İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

wedding ceremony   (evlilik töreni)

The wedding ceremony took place in Rio de Janeiro.

Mitchell was the best man at the wedding ceremony.

Their wedding ceremony was held in October that same year.

wedding day   (düğün günü)

But on the wedding day, the nephew ran away from home.

The fourth day is efundula (the wedding day).

It all happens on his daughter's wedding day.

wedding dress   (düğün elbisesi)

Cardi B walks down the aisle in a wedding dress.

Her wedding dress was made from parachutes.

Some versions say that she never took off her wedding dress.

wedding anniversary   (evlilik yıldönümü)

The fiftieth wedding anniversary is golden.

He committed suicide on his late parents' wedding anniversary.

He and his wife celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1894.

wedding ring   (evlilik yüzüğü)

He gently takes her earring to use as a wedding ring.

In keeping with tradition, the wedding ring was crafted from Welsh gold.

Heartbroken, she takes her wedding ring off, trading it for money to return home.

wedding reception   (düğün töreni)

Their wedding reception was held in June 2016.

Season 8 begins at Monica and Chandler's wedding reception.

At the wedding reception, Loretta sings.

wedding night

On their wedding night he did not touch her.

Their wedding night was held at the royal court in Skopje.

He does not tell Maria about this until their wedding night.

wedding gift   (evlilik hediyesi)

Kenneth gave Astor a new Packard as a wedding gift.

Soumya reportedly remarked, "This looks like a wedding gift.

It was built as a wedding gift from Mrs. Richard Polson for her son D. B. Brockett.

before the wedding   (evlenmeden önce)

Rachel died that same year, before the wedding took place.

However, he agrees to help Amy (Melissa Fumero) catch a perp before the wedding.

However, a few days before the wedding, Pam got cold feet and decided to call it off.

wedding took

Thomson's wedding took place in the church in 1931.

The wedding took place in the legendary Skull Cave.

The official wedding took place on 2 November 1701.

wedding took place   (düğün gerçekleşti)

Thomson's wedding took place in the church in 1931.

The wedding took place in the legendary Skull Cave.

The official wedding took place on 2 November 1701.

wedding present   (evlilik hediyesi)

In 1423 he gave the manuscript to his wife Anne of Burgundy as a wedding present.

His father-in-law, a lawyer, bought him a Stradivarius violin for his wedding present.

Zanobi, in Petersham, was given to the young couple as a wedding present from his family.

wedding party   (düğün partisi)

Men wear morning dress when members of a wedding party.

On January 22, 2015, Takahashi and Abe held their wedding party.

The wedding party was small and Beatrice deMille's family was not in attendance.

wedding ceremonies

Furthermore, it is available for conventions and wedding ceremonies.

The chapel, used for wedding ceremonies, rings the ship's bell after each ceremony.

The Old City Hall is today only used for wedding ceremonies and representative purposes.

wedding venue   (düğün mekanı)

Bellingham Castle is a wedding venue since 1905.

Stable Gate Farm and Lodge is a wedding venue and winery

Trinity is also a popular wedding venue.

wedding cake   (düğün pastası)

Stockport Town Hall has been nicknamed "the wedding cake".

It was as simple as Jason and Kylie and a wedding cake on stage.

She went to the feast and got the cook to let her make the wedding cake.

attend the wedding

Many of those who came to attend the wedding were jeered.

Joan and Derek Trevor attend the wedding.

The groom's father, Ernst August, Prince of Hanover, did not attend the wedding.

royal wedding   (Kraliyet Düğünü)

The first royal wedding, that of Sigismund I the Old to Bona Sworza, took place here in 1518.

The following year a non-circulating coin of this value was produced to commemorate the royal wedding.

remains a predominantly family run organisation, with Sánchez's wife still stepping in to provide layout for important royal wedding spreads.

wedding receptions

The Queen Anne mansion house and marquee are used for wedding receptions and parties.

It has banqueting facilities, a sports club and a restaurant, and is used for wedding receptions and parties.

The property was reopened in September 2009 as Elkins Estate and has hosted a number of wedding receptions and events.

during the wedding

She and Nives often clashed during the wedding preparations.

Tapasya pretends to be Ichha during the wedding and marries Veer.

Supposedly this occurred during the wedding of Wenceslaus and Sophia.

attended the wedding

a guest must be present who had not attended the wedding.

In 1806, he attended the wedding of Catharina of Württemberg and Jérôme Bonaparte.

In the series’ closing, Mako attended the wedding ceremony of Varrick and Zhu Li at Air Temple Island.

wedding between

In late 2006, the tabernacle performed the first religious wedding between a lesbian couple in Latin America.

In 1676, she opposed the wedding between Michał Kazimierz Pac and the queen's sister Maria Anna d'Arquien de la Grange.

Part One: The Reborn Bodhi Vines The story begins with the wedding between Qing Qiu's Queen, Bai Qian, and the Heavenly Clan's Crown Prince, Ye Hua.