wealthy family   (裕福な家族)

Merckle was born in Dresden, into a wealthy family.

Magnús came from a powerful and wealthy family.

Lagos was born in Ayacucho to a wealthy family.

wealthy man   (裕福な人)

A wealthy man's hair would often be maintained by a valet.

The second place they came to was the home of a wealthy man.

He was a very wealthy man and owned numerous estates in Cheshire.

very wealthy   (とても裕福)

He was a very wealthy merchant and hacendado.

Richmond became very wealthy in the process.

His father was William Chapell Hodge a very wealthy banker.

wealthy merchant   (豪商)

His father was John Baring, a wealthy merchant.

He was a very wealthy merchant and hacendado.

Bartholomew was a wealthy merchant and Mayor of Salisbury in 1487 and 1507.

wealthy businessman   (裕福な実業家)

He later became a wealthy businessman and was kidnapped in 1978.

Dior was financially backed by wealthy businessman Marcel Boussac.

He falls in love with Vijaya, the daughter of a wealthy businessman.

wealthy families

However, most of this work was for wealthy families.

De Botton first noticed this phenomenon among the wealthy families of America.

Freshmen from wealthy families with social connections tended to shun Trumbull.

became wealthy

He practised in Dublin, where he became wealthy.

Throughout these years, the Templar Order became wealthy and powerful.

His family became wealthy.

wealthy landowner

Anthony was born in Coma in Lower Egypt to wealthy landowner parents.

It was probably built by John Murray, a wealthy landowner from nearby Rutland.

A wealthy landowner, he was nonetheless an advocate for social justice and democracy.

wealthy people

In the past, Tacho was seen as a dish consumed by wealthy people.

These atlases were composed by wealthy people who collected maps concerning a specific region or topic.

By the end of the 18th century, it became fashionable for wealthy people to spend the summer by the sea.

extremely wealthy

In 1886 when he bought Courtlands House he was an extremely wealthy man.

The Guans are much more Westernised than most villagers and extremely wealthy.

Its strong economy and food-base allowed the region to become extremely wealthy.

wealthy individuals

Investors include hedge funds, banks, and wealthy individuals.

Large Pakistani corporations and wealthy individuals in Pakistan also contribute to the 'Fund'.

The Sulpicians would thus recruit wealthy individuals since Sulpicians did not take vows of poverty.

wealthy widow   (裕福な未亡人)

David married a wealthy widow in Leipzig.

He soon returned to New York in 1932 to marry a former portrait sitter and wealthy widow, May Safford.

The house was designed and built for Margaret Louisa Thompson Johnstone, the wealthy widow of John T. Johnstone.

wealthy merchants   (裕福な商人)

His paternal family were wealthy merchants who had emigrated from Cologne in the 1430s.

Bristol was a large city with very few physicians and many wealthy merchants and tradesmen.

The CCBA board of directors became increasingly powerful as it consisted of wealthy merchants and businessmen.

wealthy and influential

It was founded in 1891 by a wealthy and influential Guangzhou family.

Elkann was born in New York City, to a wealthy and influential family.

Many wealthy and influential parents sought places for their sons in Browning's house.

wealthy landowners

Varro mentions 10:1 seed-yield ratio for wheat as normal for wealthy landowners.

A strong presidency eventually emerged, but wealthy landowners remained powerful.

wealthy and powerful

During the Middle Ages it was a wealthy and powerful institution.

Throughout these years, the Templar Order became wealthy and powerful.

Crispus was a prominent, influential, witty, wealthy and powerful man, who served twice as consul.

became a wealthy

He became a wealthy cotton planter in Jones County.

He became a wealthy and respected man in the community.

He later became a wealthy businessman and was kidnapped in 1978.

wealthy men

Like many wealthy men of his time, Crompton was involved in politics.

Barbers also worked as hairdressers, and wealthy men often had personal barbers within their home.

Carmelo assumed the presidency with two groups pressuring him: the Grupo Impala (wealthy men, real owners of the country), and the narcos.

many wealthy

Like many wealthy men of his time, Crompton was involved in politics.

He has many wealthy followers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and China.

Bristol was a large city with very few physicians and many wealthy merchants and tradesmen.

wealthy young

Uma (Leela Desai), is a wealthy young girl and lives with her brother, who is a Professor.

Indulged by his parents, Francis lived the high-spirited life typical of a wealthy young man.

Bobby is a strange wealthy young woman living alone in Mumbai and working as a dubbing artist.

wealthy woman

54 of a wealthy woman.

The story describes a wealthy woman who has recently lost her servants due to free education.

Holmes and Watson go to see Isadora Klein, a wealthy woman who is used to getting what she wants.

wealthy industrialist   (裕福な実業家)

Ayer was also brother of wealthy industrialist Frederick Ayer.

William was a wealthy industrialist and real estate operator in New York City.

Carnegie argued that the life of a wealthy industrialist should comprise two parts.

other wealthy   (他の裕福な)

Roles considered to be important were that of the chief, religious figures, or other wealthy members of society.

Henceforth, together with other wealthy landowners of the region, he spoke out openly against colonial Spanish rule.

They and other wealthy Latin Americans invested $9 million primarily through offshore companies registered in Panama.

become wealthy   (裕福になる)

The founder, Tomás Vidal i Rey had become wealthy in America.

In February, the government handed over management of the theater to a gifted entrepreneur, Doctor Véron, who had become wealthy selling medicinal ointments.

The ability to take clothing and held items across allows a phenomenally lucrative import/export trade between worlds; wielders of this power have used it to become wealthy.