İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

water supply   (su tedarik etmek)

This water supply would also enable firefighting.

Huai Talat Reservoir is the reserve water supply.

He specialised in harbour works and water supply.

drinking water   (içme suyu)

When they landed, only of drinking water remained.

The cisterns near the temple provide drinking water.

The Blue Lake supplies the town with drinking water.

water polo   (su topu)

A total of 9 countries qualified water polo teams.

20 water polo teams participated in the tournament.

She is also trained in hockey and water polo.

fresh water   (temiz su)

They also had 800 gallons of fresh water on board.

Some grow in fresh water, some in marine habitats.

As result of this the lake now contains fresh water.

water quality   (su kalitesi)

Surface water quality is generally good to fair.

However, during the races the water quality was good.

The lake fisheries and water quality began to decline.

water level

The water level was rising instead of being low.

The water level of one dam increased from 0.5% to 81%.

On a long section, water level is raised by .

hot water   (sıcak su)

This now-hot water is then stored in a hot water tank.

These radiators rely on hot water as their heat source.

Cogeneration systems produce hot water from waste heat.

body of water

Others are found only in a specific body of water.

Today only Malha crater still contains a body of water.

That body of water was a northern ocean.

water resources   (su kaynakları)

Guinea's total renewable water resources total 226 km.

Total renewable water resources is 112.4 km³.

This name came because of heavy water resources around the town.

shallow water   (Sığ su)

Sambar prefer to attack predators in shallow water.

It is suspected to only live in shallow water.

It is suspected only to live in shallow water.

open water   (açık su)

To the east he saw open water in Queen Maud Gulf.

The maximum speed of "Fennica" is in open water.

Most nests have been found within of open water.

deep water   (derin su)

It is found in deep water at hydrothermal vents.

The ship exploded and sank stern first in deep water.

She was towed to deep water and sunk in October 1945.

water levels   (su seviyeleri)

Most rivers are short and with low water levels.

For many hours, the high water levels persisted.

Normal conservation water levels are much lower, at .

water treatment   (su arıtma)

About two-thirds is consumed in water treatment.

Its water treatment plant is located at Selep.

A new water treatment plant opened in 2001.

bodies of water   (suyun bedenleri)

The total land area is — of which are bodies of water.

There are many bodies of water in the park.

These bodies of water are the Great Lakes.

water polo player   (sutopu oyuncusu)

His son Yevgeny was also a successful water polo player.

He was the father of water polo player Giorgi Mshvenieradze.

They have a daughter and a son, water polo player Robert van Berkel.

cold water   (soğuk su)

Compare cold water dousing with ice swimming.

Some consider cold water dousing to be a form of asceticism.

Some douse with a bucket of cold water.

high water

For many hours, the high water levels persisted.

At high water these were filled up and flooded.

Record high water levels in the Great Lakes.

surface water   (yüzey suyu)

The surface water colour is blue-green to green.

A related surface water drain underneath Buckingham Palace.

Water rights to surface water and underground sources are separate.

water tower   (su kulesi)

The school was located opposite the water tower.

At the very top of the neighborhood is a water tower.

This was housed in a shed next to the former water tower.

salt water   (tuzlu su)

This species is often kept in salt water aquariums.

Three lakes in the top 100 are primarily salt water.

They hatch readily when submerged in salt water.

running water   (Akar su)

Restrooms have running water and hot showers.

The males carry the tadpoles to sites with running water.

The village had no electricity, running water, roads or cars.

clean water   (Temiz su)

The beer is based on the clean water from Sagafjella.

Scarcity of clean water is also a problem.

clean air, clean soil and clean water.

water flow   (su akışı)

The water flow is best in mid-fall and spring.

The box is placed in the stream to channel water flow.

This unusual water flow is of interest to oceanographers.

water tank   (su tankı)

The elevated water tank is supported on five I-beams.

This now-hot water is then stored in a hot water tank.

The water tank house is about in diameter and about tall.

water source   (su kaynağı)

He told them the area had a reliable water source.

Their primary water source is the Russian River.

The reservoir is the town's only water source.

water supplies   (su kaynakları)

Even small water supplies are now routinely chlorinated.

There are no guaranteed fresh water supplies on the walk.

