all the way   (はるばる)

History of the mine goes all the way back to 1870.

The line was extended all the way to Tokyo in 1991.

I fought very well all the way to the 12th round.

same way   (同じ方法)

The base is not defined in the same way everywhere.

Moving walkways often use balustrades in the same way.

It is fished in the same way as a stick float.

way through   (通り抜ける)

Willemse then made his way through to the top six.

Ashfur leaps in and drags it all the way through.

The growth continued in another way through the 1980s.

way back   (帰り道)

The channel was launched way back on 1st May 1985.

On the way back, his car crashed on a frozen road.

History of the mine goes all the way back to 1870.

only way   (唯一の方法)

"I saw this was the only way", wrote Nansen later.

That is the only way I know how to live my life."

The only way to be sure was to actually simulate it.

make way   (道を作る)

It was closed to make way for Kranji Racecourse.

The buildings were moved on a truck to make way for K-27.

That route was closed to make way for the new Métro line.

along the way   (道に沿って)

That led to some pleasant discoveries along the way.

PA 21 serves Waynesburg and Masontown along the way.

They survived on raw vegetables along the way.

no way   (ありえない)

There was no way to return to a life without them.

There was no way for defenses to deal with him."

There was no way I was going to write anymore.

such a way

To have it taken away in such a way was terrible."

(Again, in such a way that 1 goes to the multiplicand.)

Fuel is handled in such a way that even small spills are minimized.

way of life   (生き方)

"Was the Sarmatian way of life worth preserving?

Traditional farming practices are a way of life here.

Gun ownership was a way of life in rural Mississippi.

way up

Teare had worked his way up through the company.

agent orders the team to make their way up the building.

The two trek their way up the tower.

paved the way

This meeting also paved the way for the Irish Cup.

This victory paved the way for Muslim rule in Bengal.

Purniah thus paved the way for the succession of Tipu.

best way

'The best way to travel,' he wrote, 'is to feel.'

I always choose the best way to express the feeling.

Is discipline or freedom the best way to teach?

gave way

Rubber estates gave way to oil palm plantations.

The "Enigma C" quickly gave way to "Enigma D" (1927).

That incision gave way under the pressure of the bullet."

find a way   (方法を見つける)

We've got to find a way to play better next week."

He promises he’ll find a way to make it up to Bob.

But those who love each other will find a way to reunite.

other way   (他の方法)

Would I play any other way than what I'm saying?

Others believe that it was the other way around.

You cannot have any interpretation in any other way."

made their way

Thousands made their way to Mobile to find work.

These rumours then made their way into popular culture.

Two platoons successfully made their way to the other side.

own way

She thanked Bucky "in her own way" by kissing him.

He wrote: “Everything glorifies Allah in its own way.

It’s taken me a long time to find my own way.

made his way

Willemse then made his way through to the top six.

Released ashore, Dalzeel made his way back to Jamaica.

By 1955 Smyth had made his way onto the starting fifteen.

way home   (帰り道)

Tidus joins them in the hope of finding his way home.

However, Fernand escapes alive and makes his way home.

On the way home, in Kharkov, the actor died.

make their way   (道を作る)

They make their way to Goldman's home in Riverdale.

agent orders the team to make their way up the building.

These fish occasionally make their way into the pet trade.

similar way

Education is organised in a similar way to Denmark.

In helicopters, auto-stabilization was used in a similar way.

He found the senses adapted in a similar way over three days.

each way

To cross the Maroni (to Albina), count 5 € each way.

ADA Para Transit's MEDTRN service costs $5 each way.

In 1847 there were 5 trains each way to Witham.

right of way

The line was built on private right of way wide.

No additional right of way has been purchased since then.

The railway bought and fenced-off its entire right of way.

way around   (道の周りに)

Others believe that it was the other way around.

Offers have been made to me—not the other way around.

The brim can be turned up all the way around.

new way

The Quran introduced a new way of writing to the world.

A tilt lift is a new way to elevate coasters.

Additionally, it required learning a new way of programming.

long way   (長い道のり)

The use of satellites has since come a long way.

He's the greatest player of all time, by a long way.

But no more than that; Beecke surpasses him by a long way.

way to get

And entertaining reading is one way to get it."

Max works out a way to get back into his room.

That's the way to get kids hooked on books."

worked his way

Later he worked his way into real estate brokerage.

