weight loss   (減量)

Less intake of food will result in weight loss.

Manley is a spokesperson for Herbal Magic weight loss.

The show documented her weight loss transformation from .

body weight   (体重)

Young reach adult body weight around 3 months.

Both the imago's body weight and fat body weight decrease.

molecular weight   (分子量)

T7 polymerase has a molecular weight of 99 kDa.

The molecular weight of LTNF is about 63 kDa.

The total molecular weight is 268.86 kD.

weight class   (重量クラス)

He competed in the 66 kg weight class and lifted RAW.

Jan's father took the Bronze World Cup for his weight class.

weight class under his San Shou fighting nickname, "The Gentleman" .

weight classes   (体重クラス)

At Hunter, he wrestled in three weight classes (from 157 to 174 lbs.).

He was a serious contender, and a world ranked boxer in both weight classes.

It would be the last World Championship without a division into weight classes.

weight gain

Plagued by weight gain, Bejshak's career was cut short.

Patients often present with hyperphagia and rapid weight gain.

Some patients experience temporary weight gain due to the steroid.

light weight   (軽量)

Gram's marketing is held with the light weight of it.

It uses Multi-point fuel injection, VVT-i and light weight, cast rods.

Low cost, light weight, and a flat, low loading floor were the main consideration.

total weight   (総重量)

The total weight of the structure is 204 tons.

The total weight of all 6 bells is 32,243 kg.

Maximum total weight is around 700kg or 300kg of cargo.

gross weight   (総重量)

The aircraft has a maximum gross weight of .

empty weight   (空の重量)

The aircraft has a standard empty weight of .

The aircraft has a carriage weight of and an empty weight of .

The aircraft, without the wing fitted, has an empty weight of .

size and weight

1921 The R & A limits the size and weight of the ball.

The sexes are moderately dimorphic in body size and weight.

Because of size and weight these doors are usually sectional.

weight room   (ウエイトルーム)

The District provides a weight room for athletes.

(These include a dance/spin class and weight room.)

He credits his improvement to time spent in the weight room.

lose weight

The larger the calorie deficit, the faster one will lose weight.

A restricted diet is more often pursued by those wanting to lose weight.

He underwent bariatric surgery at Centinela Freeman Hospital to lose weight.

more weight

The mixed grip allows more weight to be held for this reason.

In overweight or obese individuals the body places more weight on the knee joint.

The structure was also largely aluminum, as opposed to steel used in the V-2, thus shedding more weight.

weight limit   (重量制限)

The parties eventually compromised on a 40-tonne weight limit.

It has a weight limit of .

He was 118 pounds over the weight limit, and ten years over the age limit.

birth weight

Ten percent of all births were low birth weight.

The last boy pup, Chikara, has the highest birth weight of any of the pups at 11 ounces.

It may also have intrauterine effects on fetal development, resulting in low birth weight newborns.

weight training

He then took up weight training, becoming an instructor at his local gym.

He does ten hours of weight training and five hours of aerobic exercise each week.

The middle level has a gym with boxing ring, punching bag, and weight training room.

weight distribution

The C1 weighed approximately with a 40/60 front/rear weight distribution.

The four-cylinder FE estate in fact had perfect 50/50 weight distribution.

The cross-country mobility is good due to bending frame and good weight distribution.

own weight

For example, the human body turns over its own weight in ATP each day.

If they don't think the strip carries its own weight, they don't have to run it."

The chain soon broke under its own weight, but Union forces did not learn of this fact until early 1862.

dry weight

Tea contains more caffeine than coffee by dry weight.

This urea is a major component of the dry weight of urine.

The S-II had a dry weight of about and fully fueled, weighed .

average weight   (平均体重)

Kokanee grows to an average size of with an average weight of .

In 2008, Con-way Freight’s average weight per shipment was 1,190 pounds.

Males, at an average weight of are larger than females, at an average of .

maximum weight

gloves were used for the bout (the maximum weight was ).

The maximum weight for a single stock is limited to 10%.

The maximum weight of the symbol is 20%.

kg weight

She holds these titles in the -67 kg weight category.

He competed in the 66 kg weight class and lifted RAW.

Despite the 12 kg weight difference, Saenchai put up a good fight.

same weight

Steel armor was considerably stronger, for the same weight, than iron.

He also competed in the same weight division at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Champions with multiple title reigns in same weight class are counted only once.

save weight

The valve cover is made of magnesium to save weight.

By not using old-fashioned rivets, it was hoped to save weight.

The car also has door straps instead of normal door handles to save weight.

top weight

In 2002, Weis underwent gastric bypass surgery, after which he lost from his top weight of .

Carrying top weight of in a field of twelve, Pink Lloyd broke well and rated behind a fast early pace.

Racing on Tapeta Footings, he carried top weight of 124 pounds to victory in the Presque Isle Mile Stakes.

lighter weight   (軽量)

This allows for simplicity of use and a much lighter weight.

Advantages included the smaller dimensions and lighter weight.

The smaller size and lighter weight of carbines make them easier to handle.

reduce weight   (体重を減らす)

They were refitted with A1A bogies, to reduce weight.

Many modern suits, however, use printed logos in order to reduce weight.

Starting from May 1942, they were partially dismantled in Kiel, to reduce weight and size.

extra weight

Ronan's vote carries no extra weight.

The FE's extra weight presumably made this development irresistible.

Given the extra weight of the Panzerwerfer, the top speed was only 24 mph (40 km/h).

heavy weight

This is an anchor which relies solely on being a heavy weight.

The Ego weighs approximately , contributed by heavy weight of the battery.

Ohkello went on to fight for the WBC heavy weight Title in 2006 in Russia.

low birth weight

Ten percent of all births were low birth weight.

