İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

arrest warrant   (tutuklama emri)

A European arrest warrant applies to all of the EU.

A search warrant is different from an arrest warrant.

On 13 December an arrest warrant was issued.

warrant officer   (emir subayı)

There is no separate insignia worn by warrant officer navigators.

He is also a US Army veteran, having served in Europe, and in Vietnam as a warrant officer.

He is a defender Spaceknight and is a warrant officer of the flagship of the Galadorian army.

search warrant   (arama emri)

A search warrant is different from an arrest warrant.

Three days later, Shapiro returned with a search warrant.

Captain Aguirre has come to the house with a search warrant.

warrant officers   (emir memurları)

Officer candidates are senior NCOs or warrant officers.

Navy warrant officers serve in 30 specialties covering five categories.

Other warrant officers are sometimes incorrectly referred to as "Gunner."

enough to warrant   (garanti edecek kadar)

He believed that his contributions were not enough to warrant a producer's credit.

I can’t complain about the decision, but it’s close enough to warrant a third fight.

The game sold well enough to warrant a GameCube Player's Choice budget re-release game.

warrant was issued   (arama emri çıkarıldı)

On 13 December an arrest warrant was issued.

A warrant was issued for Anderson for killing McCluskie.

A warrant was issued in Bathurst for Fodi Osmanu's arrest.

without a warrant   (arama izni olmadan)

Hanafin declined to provide the emails without a warrant.

In the legal landscape of the series, usage of the technology without a warrant is heavily restricted.

On 2 June 2016, in a case of mistaken identity, police entered a home without a warrant and handcuffed two men.

royal warrant   (kraliyet emri)

Wenham-lake ice was awarded a royal warrant from Queen Victoria.

It was successful and they received a royal warrant from King George V of England.

The ensign of the Royal Naval Mine Watching Service was granted in 1953 by royal warrant.

death warrant   (ölüm fermanı)

Kasab was then asked to sign his death warrant, which he did.

Maximian issued a death warrant for his larcenous subordinate.

Fifty-nine of the commissioners signed Charles's death warrant.

not warrant   (garanti vermemek)

The Appeals Chamber concluded that the reversals on appeal did not warrant a reduction in sentence.

To him, virus-associated cancers are "freak accidents of nature" that do not warrant research programs such as the war on cancer.

At an IAEA conference in 2002, it was recommended that occupational doses below 1–2 mSv per year do not warrant regulatory scrutiny.

issued a warrant   (emir yayınladı)

A judge issued a warrant for his arrest.

They were arrested and Interpol issued a warrant for Sissoko's arrest too.

Charles issued a warrant for Hotham's arrest as a traitor but was powerless to enforce it.

warrant issued   (izin belgesi verildi)

Vadalà was rearrested on 13 March, this time due to an international warrant issued by the Italian police.

In 2001, he was accused of alleged involvement in the Rwandan genocide and had an arrest warrant issued for him by the Rwandan government.

He left Kota after local administration came to know about the arrest warrant issued against him for his participation in Indian Independence activities.