Teare had worked his way up through the company.

in accounting in 1969, having worked his way through school.

another way   (別の方法)

To put it another way: don't try this at home.

The growth continued in another way through the 1980s.

Sales promotions are another way to advertise.

way down   (降りる)

The legs should look straight going all the way down.

Kathy denies and the trio works the way down the stairs.

3) Lower interest rates – all the way down to 0 per cent.

paving the way   (道を開く)

The experience of wartime self-government was crucial in paving the way for formal autonomy in 1948.

The Court ruled that the law was constitutional, paving the way for expanded ID laws in other states.

B. R. Films eventually settled out of court for about $200,000, paving the way for its film's release.

give way

Other Anglo-allied troops began to give way as well.

Trees then give way to disused wharves and housing estates.

It has to give way".

made its way

It is unknown how the bomb made its way on board.

It is currently unknown how it made its way to India.

It has also made its way into the mining songs.

different way

I really wanted to do the story in a different way.

We will take revenge in a different way.

He used the piano in a different way."

found their way

A number of copies found their way out of the prison.

Some copies survived and found their way into theatres.

Some copies of the single found their way onto the shelves.

found its way

It also found its way onto Southern Railway locomotives.

Only one female head (the Weber-Laborde head) found its way to Venice.

Thus the Codex found its way to the Imperial Library at St. Petersburg.

effective way   (効果的な方法)

This is a very effective way of getting people to notice a lot of things.

Socializing with others is one effective way of meeting the need to belong.

Currently the most effective way is to build bespoke apps that are delivered.

way to make   (作り方)

He promises he’ll find a way to make it up to Bob.

There’s no way to make a joke out of this.

I thought "Apes" would be a good way to make up for that."

every way

The community is integrated in every way possible.

Consequently, the galaxy now looks "normal" in every way.

The building was made modern in every way.

pave the way   (道を開く)

It will pave the way for intolerance of others.”

This would pave the way for the end of the Western Schism.

He helped pave the way for the 1990 Warner merger with Time Inc.

makes his way

However, Fernand escapes alive and makes his way home.

He then makes his way to rescue those who were captured.

Garivald makes his way back to Obilot.

led the way

Herbin and Chanu's marine infantry companies led the way.

The Defense led the way, holding Marshall to 236 total yards.

He led the way for Smith's 118 rushing yards and three touchdowns.

common way

A common way to achieve this is 2-D Block Mapping.

Musical scores are the most common way to encode music.

The most common way to gain land was to purchase the land.

half way

She got half way up the Amazon and said 'this is not going to work'.

"Let the Union thugs get their way now and we are half way there," he said.

Ridden by Goater, Chamant tracked the leaders before taking the lead at half way.

way across   (道を渡る)

The Blue Texel has not yet made its way across seas to North America.

These divisions next fought their way across France, and into Germany.

The outer rampart of Perkin intrudes part way across the southern floor.

giving way

This tradition is giving way to eulogies read by family members or friends.

At the arrival of spring, the sardo is symbolically buried, giving way to the rich spring food.

Reb Russell started Game 5 in Chicago, but only faced three batters before giving way to Cicotte.

way towards

The ship soon continued on its way towards Oslo.

Uchagaon Last village on the way towards maharastra.

The Wolf proceeds to swim his way towards New York City.

find their way   (道を見つける)

Cowboys used to have to find their way using landmarks.

find their way into numerous film songs.

", which would eventually find their way back to Puerto Rico.

way or another   (方法または別の)

One way or another, the party will end here.

In one way or another they are considered.

Laquin was home to five companies, all of which processed wood in one way or another.

way of thinking   (考え方)

This sways Grubbs into the others’ way of thinking.

This is also a global way of thinking about the problem.

This way of thinking can lead to hopelessness and despair.

following way

The representing vector is obtained in the following way.

This arises in the following way.

The two parties establish a set of shared noisy ebits in the following way.

traditional way

They are a traditional way of painting in Asia.

The Mizos have a traditional way of classification of their folk songs.

His urs (death anniversary) is celebrated annually in a traditional way.

found a way

The Hindu Mahasabha found a way out of the situation.

It appears Cordelia found a way to escape without Elaine.

With much difficulty they found a way to Poland, arriving in 1921.

good way

Copying them out was considered a good way to study them.