It may also have intrauterine effects on fetal development, resulting in low birth weight newborns.

Prader-Willi Syndrome is characterized by low birth weight, hypersomnolence, low appetite and poor suckling.

atomic weight

However, his exact position on atomic weight is disputed.

The isotopes of erbium range in atomic weight from () to ().

The isotopes of actinium range in atomic weight from 205 u () to 236 u ().

takeoff weight   (離陸重量)

Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) is .

The B-1B's maximum takeoff weight was increased to from the B-1A's .

Maximum payload of the C-17 is , and its maximum takeoff weight is .

minimum weight

In this way, stiff beams can be achieved with minimum weight.

It was initially a limited handicap with a minimum weight of .

There is no minimum weight, and the maximum is a tare weight of 66 lbs.

much weight

Which is also why I gained so much weight later on.

By this time he had lost much weight and had difficulty walking.

They have low adhesion, and generally cannot support much weight.

low weight

thrust and low weight, using approximately 3.7 litres (1 US Gal.)

Its low weight and compact size allows an ultralight certification.

She cut down her eating so significantly she dropped from 145 pounds to 108, a very low weight for a person.

weight division

IBF Muaythai sanctions 17 weight division as same as boxing.

He also competed in the same weight division at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

He won a Bronze medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics in the +105kg weight division.

weight reduction   (減量)

This is by weight reduction or trajectory reshaping.

The weight reduction work cost $6.2 billion and caused an 18-month delay.

The weight reduction upon cutting is significant and can be of the order of 50%.

equal weight

Each of the 5 areas above is given equal weight in the final score.

All decisions are made locally in a community of equals where every members voice has equal weight.

Autoethnography in performance studies acknowledges the researcher and the audience having equal weight.

support the weight   (体重を支える)

The original design made use of flying buttresses to support the weight of the roof.

In some areas, the beaches consisted of a soft clay that could not support the weight of tanks.

Together, these meant that the hull had to be made quite broad, in order to support the weight of the armor.

weight divisions

He was a world champion in two weight divisions.

There were no weight divisions or round limits, and no referee.

This is different from WBC Muaythai as it sanctions 19 weight divisions.

greater weight

In this case, the line consisted of a drum of piano wire whilst the lead was of a much greater weight.

Power was down to for the 1957 sixth series, with increased torque to offset the greater weight of the later car.

Maize is widely cultivated throughout the world, and a greater weight of maize is produced each year than any other grain.

low molecular weight

Accordingly, the fetal liver cannot metabolize ethanol or other low molecular weight xenobiotiocs.

Diamphotoxin, the toxic compound in "Diamphidia", is highly labile, and has a low molecular weight.

Esters with low molecular weight are commonly used as fragrances and found in essential oils and pheromones.

additional weight

They were later disabled, however, owing to their additional weight and complexity.

However, the Whirly-Bat's lightweight design prohibited the additional weight of offensive weaponry.

For fire suits, the material used to make the sponsor patches must also be fire proof, adding additional weight to the suit.

weight category

She holds these titles in the -67 kg weight category.

He moved up in weight category to -100 kg.

In 2006 she made a Javelin throw of 30m 54 cm as a masters woman in her weight category.

different weight

Different molds suit different weight racing categories.

Drachmae were minted on different weight standards at different Greek mints.

The competition included only men's events for ten different weight categories.

added weight

Adding the systems of a fighter aircraft added weight.

The added weight was borne by double log purlins, one on top of the other.

A. has tuned the van's suspension to compensate for the added weight of his gold jewelry.

each weight

These World Championships saw the introduction of 'seedings' in each weight.

Lord Lonsdale supplied championship cups for the winners at each weight, worth each.

The Challenge Belt was the name given to the NSC championship belts for each weight class.

vehicle weight

Gross vehicle weight rating for the coach was and for the coach.

The W55 replaced the steel-cased W50, reducing the vehicle weight by 10 kg.

Overall vehicle weight is up 357 lbs, with weight distribution (front:rear) improved from 61:39 in non-hybrids to 57:43 in hybrid models.

overall weight   (総重量)

The overall weight of the keyboard is 11.8kg (26 pounds).

This gave reduced overall weight and volume, and reduced servicing times.

However, these modifications added to overall weight and emissions raised accordingly.

amount of weight

Earlier that year he had contracted a virus and lost a great amount of weight.

The team that had gained the least amount of weight would become the Have-Nots for the week.

A large amount of weight can be lifted if the "knee raise" style is used in a standing position.

increased weight

The knee and ankle joints became increasingly robust to better support increased weight.

His increased weight in the 1930s robbed him of confidence and slowed him down to the point where his batting declined.

Changes in operational use and additional systems have increased weight, necessitating multiple structural strengthening programs.

height and weight

Students' height and weight appeared on their monthly report cards.

She admitted to being self-conscious as a teenager, due to her height and weight.

There were also imports of Western sighthound breeds to add to the height and weight.

weight ratio

The power to weight ratio also tends to be worse.

Folic acid was given in a weight ratio to aminopterin of 200:1 to 800:1.

They weigh about 1000 kg which makes for a massive power to weight ratio.

lost weight

Bundy began having trouble sleeping, and lost weight.

For a month and a half she lost weight and filming resumed.

He had lost weight and was having trouble breathing during filming.

lower weight

The last two had a lower weight than the first eight.

C-17 testing was limited to this lower weight.

They have much lower weight and more down force compared to GT cars, making them much faster.

kg weight class

He competed in the 66 kg weight class and lifted RAW.

The world champion title in the 67 kg weight class was gained by Frei.

He competed for Armenia in the 94 kg weight class at the 2012 Summer Olympics where he placed 11th.