On Puerto Rico, water supplies and crops were replenished.

water sources   (su kaynakları)

They are independent of permanent water sources.

The main water sources are surface waters.

Elephants tend to stay near water sources.

water system

Buffalo's water system is operated by Veolia Water.

In 2012 the vessel's ballast water system was upgraded.

A water system and school were built in 1908.

sea water

Desalination of sea water is used to solve this.

Large pipelines pump cold sea water from a depth of .

There are 55 tanks containing of sea water.

water table

It has a stone water table and modillioned cornice.

formula_50 is the depth below the water table.

In most areas the plan was to reduce the water table to .

amount of water   (Su miktarı)

Lake Sevan contains the largest amount of water in the country.

This implies that a large amount of water was available on Mars.

The diver typically displaces a larger than usual amount of water.

water vapor   (su buharı)

Exposure to heat, oxygen, water vapor, freezing, etc.

Some human activities can influence local water vapor levels.

Some dryers are non-porous, which means they only permeate water vapor.

water column   (su sütunu)

Fertilization occurs in the water column.

Feeding polyps extend eight tentacles into the water column.

Methylene blue may be added to the water column to prevent fungi as well.

water bodies   (su kütleleri)

There are no year-round water bodies on the site.

There are three water bodies all within the village limits.

To avoid evaporation of water, the water bodies were covered.

potable water   (içme suyu)

When tested, it approaches standards for potable water.

The island has no potable water or residents.

The prolonged drought in 2007 saw Tilpa run out of potable water.

ground water

This is a useful method in ground water remediation.

Burrow depth ranges from , rarely extending to ground water.

Winter rainfall is particularly important for replenishing ground water.

low water   (alçak su)

The west tower is above low water, with of masonry.

Most rivers are short and with low water levels.

At low water, there is a causeway to the nearby shore.

source of water

Rainfall is the chief source of water into the lake.

The river is a source of water for the Sydney region.

It is a great source of water supply for pune.

food and water

Medicine, food and water were in short supply.

The final stage is renouncing consumption of food and water.

The food and water were running out in the camp and so was the ammunition.

water pollution   (su kirliliği)

These stable components do not cause water pollution problems.

Other threats include water pollution, especially from mine runoff.

Aluminium sulfate by referencing the Camelford water pollution incident)

water temperature   (su sıcaklığı)

The water temperature is around 200 °F (93.33 °C).

The water temperature ranges from and up to deep.

The water temperature is 29.30˚C found at depth of 286 meters.

flowing water   (akan su)

All the water in the municipality is flowing water.

water and sanitation   (su ve sanitasyon)

It has many facilities including water and sanitation.

It lacks many facilities including water and sanitation.

Its four main areas of work include nutrition, food security, water and sanitation, and advocacy.

water rights

Area of origin water rights parallel pueblo water rights.

The article analyzed water rights, access, and availability.

water park

Next to the mall is a water park and a golf course.

River Country water park closed on September 1, 2001.

Construction of the water park began in January 2006.

mineral water   (maden suyu)

The source of mineral water was discovered in 1876.

Starbucks also sells Himalayan bottled mineral water.

Share of mineral water in total export is 2.1%.

waste water   (atık su)

It has the capacity to process 300,000 m³ of waste water per day.

Such filters are commonly employed in the treatment of waste water.

The water of the Schwalm comes mainly from "Rheinbraun's" waste water pits.

water power

The Mousam River provided water power for industry.

The first power plants used water power or coal.

The mill was built to perform farm chores with water power.

water management

The canals served for defence, water management and transport.

Created in 1932, the GRCA is the oldest water management agency in Canada.

It impounds the Ottauquechee River for flood control and storm water management.

water through

As they do so, they lose water through transpiration.

It can turn sewage into air and water through microbial action.

Small particles (< 5 µm) are removed by passing water through the pulp.

water polo team   (sutopu ekibi)

This was the first ever Olympic GB women's water polo team.

water surface

The Russian reserve has an area of , of which is water surface.

Vau i Dejës Lake has an area of 26 km², while the water surface is 25 km².

The reservoir it creates, Clear Lake, has a water surface of and a capacity of .

such as water

Urban services such as water or sanitation are minimal.