Sea handlining is a good way to catch larger oceanic fish.

I thought "Apes" would be a good way to make up for that."

way between

Just east of the village Drin finds its way between two hills.

In April 1860 there were 5 trains each way between Aldeburgh and Saxmundham.

The Icelandic Route 1 runs through the town on its way between Hveragerði and Hella.

other way around   (他の方法で)

Others believe that it was the other way around.

Offers have been made to me—not the other way around.

It should be the other way around."

wrong way   (間違った道)

A correct intention being expressed in the wrong way.

There is no such thing as a wrong way to solve a cube.

I used the wrong words in the wrong way."

either way   (どちらにしても)

Thrust is produced in the same direction, either way.

As fickle as he is it can work out either way.

We're definitely going to make it rewarding either way."

opened the way

The capture of Gird Trench opened the way into Gueudecourt and beyond by evening.

This opened the way for the first automated reader/sorting machines for clearing cheques.

This abandonment opened the way for the railroad bed to be rededicated to public trail use.

easy way

This allowed hunters a relatively easy way to catch them.

She tells Mike he 'took the easy way out'.

Hercule Poirot, however, prevents this easy way out, ensuring a trial and hanging.

gives way

Any initial revulsion soon gives way to enchantment.

This mountain gives way to the landscape of La Mancha.

The support gives way, causing them to escape with the battery and ring.

way forward   (先へ)

It took several months for a consensus way forward to emerge.

Failure is the way forward.

In 1960 the way forward at Wookey Hole was found at a depth of , using 60/40 O/N.

making their way

Chapter one begins with all of the Toa making their way to Mata Nui.

At the same time, the Russians were making their way towards the city.

As the crowd began making their way home from Ninian Park, the news began to filter out slowly.

right way

"It's not enough for someone to vote the right way.

Kerala shows the right way in this regard also.

The Divinity has projected man showing him the right way to go.

possible way

He was expert at vigorously defending his positions, but in the nicest possible way."

Ultimately this will lead to a reduction of farmer’s unit costs in the best possible way.

Online markets and retailers have to find the best possible way to fill orders and deliver products.

certain way   (ある方法)

There's a certain way we do things in Nashville.

1 star, which doesn't mean that I have to act with him in a certain way."

- La voie certaine vers "Dieu," (The certain way to God), Les cahiers de l’Égaré, 2008.

way people

This revolutionized the way people saw NSRED.

You gotta listen to the way people talk.

A spatial file manager imitates the way people interact with physical objects.

changed the way

He changed the way music was composed for television.

It's changed the way we view our universe.

SAE changed the way they tested engine hp for the 2006-2008 TL is .

efficient way

Markov chains are an efficient way to handle Model-based Testing.

By doing so nodes achieve application objectives in a more resource efficient way.

Bindesbøll was recognized for the efficient way she dealt with difficult customers.

change the way

I wouldn't change the way I got here at all.

In order to try to change the way that people digest music, we had to take a leap of faith," says Royce.

She is one of the models in the ongoing Radical Beauty Project, which seeks to change the way we see Downs Syndrome.

better way

She decided a horror film would be a better way to present the story.

I couldn't think of a better way to bring this 17-year run to an end.

A few minor Christian sects advocate celibacy as a better way of life.

way onto

Rudi and his followers fight their way onto Nantucket.

It also found its way onto Southern Railway locomotives.

By 1955 Smyth had made his way onto the starting fifteen.

making his way

Mithqal had another advantage while he was making his way.

Reginald begins piano lessons, making his way into the Royal Academy of Music.

Along with colleagues from Polish Radio, he escaped the city, making his way to Lwów.

unique way

stated that "Everything works here, in its own unique way."

For a truly unique way of enjoying the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

BCPL handles bindings spanning separate compilation units in a unique way.

way too

An extended final chase also goes on way too long.

In the end, the makers of Pari try way too hard.

[...] We had way too much TV coverage in Nam.

way to go   (行く方法)

She said that Tameike showed her the way to go.

The servants, not knowing which way to go, turned back.

It just shows that it's a bad way to go."

fight their way   (彼らの道を戦う)

Rudi and his followers fight their way onto Nantucket.

The two fight their way out of the prison.

Some simply fight their way into the nest.

makes its way

It commonly makes its way into the aquarium trade.

