web site   (网站)

The game had a players only forum on its web site.

The URA has a dedicated web site on Rail Corridor.

Its web site is located at www.nguoi-viet.com/nv2.

web series   (网络系列)

A five-part web series titled "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The web series has been released in 7 languages in India.

Soremekun has directed the following films and web series.

web browser   (网页浏览器)

The Mosaic web browser was released in 1993.

The Amazon Kindle e-reader uses NetFront as its web browser.

Contemporary web browser revitalized animated ASCII art again.

web page   (网页)

In June 2013, Hellion also launched a new web page.

(Link to Future Belfast Cathedral Quarter web page.)

CESRA web page hosts “Solar radio science highlights”.

web pages   (网页)

Miscellaneous web pages perpetuate the "Traditional Site."

One is sharing information like pictures or internet web pages.

Primary buttons include "MAIL", "IM", and several shortcuts to various web pages.

web sites

George is incorrectly called Gerald on many web sites.

Confusing the matter, Internet TV listing web sites including Yahoo!

They have their own web sites.

web server   (网络服务器)

It is an open source web server scanner.

used with the Apache web server, and Subversion installations.

The results of these commands were then displayed on the web server.

web browsers   (网页浏览器)

WebPermissions is a permission system for web browsers.

It works with most common web browsers (Mozilla, IE, Safari etc.)

Some software (text processors, web browsers) may not display the x̄ symbol properly.

web application   (Web应用程序)

Qooxdoo qooxdoo is an open-source Ajax web application framework.

The emergence of the web application mashups is for practical purposes.

However, semantic web application objects do have multiple superclasses.

web applications

Mix is used with web applications built on the Phoenix framework.

The web applications found on ZeroPC are built on Java in the back end.

Socket.IO Socket.IO is a JavaScript library for realtime web applications.

web television

The Standups The Standups is an American comedy web television series.

Wild District Wild District () is a Colombian web television series created by Cristian Conti.

In 2018 she starred in the Australian web television series "Tidelands" as Cal McTeer, the lead role.

web portal

"Takie dela" web portal was launched on May 25, 2015.

She also runs a web portal "German Probashe".

It is hosted by the web portal Zooniverse.

web design

Edge Reflow is an application designed to allow for development of responsive web design.

Previous trainings have included web design, invoicing, and social media networking strategies.

Forrester Research ranked it as a top-tier web design agency in its 2006 Web Design Agency Shootout.

web services

All of the company's development platforms now support web services.

EDI via web services (a.k.a.

WS-Inspection lists groups of web services and their endpoints in an XML format.

web television series

The Standups The Standups is an American comedy web television series.

Wild District Wild District () is a Colombian web television series created by Cristian Conti.

In 2018 she starred in the Australian web television series "Tidelands" as Cal McTeer, the lead role.

web development

This later proved a good foundation for the shift to web development tools.

Her mother is unaware of her career, believing that she works in web development.

ImageReady was designed for web development and closely interacted with Photoshop.

web hosting

The platform includes services for web hosting, DNS and email, and others.

XCalibre, the web hosting business was sold in 2009, and the remaining company was renamed Flexiant.

The company sells DNS domains, web hosting, email services, SSL certificates, and other website products.

food web

A food web is the archetypal ecological network.

These sometimes immense gatherings fuel the ocean food web.

This increases food web stability.

web service

The Centralware: Decision making web service.

It was one of the first products of wireless web service.

Ferris then became chair of web service architecture working group at the W3C.

web content

Many mail clients now default to not showing "web content".

division and produced web content, pilots and hundreds of commercials.

Using an online questionnaire a webmaster describes the nature of their web content.

web servers

Web browsers and web servers are examples of processes that communicate by message-passing.

Indexing service helped by using Microsoft web servers to index files on the desired hard drives.

Central processing units (CPUs) and hard disk drives (HDDs) frequently use a cache, as do web browsers and web servers.

web interface

This can be specified through PAUSE's web interface.

All system configuration is done via a web interface.

A web interface is used to submit postings to the lists.

web based

The web based eLibrary is accessible by students and faculty at all times.

In 1999 Glaser founded the non-profit web based organization Grounded Theory Institute.

The access to these kinds of tools is either web based or locally downloadable executables.

official web

The official web site of Howard Street Chicago is www.howardstreetchicago.com.

For physical retail outlets, the bonus track was available from their official web site.

Each bleeding edge is built against the current version of ScrumbleShip on the official web site's "Get" page.

web search

Yandex is facing web search competition in Russia from Google Search.

It is an enhanced version of web search that combines traditional algorithms.

These web search engines often allow one to select specific state courts to search.

comedy web

The Standups The Standups is an American comedy web television series.

He appeared in "Paul Blart Mall Cop", "", and in the comedy web series "Dusty Peacock" on Crackle.

UNHhhh UNHhhh is an American comedy web series that stars drag queens Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova.

own web

They have their own web sites.

The story was first announced on Bonds's own web site earlier that day.

The EAU has its own web site.

other web

Many PC users were affected, and caused an avalanche of reports and comments on thousands of blogs and other web communities.

Delivery Hero was prosecuted for perpetrating DoS attacks against its competitors and stealing data from the other web services.

Previously issues could be downloaded but they added news stories and articles as stand alone pages that can be linked by other web sites.

web traffic

The site now has the largest share of all web traffic to UK recruitment sites.

But users may not wish to have their web traffic monitored or blocked by the organization's proxy filter.

SMO is similar to search engine optimization, in that the goal is to generate web traffic and increase awareness for a website.

web browsing   (网页浏览)

Its features are focused on web browsing as well as email.

The new availability of web browsing made news sites accessible to more people.

The system also enables wireless Internet access for web browsing, email and social networking.

web presence

This feature supports NCCIC information sharing, development, and web presence.

NHWF publishes a bi-monthly newspaper, New Hampshire Wildlife, and maintains this web presence.

According to John I Jerkovic, "Every site should strive to get sitelinks, as they imply authority as well as web presence.

first web

In 2009, it became the first web server software to serve more than 100 million websites.

Mongrel was the first web server used by Twitter, and inspired Node.js according to Ryan Dahl.

In 2013, "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries" became the first web series to win an Emmy, for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media – Original Interactive Program.