İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

weather conditions   (hava koşulları)

The stage was shortened due to weather conditions.

These flies are also affected by weather conditions.

Once again the weather conditions deteriorated.

bad weather   (kötü hava)

The shoot was initially delayed due to bad weather.

On the 25th, a lookout broke an arm in bad weather.

"*" The 11th race was cancelled due to bad weather.

severe weather   (Şiddetli hava)

Males also rest on flowers during severe weather.

The severe weather warnings are only broadcast in Japanese.

wildfires, severe weather, floods, dust storms, earthquakes).

cold weather   (soğuk hava)

The chimere was, moreover, a cold weather garment.

Typical fruits of the region are cold weather crops.

Many precautions are observed in cold weather placement.

weather station   (Meteoroloji istasyonu)

The nearest weather station is at Gatwick Airport.

It is also a common weather station instrument.

Sandberg was later the site of a U.S. weather station.

poor weather

The rest of the race was severely affected by poor weather conditions.

The poor weather also prevented an early morning search for the "Utah".

FijiFirst leader Frank Bainimarama blamed poor weather for the loss of votes.

inclement weather   (Sert hava)

The tournament was completely cancelled due to inclement weather.

All five died in the crash owing to inclement weather conditions.

All this activity occurs despite Columbus's frequently inclement weather.

extreme weather   (aşırı hava)

Tierra del Fuego experiences extreme weather.

Arkansas is known for extreme weather and frequent storms.

This vehicle can function under the most extreme weather conditions.

wet weather   (ıslak hava)

The base of the stem turns sticky in wet weather.

Early firearms were inferior in rate-of-fire, and were very sensitive to wet weather.

The race featured many lead changes and ended in wet weather, with Robert Doornbos emerging victorious.

hot weather   (sıcak hava)

The "warm-season" cereals are tender and prefer hot weather.

The hot weather sets in March and lasts until the middle of June.

During warm and hot weather, Saudi men and boys wear white thobes.

weather forecasts   (hava Durumu)

The ticker is removed during trails and weather forecasts.

In 2002, these were replaced with international weather forecasts.

and guest presented weather forecasts for the ITV Breakfast programme "Daybreak".

adverse weather   (olumsuz hava)

The TSS provides target sighting in day, night or adverse weather conditions.

During adverse weather or if disturbed they will retreat to their burrow systems.

Some believed the game could have been played a week earlier to avoid adverse weather conditions.

winter weather

Military operations were hampered by deep snow and extremely severe winter weather.

For these reasons, it often receives harsher winter weather than much of the rest of the city.

Later, the young trolls make good on their lessons, ruining each other's fun in the winter weather.

warm weather   (sıcak hava)

It is open on weekends during warm weather months.

Biting insects can be bothersome during warm weather.

Keratolysis exfoliativa normally appears during warm weather.

dry weather   (kuru hava)

The region excels at hot, sunny and dry weather.

The trail is passable to OHVs in dry weather.

In dry weather, white, paper spots with margins develop.

all weather

Karaikal Port is a deep draft, all weather port.

The system provides the seamless 24 by 7 services under all weather condition.

The smooth rail and reduced rolling resistance allowed larger cars to be used in all weather.

weather stations

Only 1% of the weather stations record lower seasonal .

At 50% of the weather stations, lower seasonal are recorded.

At 74% of the German Weather Service's weather stations lower figures are recorded.

weather forecast   (hava Durumu tahmini)

Also, a National Observatory of Athens weather forecast station exists in Imeros.

Users can also load and analyze gridded weather forecast datasets in GRIB or FST format.

It has also been claimed that this was a regular weather forecast in Britain in the 1930s.

weather events

This is worsened by extreme weather events caused by climate change.

Studies show that suicide rates increase after extreme weather events.

This is due to the effect on physical health from extreme weather events.

weather patterns   (hava desenleri)

Dust storms are a feature of India's seasonal weather patterns.

