during the war   (在战争期间)

It was lost during the war and has not been found.

Five were retired during the war, leaving only No.

Thirty-six million prints were made during the war.

civil war   (内战)

The country suffered a civil war from 1660 to 1673.

Sierra Leone endured a civil war from 1991 to 2002.

The empire collapsed into civil war in the 840s.

war against   (对抗)

Tarsun Khan was engaged in war against Masum Khan.

The war against the invaders lasted from 1208–1227.

They were constantly at war against the Mughal Empire.

war effort   (战争投入)

CPR also helped the war effort with money and jobs.

As a youth, Werner joined the Polish war effort.

In 1943 the German war effort was accelerated.

war between   (之间的战争)

The war between Castile and Portugal alone continued.

The theyyam is of divine war between the two.

Confucius lived during a time of war between Chinese states.

prisoners of war

She then carried French prisoners of war to France.

It was also used to house Italian prisoners of war.

Altogether, some 2,500 men became prisoners of war.

war crimes   (战争罪)

After the war, she was convicted of war crimes.

Graziani was never tried for his war crimes in Africa.

After the war, he was found guilty of war crimes and hanged.

war ended

The war ended before its conversion was completed.

After the war ended, Lili made her way to England.

declared war   (宣战)

On 20 April 1792, France declared war on Austria.

Britain declared war on Germany on 4 August 1914.

Britain declared war on Germany on 3 September 1939.

prisoner of war   (战俘)

Young Hamelin was a prisoner of war for a short time.

Sederberg was shot down and became a prisoner of war.

From 1945 to 1946, he was a prisoner of war.

before the war

He had known Ottoline Morrell from before the war.

Her husband died in 1968 before the war of 1971.

The NCC's last meeting before the war had been in 1937.

outbreak of war   (战争爆发)

The outbreak of war temporarily defused this crisis.

On the outbreak of war Madden returned to radio.

At the outbreak of war he was working in Paris.

war broke

When the Pomeranians refused, war broke out again.

Stobart travelled in Belgium as soon as the war broke out.

In the Indian Territory, civil war broke out within tribes.

war memorial   (战争纪念馆)

The central hall houses the war memorial display.

Pialba's war memorial took several years to realise.

The village war memorial is a short walk up the hill.

declaration of war   (宣战)

You may take this as a declaration of war against you."

Congress approved the declaration of war on Germany on April 6.

The British crews received word of the declaration of war by radio.

world war

It was saved from bombing in the second world war.

It is a world war that will last for many years."

He was the first person to use the term "first world war".

war years

Repression continued during the prewar and war years.

In the post war years wooden coaches lay derelict there.

During the war years it was a centre for the Home Guard.

throughout the war

Smedes kept the school operating throughout the war.

In fact, Theudis remained neutral throughout the war.

Apollo held anger towards Achilles throughout the war.

nuclear war

The hope was that an all-out nuclear war could be avoided.

McNamara emphasized it was luck that prevented nuclear war.

Players venture in a post-apocalyptic world scoured by a nuclear war.

war correspondent   (战争通讯员)

During the Korean War, Carroll was a war correspondent.

He was later a war correspondent in Korea and in Vietnam.

He was a war correspondent in Korea, investigating famine.

war began

He had been in the army since the war began in 1914.

When the war began Britain imposed exchange controls.

In 1726–1738, another Dzungar-Qing war began.

survived the war

He survived the war, but was arrested by the Allies.

He survived the war and returned to live in Jamaica.

Her parents and siblings also survived the war.

war film

In 2011 he appeared in the war film "Beyond the Border".

He had a lead role in "Angels One Five" (1951), a war film.

The 2003 Bollywood war film "LOC Kargil" is based on the Kargil War.

post war

He had to deal with a post war wave of strikes.

These two ships were one of the Italian post war ships.

In the post war years wooden coaches lay derelict there.

war service

He continued there until interrupted by war service.

In August 1916, Cox began his war service.

I have been intrigued by the Australian role in war service.

war criminals   (战犯)

Her testimony served a crucial part in the trials of war criminals.

The commission compiled a list of 774 potential war criminals in Canada.

In the first post-war years, executions of major war criminals were often public.

when the war

The bank resumed business when the war ended.

The family returned to Wilno when the war ended in 1921.

Many were still under construction when the war ended in 1945.

following the war

Sovereignty was restored to Romania following the war.

The building was significantly renovated following the war.

Cook settled in the area of Sterling, New York following the war.

entered the war

President Woodrow Wilson and the USA entered the war on April 6, 1917.

He served there until April 1917, when the United States entered the war.

