İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

seen wearing   (giyen gördüm)

He is typically seen wearing only a green shirt.

She is almost always seen wearing a gray Chanel suit.

Clayton is usually seen wearing a baseball cap.

not wearing   (giymiyor)

He was then seldom seen not wearing the order's insignia.

Camus, who was in the passenger seat and not wearing a safety belt, died instantly.

Formerly, men not wearing military uniform wore knee breeches of 18th-century design.

began wearing   (giymeye başladı)

She began wearing the hijab full-time when she was eleven years old.

The Ravens began wearing black pants again with the white jersey in 2008.

Around this time they began wearing their trademark "space suits" on stage.

wearing a black   (siyah giymek)

Vidali is shown staring over her shoulder and wearing a black hat.

She is wearing a black mantilla, and a pink carnation on the left side of her head.

With Minaj's first verse, she appears in front of a red and black wall wearing a black and white outfit.

man wearing   (giyen adam)

One day, the men carrying the cloak noticed a man wearing green praying by it.

He spots a man wearing a leather mask and goes with him to a room to have sex.

Meanwhile, a man wearing a trench coat and an eye patch is following Tomie and photographing her.

wearing black   (siyah giymek)

If you're wearing black, you're on sure ground."

The Falcons also started wearing black cleats with these uniforms.

Tulisa then reappears wearing black sunglasses and white summer outfit.

wearing only   (sadece giymek)

He is typically seen wearing only a green shirt.

Doggie Daddy is usually depicted wearing only a collar.

Men are advised against wearing only shorts and singlets.

wearing a white   (beyaz giymek)

The performance saw Carey perform the song sitting on a stool, wearing a white vest top and jeans.

She continued on to sing "Broken-Hearted Girl" wearing a white bustier with a sheer, flowing wrap.

Those belonging to the confraternity were characterized by wearing a white tunic with a turquoise cape and belt.

wearing white

They are now wearing white with maroon trims

Through the 2000 season, the Cowboys continued the usual practice of wearing white at home.

In 2007 and 2008, the Cowboys returned to wearing white at home for their Thanksgiving game.

wearing a red

In the first flashback, Marguerite, wearing a red dress, is surrounded by admirers and suitors.

Each station is under the supervision of a Captain and a Lieutenant, both wearing a red helmet.

Osborn also takes on the identity of Iron Patriot, wearing a red, white, and blue-themed Iron Man armor.

shown wearing

Sometimes she is shown wearing the aegis as a cloak.

He is shown wearing a flounced skirt and a cone-shaped hat.

At the end, Eve and Keys are shown wearing "Gangsta Love" shirts.

wearing the same

The club were now under a single crest (infobox) and wearing the same shirt.

While the characters wearing the same uniform helped designate them as a single group, it also made them look the same.

The body was identified as wearing the same shirt that Alperon had been wearing in court for the indictment of his son on unrelated charges.

women wearing

Fashionable hotels and restaurants refused to admit women wearing niqabs.

He was also frequently photographed on public business with women wearing modern Western clothes.

The campaign was noted for images of young women wearing short skirts with their pubic hair showing.

still wearing   (hala giyiyor)

Keckler was still wearing her new black dress and leather jacket.

In the present, Alison is still wearing her dark glasses but can see her hands.

In December, still wearing summer uniforms, the severe snow and frost caused many casualties.

woman wearing

when he met a woman wearing a T-shirt with a ladybug on it.

Eyewitnesses stated that the perpetrator was a woman wearing black veil and black niqāb.

On 7 August 2016, a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf was beaten on a bus and called a "terrorist."

depicted wearing

Doggie Daddy is usually depicted wearing only a collar.

The firefighter is depicted wearing a uniform and helmet.

(Executives are not depicted wearing caps.)

wearing the number   (numarayı giymek)

He played his first international match on 14 May 2008, wearing the number 3.

He made his league debut against Aston Villa, wearing the number 37 for Liverpool.

The number 21 appeared when she bumped into a basketball player wearing the number "21".

wearing a mask   (maske takmak)

Tinieblas Jr. made his professional wrestling debut in 1990, wearing a mask closely resembling that of his father Tinieblas.

For example, in medieval and Renaissance Europe, it was rude to indicate that a man wearing a mask in public could be recognized.

Divers who need corrective lenses to see clearly outside the water would normally need the same prescription while wearing a mask.

men wearing

He described his assailants as two white men wearing stocking masks.

Two young men wearing Jewish skullcaps were insulted by Arabic-speaking passers-by.

On the third day of the workshop approximately 20 men wearing guns entered and arrested the activists.

wearing red

Team Asia competed for the first time, with members wearing red T-shirts and shorts.

However, after the move fell through, Charlton returned to wearing red and white as their home colours.

Demonstrations of women wearing red stockings took place on 1 May 1970, as part of the Labour Day activities.

known for wearing

Zavala became known for wearing rebozos, a traditional shawl.

Rogers is known for wearing gray pinstripe business suits to work.

Williams instead became known for wearing glasses with a frosted lens.

wearing masks   (maske takmak)

Two robbers entered the store wearing masks.

Shortly after its release, Landser played their only public concert, wearing masks.

They performed only one concert that was open to the public, and did so wearing masks.