The IntuVue weather radar visualizes weather patterns up to 300 miles away.

From November through to April, the northeast trade winds control weather patterns.

good weather

Rock fall is another danger to consider, even in good weather.

At 10:00 a.m. they emerged into good weather that lasted an hour.

Ebi said "I enjoyed my stay in Turkey because of the good weather.

weather radar   (hava durumu radarı)

The velocity threshold is much lower for weather radar.

The IntuVue weather radar visualizes weather patterns up to 300 miles away.

Additionally, Doppler weather radar showed the highest reflectivity values to be from the center.

weather forecasting

Foreca Foreca Ltd is a private Finnish weather forecasting company.

Kelly and several of his colleagues also produced weather forecasting software.

Wind data are typically provided from a separate atmospheric model from an operational weather forecasting center.

weather reports   (hava raporu)

Her main role was to provide daily weather reports.

Instead, these weather reports are done from inside the main news studio.

Xiaowei has weather reports, traffic updates, music requests, news snippets.

due to weather

The stage was shortened due to weather conditions.

The Gold Final race was cancelled due to weather conditions.

Second practice session for Saturday was cancelled due to weather.

local weather

Females bear two to several litters per year depending on latitude and local weather.

The local weather bureau data showed Pingtung as a whole received of rain since August 22.

A given plant's toxicity depends on its age, where it is growing, and the local weather conditions.

weather information   (hava durumu bilgisi)

After 1927, the weather information was broadcast on Radio Barcelona.

The addition of weather information at Haren, Brussels and Ostend, both in Belgium was notified.

It also provided radio forecasts to more than 250 radio stations and weather information to 52 newspapers.

heavy weather

She was sailing in heavy weather when she ran aground on Knife Island.

This determines performance in heavy weather and near the earth surface.

While on the Lake Huron leg of her journey the "Ohio" encountered heavy weather.

when the weather   (hava ne zaman)

For people who live and work in community, walking or biking is common when the weather permits.

Eyespot is more severe where wheat is grown continuously and when the weather is cool and moist.

Summer thunderstorms are frequent in August during the evening, when the weather becomes quite unstable.

disturbed weather   (rahatsız hava)

On June 16, an area of disturbed weather formed about to the northeast of Palau Island.

Late on July 10, an area of disturbed weather persisted about , to the southeast of Yap.

Beginning on October 11, an area of disturbed weather moved through the western Caribbean Sea.

weather presenter

Grant Denyer returned to Sunrise as weather presenter.

She also worked on Australian Television as a weather presenter and journalist.

Simmons has been retained as an out-of-vision announcer and a relief weather presenter.

adverse weather conditions   (olumsuz hava koşulları)

The TSS provides target sighting in day, night or adverse weather conditions.

Some believed the game could have been played a week earlier to avoid adverse weather conditions.

Its performance is consistent under adverse weather conditions or when flown at high altitude or high temperatures.

stormy weather   (fırtınalı hava)

More than 700 men were rescued from the open ocean despite cold seas and stormy weather.

Conditions on exposed ridge tops and summits may be harsher during cold or stormy weather.

The plan was thwarted by bad coordination, stormy weather and successful harrying attacks by an English fleet under Lord Howard of Effingham.

weather fronts   (hava cepheleri)

There are, however, occasional cold weather fronts that cause temperatures to fall to near freezing levels.

The most severe weather often occurs during the change of season, when both kinds of winds bring weather fronts that collide.

This is a gregarious species, with flocks of 30 or more birds, and often with other swift species, such as white-collared, especially at weather fronts.

harsh weather   (sert hava koşulları)

Few visit there today because of the harsh weather and poor road system.

Crop disease along with harsh weather destroyed the produce of the farm.

Its long, velvety coat and its stamina makes more suitable than many breeds for harsh weather.

weather data

The weather data is given in the following table.

The French BEA then collected weather data prior to the crash.

The free weather data service is very popular, with around 30 million downloads a day.

rough weather   (sert hava)

Needless to say this was not any easy feat and was seldom done in rough weather.