After the United States entered the war Charleston became a POE in its own right.

go to war

His father hadn't been conscripted to go to war.

I've never said I didn't support a decision to go to war."

If we go to war it is with the red flesh.

ended the war

After many conflicts, in 1845 peace negotiations ended the war.

The final Allied offensive began in August 1918 and ended the war.

The Boxer Protocol ended the war, exacting a tremendous indemnity.

declare war   (宣战)

This leads to the United States to declare war on China.

Portales got Congress to declare war on the Confederation.

His successor, Charles I, was the one to declare war in 1625.

second world war

It was saved from bombing in the second world war.

With second world war, Fréjus maintained.

It was inaugurated after the start of the second world war.

war patrol   (战争巡逻)

A second Mediterranean war patrol was unsuccessful.

On 2 July she departed for her sixth war patrol.

It was Cromwell's first war patrol also.

war zone

In the last two days of 1999, Los Angeles has become a dangerous war zone.

During the 1917 Russian Revolution, Nimzowitsch was in the Baltic war zone.

Chiang was even named the Supreme Commander of Allied forces in the China war zone.

war hero   (战争英雄)

Nonetheless, this deed made him a celebrated war hero.

After the war, he is remembered as a war hero in Singapore.

It bears the name of the politician and civil war hero Leandro Gómez.

war memorials

Kings Park in Perth includes several war memorials.

The south aisle and Lady Chapel were added as war memorials.

There are numerous other Polish war memorials in the United Kingdom.

civil war between

This created a kind of civil war between the two types of dairy farmers.

His death in 714 was followed by years of civil war between his successors.

This battle was part of a civil war between David and Ish-bosheth, the son of Saul.

end the war

The US promised to end the war and the economic embargo should she win.

Despite the damage done to the Maratha army, the battle did not end the war.

Upon taking office, Kabila called for multilateral peace talks to end the war.

war veterans

Many within the legions were Roman war veterans.

3, focuses on a 1971 three-day protest in Lexington, MA staged by newly returned war veterans.

This was in part because of the large amount of war veterans that were blinded during World War I.

wage war   (交兵)

He was convinced by Krishna to wage war.

Players can wage war on one another or form diplomatic relationships.

1088 on, he used his base at Smyrna to wage war against the Byzantines.

war criminal

General MacArthur had Ayukawa imprisoned for 21 months as a war criminal.

Her father is a prominent Bosnian politician and war criminal, Fikret Abdić.

Convicted as a war criminal in the Soviet Union, he died in captivity in January 1955.

went to war

Steamboat men from the route themselves went to war.

Subsequently, the two powers went to war again in 97 AD.

As well, 22 of the CPR's ships went to war, 12 of which were sunk.

times of war

Their office in times of war and peace .

In times of war the armed forces were augmented by peasants.

Bulgaria's flag is also turned upside down during times of war.

time of war

to sick and wounded warriors in time of war .

Confucius lived during a time of war between Chinese states.

During the time of war, Krishna pretends as if he has fainted.

cold war

One other factor to mention is the cold war.

Business was involved in slavery, colonialism, and the cold war.

Some of the cold war reforms incorporated elements of progressivism.

guerrilla war   (游击战争)

The Ambazonian separatists are fighting a guerrilla war.

Prince Diponegoro then began an extensive guerrilla war.

He also taught guerrilla war tactics to new army recruits.

war crime

The use of biological agents in armed conflict is a war crime.

This attack of the Japanese was criticized as war crime by many observers.

Later, "Baralong" sank in an incident which has been described as a war crime.

first war

Jasta 58 flew its first war patrols on 17 February 1918.

It was Cromwell's first war patrol also.

Four Balkan states defeated the Ottoman Empire in the first war.

bidding war   (竞战)

The bidding war for players between the AFL and NFL escalated in 1965.

The two begin a bidding war, each claiming to represent imaginary clients.

In an attempt to head off a bidding war in its own ranks for USFL and CFL players.

war of independence

The last witnesses of the war of independence (1919–1923) tell their memories.

Estonia declared independence on 24 February 1918 and fought a war of independence.

Almost all of this population left during the war of independence or immediately after its end.

war camp

Hill Hall subsequently became a prisoner of war camp during World War 2.

After five days they arrived at the Gloegoer prisoner of war camp in Medan.

In addition the fort was briefly used as a prisoner of war camp in 1943 and 1944.

war when

Lagoas joins the war when Sibiu is taken.

Finally, each may gain from war when the stakes are not infinitely divisible.

In 1793, he was called to war when the Republic had to be defended against the French.

state of war

But I wouldn't see them as having been built because there was a state of war.

