Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

coastal waters   (aguas costeras)

"There are 60 islands in Cambodia's coastal waters.

All three were caught in coastal waters off the island.

The team explores the coastal waters of the Indian Ocean.

shallow waters   (aguas poco profundas)

It is found in shallow waters in the Caribbean Sea.

It inhabits warm, shallow waters close to shore.

It lives in shallow waters off the coast of New Guinea.

territorial waters   (aguas territoriales)

Cambodia's territorial waters account for over 50 islands.

It has of territorial waters, and a exclusive economic zone.

of territorial waters – or "Blue Amazon", as the Brazilian Navy calls them.

waters off

It lives in shallow waters off the coast of New Guinea.

All three were caught in coastal waters off the island.

So it went on; this time in the waters off South America.

waters around   (aguas alrededor)

The silver hake typically inhabits warm waters around 5-10°C.

A few people drown in the waters around New York City each year.

Dedicated police patrol boats began patrolling the waters around the colony.

flood waters   (aguas de inundación)

Rather, they may have been built to divert flood waters.

Thousands of hectares of croplands were inundated by flood waters.

A quarter of Grand Cayman remained submerged by flood waters two days later.

international waters

They said "Estai" was fishing in international waters.

The ship then sank in international waters three months later.

It broadcast from the Panama registered ship in international waters in the North Sea.

surface waters

This is a schooling fish living in surface waters.

The main water sources are surface waters.

This creates a significant anoxic layer well below the surface waters.

home waters   (aguas de casa)

She was deployed in home waters until the end of World War I.

One reviewer said of the New York Suite, "this musical voyage never left home waters".

She was commissioned in March 1809, under commander Booty Harvey, for service in home waters.

open waters   (aguas abiertas)

The video ends with Rihanna once again floating alone in the open waters.

Its location in the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico makes it vulnerable to hurricanes.

The disturbance moved westward and became a tropical depression in the open waters of the Atlantic.

tropical waters

Shipworms also damaged the ships in tropical waters.

Most marine species live in tropical waters at depths less than .

It is widespread through the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean.

warm waters   (aguas cálidas)

The silver hake typically inhabits warm waters around 5-10°C.

Climate, warm and tropical (28 °C - 34 °C), its shallow warm waters.

The storm picks up strength when it crosses the warm waters of Atlantic.

deep waters

Lots of people steer clear of these deep waters.

It is found in deep waters in the Atlantic Ocean, burrowing in the mud.

Volutes are predators that live in deep waters where they stalk and kill other molluscs.

waters near   (aguas cercanas)

Much of the war was to be fought on, or in the waters near, Sicily.

In the morning of October 8, it emerged back into waters near Isabela.

The lake is home to crocodiles that inhabit the shallow waters near its coast

marine waters

They are found in tropical and subtropical marine waters worldwide.

Individual specimens are sometimes found in soil, but mostly in fresh and marine waters.

It is amphidromous, moving between coastal marine waters and freshwater lakes and rivers.

deeper waters

They move to deeper waters in the winter.

It tends to move from shallower to deeper waters in the winter months.

Adults have the ability to migrate to deeper waters during cold seasons.

surrounding waters

It may refer to several species found on the island and in the surrounding waters:

The inhabitants today do not rely on the island and the surrounding waters for sustenance.

Corisco and the surrounding waters of Corisco Bay have become of interest in recent years for their oil prospects.

cooler waters   (aguas más frías)

After reaching peak intensity, the hurricane began weakening due to increasing shear and cooler waters.

The Raitt's sand eel survives better in cooler waters and may move North to avoid warming sea temperatures.

Subsequently, Kristy weakened from cooler waters and increased wind shear from Hurricane John to its northeast.

waters surrounding

51), serving in the waters surrounding the British Isles.

Marine life is quite plentiful in the waters surrounding the island.

The waters surrounding the island became a DNR Aquatic Reserve in 2007.

brackish waters   (aguas salobres)

Juveniles live in turbid inshore and brackish waters.

It has been found in fresh and brackish waters on Vanua Levu Island, in Fiji, adjacent to mangroves.

The remaining are also known from salt or brackish waters, such as the river's estuary or the East China Sea.

inland waters

Inland China has 176,000 square km of inland waters (1.8 percent of the inland area).

They thus became responsible for inland waters and the underground strata which existed within their area.

In the shallow and inland waters of Nigeria, the firm operates a joint venture with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

waters during

Adults have the ability to migrate to deeper waters during cold seasons.

It inhabits the deeper waters during the day, and migrates at night to the epipelagic zone.

Many of these species are migratory, and travel to tropical waters during the Antarctic winter.

waters between

The name alludes to that stretch of waters between America, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.

Kapiti Island figured in "King Kong" with the scenes approaching the lost island of King Kong shot in the waters between Raumati Beach and the island.

They are typically found in temperate or tropical waters between eleven and twenty-nine degrees Celsius with a salinity between twenty-eight and thirty-five PSU.

mineral waters

It is especially known for its mineral waters.

Export of mineral waters in 2011 amounted to 48 mln USD in 35 countries.

Since then, Buguntinskiye mineral waters were referred to as Yessentukskiye.

temperate waters

The microbial loop functions differently in sea ice, as compared to oligotrophic or temperate waters.

This species occurs in tropical and warm temperate waters worldwide, except for in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

The species occurs in tropical to warm temperate waters in the Atlantic Ocean, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean Sea.

ocean waters

They often end up in ocean waters through rivers and streams.

They inhabit coral reefs in clear ocean waters at a depth of .

This approach harvests the solar energy trapped in ocean waters.

navigable waters

He also built a railroad and dredged a channel to navigable waters.

The Act was amended to include "tidal or navigable waters" such as the Thames.

With of navigable waters, Bangladesh has one of the largest inland waterway networks in the world.

subtropical waters

They are found in tropical and subtropical waters.

It is found worldwide in tropical and subtropical waters.

Tagging has revealed a range which includes sub-Arctic to subtropical waters.

warmer waters

In the winter, some populations migrate to warmer waters.

Welles was also convinced that Maffitt had sought warmer waters.

antarctica" mainly inhabits the Antarctic deep and therefore warmer waters.

inshore waters

The young develop in shallow inshore waters.

This species inhabits inshore waters.

"Mystery" was a Mount's Bay lugger used for fishing inshore waters.