Interpolation occurs when the terrain is smooth, such as water.

Immiscible liquids, such as water and toluene, easily form azeotropes.

filled with water   (su dolu)

The bucket is filled with water and left out overnight.

A half-a-million gallon tank filled with water was used.

An important example is of a telescope filled with water.

liquid water   (Sıvı su)

This is due to reactions in the liquid water droplets.

This may be because there is (or was) liquid water inside Pluto.

This allows Earth's surface to be warm enough to have liquid water and support life.

water sports

Her favorite activities are reading and water sports.

Yachting, boating, water sports and beach activities are also possible.

These, along with the river, provide excellent venues for water sports.

above the water   (suyun üstünde)

When the lake level rises only a tree rises above the water.

The deck is about above the water.

Hence, hydrostatic water pressures are negative above the water table.

water storage

It is primarily for irrigation water storage.

It impounds Red Lodge Creek for irrigation water storage.

Roman era relics include the remains of a water storage tank.

water flows

From the power station, the water flows into Dinas reservoir.

It consists of gritstone boulders deeply seamed by water flows.

The way in which water flows is often given as an example for the idea.

water systems

Chromium may enter water systems via industrial discharge.

Water was supplied by 55,000 separate water systems in 2006.

In the United States, 60% of piped water systems were privately owned in 1850.

boiling water   (kaynayan su)

Pour 1 spoon of boiling water onto the tea powder.

Later, many needles were heated in boiling water, or in a flame.

The sensible properties are extracted by alcohol and boiling water.

flow of water

The flow of water into the Tonle Sap is seasonal.

The causeway blocked the flow of water in LeRoy's Bay.

The flow of water to the pond like a stream is also eye pleasant view.

brackish water   (acı su)

it is usually found in muddy or brackish water.

In the Sea of Marmara it can be found in brackish water.

Adult flies have been observed to mate in brackish water.

heavy water

These are the first heavy water reactors in China.

CANDU replaces this "light" water with heavy water.

Another major producer of heavy water is India.

warm water   (ılık su)

and also known for warm water source.

Aeration is necessary since less oxygen is dissolved in warm water.

Coasts, especially those with beaches and warm water, attract tourists.

water use

It impounds the Canadian River for municipal water use.

All cacti have some adaptations to promote efficient water use.

The domestic water use stand only at about 9% of total water use.

more water

The Vedanthangal lake was also desilted and deepened to hold more water.

Thus, strong evolutionary pressure was put on the ability to find more water.

Another property of this medium is that it holds more water than parboiled rice hulls.

water per   (su başına)

It has the capacity to process 300,000 m³ of waste water per day.

(1997) estimate the animal would have needed to consume only about of water per day.

Of that, up to of water per day are free for domestic use without a water rights license.

provide water   (su sağlamak)

Canals are still used to provide water for agriculture.

It was constructed in 1639 to provide water power for mills.

Several springs usually provide water.

water tanks

Around this temple there a few caves & ancient water tanks.

The company began as a builder of steel water tanks and bridges.

The staircases also house the water tanks; some of which are snail-shaped.

water temperatures

Its preferred water temperatures are between .

Young individuals prefer cooler water temperatures than adults.

This sponge is found mostly at depths of 30–50 m and water temperatures of 6-8 °C.

water molecules   (su molekülleri)

This tunnel binds some water molecules.

In hydrates, at least some of the ligands are water molecules.

This was thought to be caused by water molecules knocking the grains about.

near water   (suya yakın)

They often congregate near water, and are good swimmers.

The species lives in and near water in freshwater habitat.

Elephants tend to stay near water sources.

holy water   (kutsal su)

The ship is usually sprinkled with holy water.

There are two marble holy water fonts.

The main altar and holy water fonts are from the studio of Fanzago.

water during   (sırasında su)

Located here are some of the pumps used to hand pump the water during a fire.

Some of the water cisterns still fill up with water during the winter seasons.

Aap Khola' (mango river) where people go for swimming and to obtain water during droughts.

spring water   (kaynak suyu)

The chips were then placed in clear spring water.

The spring water is rich with sulfur and methane gas.

It provided spring water and was a rest stop for travelers.

bottled water   (şişelenmiş su)

In the year 2004, Americans spent $9 billion on bottled water.

of the food sector which produces beverages such as bottled water.