A recent state of war between the horse-mounted and foot-traveling tribes was noted.

The two ships had in one another about as close a match as could exist in a state of war.

war graves   (战争坟墓)

The majority of the Commonwealth war graves are from World War II.

The cemetery contains the war graves of 3 Commonwealth service personnel from World War I.

The burial ground has twenty war graves from World War I and twenty-four from World War II.

ending the war

The Treaty of Puno was signed on June 7, 1842, ending the war.

On 26 December, the Treaty of Pressburg was signed, ending the war.

On April 9, Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox, officially ending the war.

war veteran   (退伍军人)

A war veteran joins the Ku Klux Klan and comes to regard it as evil.

Owen Pick Owen Pick (born 9 July 1991) is a British war veteran and snowboarder.

It was brought back to Japan by a Japanese war veteran who was visiting New York.

war progressed

But they became more active as the war progressed.

As a war progressed prisoners of war were also employed.

These were narrowed as the war progressed.

until the war

Jasta 66 would serve "7 Armee" until the war's end.

The squadron continued to serve until the war's end.

Meanwhile, the Habsburgs occupied all of Wallachia until the war ended.

war started

On the Eastern front, the war started out equally poorly.

While being ambassador in Spain 1936, the civil war started.

The offer was the most favourable to the Taliban since the war started.

win the war

If we had wanted Germany to win the war we would have succeeded!"

It was necessary that the TPLF gain the support of the peasants if it wanted to win the war.

By early 1861, General Winfield Scott had devised the Anaconda Plan to win the war with as little bloodshed as possible.

declaring war

Britain's reasons for declaring war were complex.

The Sultan eventually responded by declaring war on Russia.

He seeks the advice and consent of Parliament in declaring war.

war reparations

Valmet was founded to create materials for war reparations.

The remaining two were delivered as war reparations and broken up.

She was suffering from the consequences of punitive war reparations.

when war

He returned to the 124th when war was declared.

Gérard Caron was twenty when war was declared in Algeria.

The post gained in importance when war with Japan broke out in December.

against the war

Over the coming months U.S. public opinion turned decisively against the war.

The paper played a key role in the campaign against the war for the next four years.

Rico's old friend, General Dix Hauser, gets into a bar fight with farmers protesting against the war.

war time

Schwellenbach promoted abolition of war time wage and price controls.

An update to the GB to make it more suitable for war time production.

Alpher's war time work been somewhat obscured by security classification.

war came

The range war came to a boil in the winter of 1895-6.

He was able to play in only three times before the war came.

The end of the war came in August, and the Group moved to Morotai.

war dead

They did however breakout the figures of the total war dead.

Other memorial crosses commemorate war dead and victims of terrorism.

The former central library opened in 1951 as a memorial to the war dead.

war continued

The civil war continued, just as under Henry IV.

As the war continued, the manpower shortages continued.

The conference was to last for as long as the war continued.

years of war

In six years of war, there was a net inflow of £10 billion.

In 1339, after almost ten years of war, Florence occupied it.

After 16 years of war the Republic was proclaimed on 6 August 1825.

war during

Australia and Italy were at war during World War II.

The civil war during the Reformation ended in a stalemate.

Bosnia war during the 1990s saw a similar campaign of gang rapes.

another war

In 1950, many had thought another war was inevitable.

Peace lasted for two decades before another war began in 1578.

He meets up with another war buddy named Jerry, the Captain's lover.

war period

The town also served as a supply depot during the war period.

The war period was hard.

The post war period saw expansion of industry to estates along the Kingsway.

war drama

episodes This is a list of episodes of the 1962–67 ABC war drama "Combat!".

The Load The Load () is a 2018 Serbian war drama film directed by Ognjen Glavonić.

The "Nevermind" version appears in the 2005 war drama "Jarhead", directed by Sam Mendes.

war was declared

He returned to the 124th when war was declared.

Gérard Caron was twenty when war was declared in Algeria.

When war was declared, the company returned to London, and the 24-year-old enlisted.

war on terror   (反恐战争)

Earning his second expedition medal on the war on terror.

He believed this policy would act as a defence in the "war on terror".

The attack was the largest ever since the start of the war on terror in Sinai.

war efforts

He received the War Cross with Palm for his war efforts.

Vladimir took no part in his father-in-law's war efforts.

The ammonia was used to produce explosives to sustain war efforts.

war party

He chose the whales tooth and was allowed to leave for Bau with his war party.

Late in August, Winamac called together a war party from northern Indiana and Michigan.

As they approached, they saw that a large war party of Seminoles still occupied the place.

entire war

In the entire war, Jennewein flew 271 missions and shot down 86 enemy planes.