It sometimes makes its way into the aquarium trade.

leading the way

The Sirdar is charged with leading the way.

China, the United States, and Germany are leading the way.

Duchesne pressed on, with de Borelli's legionnaires leading the way.

short way

It crosses the river a short way above Caversham Lock.

A short way down the canyon, the creek passes back under Goshen Canoyn Road.

The expedition then proceeded on to Logstown, a large Indian settlement a short way down the Ohio River.

make his way   (彼の方法を作る)

In 1895 he moved west, planning to make his way as a farmer.

He managed to crawl out and make his way to the house of a friend.

Kyle Craig lends Alex use of the FBI helicopter to make his way to NYC.

way to avoid   (回避する方法)

Movie-style credits are advocated as a way to avoid this.

They are seen as a way to avoid falsification of logbook records.

This is reusable but is deliberately designed in a way to avoid resemblance to a gun.

working his way

He joined Ourisson's lab, working his way to the Ph.D.

He later worked for 24 years at the Hoboken Fire Department, working his way up to captain.

Initially, he worked as an editor at Gainsborough Pictures working his way up to head editor.

simple way   (簡単な方法)

It's a simple way of offering or accepting hospitality.

Diversifying their seeds is a simple way to diversify a portfolio.

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to measure individual runs created.

way to help

"I want to make it known that there is a way to help."

The Rose Bowl game was first played in 1902, as a way to help fund the Rose Parade.

Twinsticks were first allowed in 1967, as a way to help expand CTV service to smaller markets.

given way

The Ksyrium has given way to the R-Sys.

The concept of crowdsourcing has given way to the trend of user-generated advertisements.

The flexibility of virtual server environment (VSE) has given way to its use more frequently in newer deployments.

way north

On his way north to Rochester, Wisconsin he sold five and kept one for his own business.

Strengthening into a tropical storm, Gordon wound its way north into the Greater Antilles.

On his way north Bukair was halted by a large Persian force under Isfandiyar, the son of Farrukhzad.

way along

Part way along, a second chamber is found in its west.

Lug can be dug all the way along the coast to Woodstown.

East German police watched from beside trees next to the autobahn all the way along.

way possible

The community is integrated in every way possible.

Burroughs was determined to capitalize on Tarzan's popularity in every way possible.

Conflicts like these lead to a call to balance the two situations in the best way possible.

way to save

Scott struggles to find a way to save Stiles without killing him.

Finch was created using the cut-and-cover technique as a way to save money.

"The way to save your work and reach more readers is to advertise yourself."

way to prevent   (防ぐ方法)

The only way to prevent The Master's escape is for Buffy to kill the Vessel.

The three vow to find a way to prevent the future destruction of their world.

As the cause of ROHHAD is unknown, there is no way to prevent onset of the disease.

made way

All the helmets made way for one royal crown.

Their closure made way for Herberger's, which closed in 1994.

The thatched roof made way for one of corrugated iron very early on.

way of living

The Northern tribes, on the other hand, are simpler in their way of living.

In common parlance, "dharma" means "right way of living" and "path of rightness".

Something about its behaviour and its way of living can be likened to that of film."

made her way

After the war ended, Lili made her way to England.

She left Kabul and made her way to India.

Anne walked out of the hospital alone, and made her way out of Pine Valley.

way before

No one had ever made a lens in this way before.

The force got about half way before abandoning the attempt because the railway line had been torn up.

Elementary algebraic techniques are used to rewrite a given equation in the above way before arriving at the solution.

part way

This can reach either part way up or nearly all the way up the toe.

The outer rampart of Perkin intrudes part way across the southern floor.

The Education Department is part way through a programme of re-building its secondary schools.

way to keep   (保つ方法)

The TV show was a way to keep the rights.

Free-body diagrams can be used as a convenient way to keep track of forces acting on a system.

By the end of the 1970s, many advocates saw privatization as the only way to keep school lunch programs going.

way to stop   (止める方法)

He thinks the only way to stop this is to confront G.J.I himself.

Can they find a way to stop him?

He tries to find a way to stop Lord Manshoon from taking over the kingdom of Cormyr.

way south

A little way south from the back garden lies the River Tees.

On the way south, Abbasid horsemen again caught up with the trio.

This fault system extends all the way south to the Jambali Graben in the Gulf of Guayaquil in Ecuador.