HMAS "Tobruk" carried three trucks loaded with bottled water and jerry cans.

water body

The water body where Jatayu fell is called Jatayu Theertham.

Before the event, the highway had crossed the water body using two , oval metal culverts.

water content

Absolute or anhydrous alcohol refers to ethanol with a low water content.

Raising the water content or adding chemical admixtures increases concrete workability.

The consistency of fine grained soil varies in proportional to the water content in a soil.

supply water   (tedarik suyu)

It is used to supply water to the residents of Great Langdale.

District Councils supply water to more than 200 smaller villages.

Four top-seal radial gates supply water to the Albuquerque Main Canal.

no water

You would go up to him and say "We have no water".

But there is no water enclosed in their grassy banks .

There are no water fountains at the park; bring your own water.

national water   (ulusal su)

The Act marked the beginning of a national water supply policy.

As the national water agency, PUB takes control of the entire water chain.

She was a member of the Russia women's national water polo team, playing as a driver.

land and water   (toprak ve su)

The airplane will take over both land and water travel.

Of this, is land and water.

Restoration of land and water resources is a priority in reclamation planning.

water pressure   (su basıncı)

This reduces the water velocity and water pressure at the turbine exit.

There were also lateral boards supporting the sides against water pressure.

During undrained shear, the water pressure u changes depending on volume change tendencies.

including water

It has many facilities including water and sanitation.

Its total surface, including water area, is .

It lacks many facilities including water and sanitation.

river water   (nehir suyu)

That year, all the river water was diverted at San Acacia.

The dam diverts river water into the Socorro Main Canal operated by the MRGCD.

It had an innovative sluice gate that directed river water into the system’s Main Canal.

water birds

The scheme is also used to encourage water birds.

Larger corvids and some non-wading water birds (i.e.

This area is a valuable feeding and breeding habitat for water birds.

water depth

The water depth is as much as with an extra of sediment.

In moderate conditions the ratio of warp to water depth should be 4:1.

The cable, manufactured by Alcatel, is laid in a maximum water depth of .

above water

It is barely above water, as the sea breaks heavily over it.

The one thing keeping young Cole’s head above water is his love of baseball.

Some of the pile is generally above water and accumulates snow in the winter.

through the water   (suyun içinden)

The wreck was found by dragging an anchor through the water.

It undulates from side to side to force the animal through the water when swimming.

It has been caught from near to the bottom, through the water column to near the surface at night.

large water

The mill was powered by a large water wheel.

A large water system irrigates the Park.

Each man had three days' rations and two large water bottles.

soluble in water   (suda çözünebilir)

Both are easy to work and slightly soluble in water.

A colorless liquid, it is partially soluble in water.

Like monosaccharides, disaccharides are soluble in water.

public water   (umumi su)

Since the lake is a public water source, it is closed to the public.

Dr John Snow traced the outbreak to a public water pump on the street, and disabled the pump.

In 1961, fluoridation of the public water supply in Simanggang (now Sri Aman) was implemented.

when water   (ne zaman su)

As of early 2013, no date has been set when water will reach Tianjin.

The fountains look brilliant when water gushes out of them in perfect harmonization.

Galveston was temporarily cut off from the mainland when water surpassed the city's seawall.

water wheel

The mill was powered by a large water wheel.

He used an analogy with how water falls in a water wheel.

Its huge water wheel, mill stones and gearing are all visible.

air and water

areas with abundant fresh air and water.

It can turn sewage into air and water through microbial action.

It has both more air and water retention space than perlite and peat.

water ice

Large amounts of water ice are believed to be present in the Martian subsurface.

The LRO Diviner is able to detect where water ice could be trapped on the surface.

The term has been used to refer to clouds of both water ice and carbon dioxide ice on Mars.

tap water   (musluk suyu)

I guess tap water is O.K., if we can be made to pay for it."

Note that clean tap water is not necessarily a sterile liquid.

Water from treated and untreated tap water is available in the village.

when the water   (su ne zaman)

Obstacles may be present when the water is low.

The paved ford is still visible in the bed of the river when the water is low.

Some of the original buildings' foundations are visible when the water level is low.