This unit remained firmly entrenched on the fortress throughout the entire war.

The Group was founded in 1940 and was led by Ms. Jacoba van Tongeren during the entire war.

first world war

He was the first person to use the term "first world war".

Georgia fights in the first world war as part of the Russian Empire.

During the first world war the British managed to capture Arusha territory in 1916.

total war

They did however breakout the figures of the total war dead.

Sherman's campaign of total war extended to Georgian civilians.

The government responded in February 1943 with a public declaration of "total war".

during war

Cruelty to the opponent during war is forbidden.

"Santa Lucia" and "Santa Elena" were sunk during war service.

One of them was whom to Basant Kaur was married dies during war with China.

waging war   (发动战争)

He was charged with murder, conspiracy and waging war against India along with other crimes.

The story begins with the Autobots and Decepticons waging war on Earth around the time of a previous ice age.

On 29 August 2012, Kasab was again found guilty of waging war and was sentenced to death by the Supreme Court of India.

holy war

The apostles of death are ready to resume the holy war."

The Sultan urged Aurangzeb to wage holy war against Christians.

Andrew reports the battle in terms as if describing a holy war.

ongoing war

The affected trade does not have to be connected to the ongoing war.

He was recruited for an ongoing war between the Venoms and the Poisons.

Sagan, however, was generally unaware of the details of the ongoing war.

waged war

In January 4, 1923, Sun waged war against Guangdong where Chen was based.

In response, Ligdan waged war on the Mongol allies of the Jurchens in 1625.

Mukkuvas waged war around Puttalam and settled in the western coast as well.

event of war

In 1846, the U.S. Navy was under orders to take over all California ports in the event of war.

21763, provided for mobilization of fire services to serve the common defense in the event of war.

The number of combat, protection gear and supplies will be most likely limited in the event of war.

tug of war   (拔河比赛)

The sports closed with the traditional grand finale, a tug of war confrontation.

Onam activities like tug of war and indoor games like chess and carrom are organized under the club every year.

The tug of war with the Muslim League to establish the appropriate electorate caused problems for his government.

war games

Later war games would follow this pattern.

"Idaho" joined the fleet off Hampton Roads on 3 January for war games.

Two mock air attacks on Pearl Harbor during war games in the 1930s were judged to have been a success.

new war

This mindless act gives Aguirre the opportunity to declare a new war.

However, the Andermani Empire joins the Manticoran side in the new war.

Waldensians under pastor Henri Arnaud resisted the ban, and on 22 April a new war broke out.

council of war

Monroy accepted her counsel and issued a call for a council of war.

Muhammad held a council of war.

But for once, the council of war on the other side was for fighting a battle.

second war

The second war involved a larger territory.

This second war, too, did not go well for the house of Baux.

This truce proved temporary, and a second war followed in mid-1640.

gang war

Between 2001 and 2003, La Raza was involved in a gang war with Vatos Locos.

A violent gang war broke out which drew significant law enforcement attention.

The murder of Dragan Joksović was the beginning of a Serbian gang war in Sweden.

going to war

John had passed his estates to his son, another Uchtred, before going to war.

The news makes Gary and Anna even more anxious about potentially going to war.

And yet the primary rationales for going to war-- WMDs and Saddam Hussein's links to Al Qaeda, have been proven false.

war zones

Marsh has reported from several countries and war zones.

During the war, she participated in the bloodiest and most difficult war zones.

Navon also pushed for an international treaty to protect children caught in war zones.

case of war

This giant factory is one large ammunition compound in case of war".

It instead provides more comfort for the regular forces in case of war.

In case of war or national emergency, the Naval Staff was to become directly subordinate to the Supreme Command.

make war

He [Boabdil] has to make war on his father."

The king wants to make war, but the prince wants to win Ida's love.

Late that winter, Troy received news that the Achaen rulers are preparing to make war on Troy.

war artist

The war artist crafted a chilling, harsh, vivid image.

He was appointed the official war artist for the Falklands War.

In 1940 he was again appointed an official war artist until 1945.

laws of war

The Lieber Code would be adopted by other military organizations and go on to form the basis of the first laws of war.

Santa Anna's position was that he had signed the documents under coercion as a prisoner, not as a surrendering general in accordance with the laws of war.

"Under the laws of war, police and police stations are presumptively civilian objects unless the police are taking a direct part in the hostilities", Human Rights Watch said.

war he returned

After the war he returned, In 1946 his first child was born in Belgium.

After the war he returned to Northern Rhodesia and the Luwingu outstation.

Following the war he returned to his civilian life in Iowa, a U.S. state since 1846.