He had abandoned his yacht after it lost its mast and its hull was damaged in rough weather.

As a result of rough weather conditions, 13 flights were cancelled at the Miho-Yonago Airport.

weather vane

It is topped by a gilded weather vane.

The central fleche and is topped by a metal weather vane finial.

It is crowned with an eight-sided hipped cupola with a weather vane.

weather fronts originate   (hava cepheleri kaynaklanır)

Most weather fronts originate in the Pacific Ocean, and travel east toward the Coast Mountains where they are forced upward by the range (Orographic lift), causing them to drop their moisture in the form of rain or snowfall.

poor weather conditions

The rest of the race was severely affected by poor weather conditions.

Passage was hampered by poor weather conditions, but the convoy did not come under attack.

However, due to very poor weather conditions, the start was moved to Spondigna and the stage was shortened to .

clear weather   (açık hava)

In clear weather they could be seen for 40 miles (64 km).

It was built as a white light, visible for in clear weather.

The Antrim coast is 12 miles away and visible in clear weather.

rainy weather

Bishop Bernard John McQuaid complained of rainy weather, inadequate heating facilities, and boredom.

It grows in soil pockets on granite outcrops, especially where the soil receives run-off during rainy weather.

The new larvae remain on or near the egg cluster if they hatch in rainy weather or if the temperature is below 7 °C.

news and weather

CRHK provides updates on current affairs as well as news and weather reports.

Long form newscasts were canceled with news and weather updates replacing them.

Her brother Freddy is a local news and weather anchor in the Rio Grande Valley.

weather is usually

The weather is usually dry and humid but few rains due to monsoons in summer season.

The weather is usually intemperate in summer and winter but autumn and spring are mild.

The weather is usually very hot, very sunny and very dry but it can be overcast sometimes.

weather systems

Modern weather systems also include wind shear and turbulence detection and terrain and traffic warning systems.

The province is open to cold arctic weather systems from the north, which often produce extremely cold conditions in winter.

The company specializes in wireless communications, aeronautical communications, radio and weather systems technology solutions.

weather prediction   (hava Durumu tahmini)

Aerodynamic equations are used in numerical weather prediction.

It is used in many different ways: for research and for weather prediction.

So the direct impact of this phenomenon on weather prediction is often somewhat wrong."

favorable weather

The months May and June offer the most favorable weather for viewing.

The trip from Mobile was 3 1/2 days "in favorable weather", and the fare $26.50.

The months July through September offer the most favorable weather for climbing The Spearhead.

extreme weather conditions

This vehicle can function under the most extreme weather conditions.

However that game also had to be cancelled because of extreme weather conditions.

The ship's operation has been hampered increasingly in recent years by extreme weather conditions.

weather permitting   (hava müsait olursa)

The rink is open from December to March, weather permitting.

Since 1986, commencements have been held in the Academic Quadrangle (weather permitting).

Their hours of operation are generally within 30 mins of sunrise and sunset, weather permitting.

weather system

The tropical storm was a small weather system throughout its duration.

The game has a dynamic weather system and day-night cycle that runs in real-time.

The game features a dynamic weather system that also depicts the change of seasons.

extreme weather events

This is worsened by extreme weather events caused by climate change.

Studies show that suicide rates increase after extreme weather events.

This is due to the effect on physical health from extreme weather events.

weather during

The weather during the race was sunny and warm at 12 °C.

This dry weather during the last ice age may have killed off all the large diprotodonts.

The weather during the evening games in 2012 London Olympics was so cold that the players sometimes had to wear shirts and leggings.

space weather

In addition to assessing the radiation environment at Mars, data from RAD can also be used for the study of space weather.

The updates are created by a Kalman filter that uses inputs from the ground monitoring stations, space weather information, and various other inputs.

The science of heliophysics lies at the foundation of the study of space weather, and is also directly involved in understanding planetary habitability.