned, Jim wants nothing to do with his father.

Billy wants nothing more than a pair of Redbone Coonhounds for hunting.

The man wants nothing more than to enter into the hothouse and be safe from the cold.

wants to use

Eric wants to use the Horror, a harpoon-firing bazooka.

Dave's family thinks JR wants to use Dave just for the money.

She desires youth and wants to use the device to switch bodies with Estella.

still wants   (hala istiyor)

Nag still wants an explanation about the mole.

Ben denies this, but still wants Phyllis out.

Silla is pleased but still wants to see Claudio torn by beasts.

wants to keep   (tutmak istiyor)

Along the way Georgia has doubts but Peter wants to keep going.

Mr. Black wants to keep him alive and wants to use him as an exchange for Baek San.

Lucas explained "Summer's aware they've overloaded the car, so she wants to keep calm.

because he wants   (çünkü istiyor)

If you have new evidence, it's because he wants you to have it.

He works because he wants to gain money for his consumer needs.

Harbour refuses because he wants to be at home with his new family.

really wants

A horse really wants to please you, to get along."

Tim asks Saskia whether she really wants the marriage to go ahead; she tearfully says "no".

Idle forwardly admits that he really wants to know whether Jones has ever "slept with a lady."

wants to stay   (kalmak istiyor)

He falls in love with a Thai girl and thereby wants to stay in Thailand as well.

Janet wants to stay with her, but Kit insists she is okay; she also hands Janet a letter.

As Holt wants to stay far from gambling due to a previous addiction, he helps them on the operation.

wants to find   (bulmak istiyor)

She wants to find some way to connect and not feel abandoned by anybody."

Kim Yeon-hwa is equally filled with vengeance and also wants to find her sister.

Corey tells her he wants to find his queen and spend the rest of his life with a beautiful woman.

wants to give

She is shocked and wants to give up on Novoseltsev.

Ramji wants to give up his relion but his wife is against it.

Ellie returns exasperated because Gordon wants to give up theater and move to Montana.

wants revenge   (intikam istiyor)

Now it is Julio Cesar who wants revenge... and he shows no mercy in getting it.

Elliot blames Roman for his brother's death and warns Nicole that he wants revenge.

Clarissa wants revenge for the disgrace brought onto her family and the downfall of her father, for which she blames James Holden.

wants to live

She wants to live a life of her own.

Harvey asks him if he wants to live; Svengaard suddenly finds that he does.

Since she wants to live as a wife for a divine person like him even for a few seconds.

now wants

Bijay now wants to stop them with the help of his five prisoners.

The same gathering of friends becomes hysterical and now wants to occupy the shelter.

She now wants to get with Mohtasim since he has a lot of money to support her lavish dreams.

wants to meet

Neha comes to know that Birju helped her and wants to meet him.

Initially Simon disagrees, but he agrees after he wants to meet his family.

Tommy is getting released from prison, and Rodney wants to meet him in person.

wants to return   (geri dönmek istiyor)

He is bored again, and wants to return to the normal world.

Pooja feels alone, like a fish out of water in India and she wants to return to the US.

His son, Captain Barney Merritt (Eric Fleming), having been aboard for a year, wants to return to Earth.

because she wants   (çünkü istiyor)

They added that Chloe initially refuses because she wants to behave professionally.

At the hospital, Ross's mother offers him an engagement ring because she wants him to marry Rachel.

Megan decides to run for school president because she wants to have unlimited power and immediate approval or her every whim.

wants to buy

Hence if a German retail investor wants to buy Apple stock, he needs to buy it on the XETRA.

Cook's catchphrase to describe his focus on the company's operational arm is: "Nobody wants to buy sour milk".

Curious about Stephanie's stepfather, Dr. Bondurant makes an appointment with Jerry under an assumed name, saying he wants to buy a house.