İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

waste management   (atık Yönetimi)

They are also involved in waste management and research.

the waste management university project.

"Vermiculture is an eco-friendly waste management technology.

waste disposal   (atık imhası)

966, Pharmaceutical waste disposal (2007) S.B.

A solid waste disposal site was developed about from Dili.

From kerbside collection to waste disposal and resource recovery.

solid waste   (katı atık)

A solid waste disposal site was developed about from Dili.

NYA also moves municipal solid waste in sealed containers on COFC trains.

The estimated solid waste generated in Gangtok city is approximately 45 tonnes.

waste water   (atık su)

It has the capacity to process 300,000 m³ of waste water per day.

Such filters are commonly employed in the treatment of waste water.

The water of the Schwalm comes mainly from "Rheinbraun's" waste water pits.

nuclear waste   (nükleer atık)

New technologies were developed to clean up nuclear waste sites.

The Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository is southwest of Groom Lake.

The new school is adjacent to the Gasworks and nuclear waste reprocessing plant.

hazardous waste   (tehlikeli atık)

In that case the ash produced is often classified as hazardous waste.

Its renewal in 1986 made possible remediation of many hazardous waste sites.

Consequently, the trade in hazardous waste, particularly to LDCs, grew rapidly.

radioactive waste   (Radyoaktif atık)

The site may have radioactive waste.

It does not, however, address the movement of radioactive waste.

In this capacity, it helped New York end disposal of radioactive waste at West Valley.

toxic waste   (zehirli atık)

Ammonium ions are a toxic waste product of metabolism in animals.

Additionally, the hydrogel must not create toxic waste when degrading.

The other is the high amount of toxic waste left behind from the factories.

waste of time   (zaman kaybı)

That doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time, though.

Any revision work on my part would be a waste of time.

Such a waste of time, film and effort.

waste heat   (atık ısı)

Cogeneration systems produce hot water from waste heat.

All of the waste heat is dumped into Cumberland River water.

CHP systems linked to absorption chillers use their waste heat for refrigeration.

food waste   (yemek atıkları)

The food waste is turned into slop for pigs and other farm animals.

Blanchet House is committed to creating as little food waste as possible.

Blanchet House is unique amongst public kitchens in that it has nearly zero food waste.

waste products   (atık ürünler)

The kidney actively secretes waste products into the urine.

The waste products with these types of fuel are carbon dioxide and water.

Enthusiasts have experimented with a large number of different waste products.

laid waste   (bırakılan atık)

The village was laid waste in an Ottoman raid in 1491.

The rebels laid waste to Meuillion's house.

It was attacked and laid waste in an Ottoman raid in 1491.

industrial waste   (endüstriyel atık)

Domestic and industrial waste was once incinerated but it is now landfilled, mainly in the Calumet area.

The Alt is still not clean due to its heritage as a handy dumping ground for sewage and industrial waste.

It is used to disinfect water as well as being a part of the sanitation process for sewage and industrial waste.

waste collection   (atık koleksiyonu)

As a young man he worked in the family business of waste collection.

It can also include the optimizing of waste collection and bus service networks.

Waste is delivered to the station by road, using up to 100 waste collection vehicles.

human waste   (insan atığı)

DMT now plans to recycle human waste to biogas.

There was no treatment, so the breakdown of the human waste was left to the ecosystem.

The construction of water and sewer systems eliminated human waste from the urban living space.

waste treatment   (atık arıtma)

It specializes in oilfield waste treatment and disposal.

The Cayman Islands have no recycling or waste treatment facilities.

Secure Energy Services primarily provides oilfield waste treatment and disposal, including of wastewater.

waste material   (atık madde)

The process produces aluminium billets, together with a highly complex waste material.

A prominent feature is Mount Judd, a mountain created from waste material from Judkins Quarry.

Cairo produces 10,000 tons of waste material each day, 4,000 tons of which is not collected or managed.

waste water treatment   (atık su arıtma)

Low-purity CCM is used in industrial applications such as waste water treatment.

And one of the best waste water treatment companies is Vinayak Sandhya Enterprise.

The sewage plant in Al Awir is one of the main areas of waste water treatment in Dubai.

waste product   (atık ürün)

This metabolic reaction produces ethanol as a waste product.

Ammonium ions are a toxic waste product of metabolism in animals.

Brackish water is also the primary waste product of the salinity gradient power process.

electronic waste   (elektronik atık)

This used or obsolete technology is often referred to as electronic waste.

As electronic waste, CRTs are considered one of the hardest types to recycle.

When electronic waste is burned, it can produce toxic fumes that are very dangerous.

waste materials   (atık malzemeler)

The waste materials are egested through the mouth.

Ingoing retrograde transport carries cell waste materials from the axon terminal to the cell body.

Proteins needed for the growth of the axon, and the removal of waste materials, need a framework for transport.

municipal waste   (belediye atığı)

The unit processes up to 220,000 tonnes of mixed municipal waste per year.

The primary fuel of the units 1 and 2 is natural gas and reserve fuel is fuel oil, unit 3 mixed municipal waste.

Fungi can be grown on many different substrates, such as electronic scrap, catalytic converters, and fly ash from municipal waste incineration.

municipal solid waste   (Belediye Katı Atık)

NYA also moves municipal solid waste in sealed containers on COFC trains.

It may however be difficult to control inert and plastics contamination from municipal solid waste.

Incineration or direct controlled burning of municipal solid waste to reduce waste and make energy.

plastic waste   (plastik atık)

In 2020 China published its plan to cut 30% of plastic waste in 5 years.

The trade in plastic waste has been identified as "a main culprit" of marine litter.

About 60% of the plastic waste in the ocean comes from the following top 5 countries.