social welfare   (社会福祉)

The concept may be understood as social welfare as well.

Welfare capitalism is capitalism that includes social welfare policies.

Goodwin worked in the field of social welfare before entering academia.

animal welfare   (動物福祉)

Hamley took interest in animal welfare.

In later years she became well known as an animal welfare advocate.

Adjunctive behaviour has been used as evidence of animal welfare problems.

welfare state   (福祉国家)

He instituted the world's first welfare state.

The Circle also developed early forms of a welfare state.

The book helped solidify Anglican support for the emerging welfare state.

child welfare   (児童福祉)

There is one maternity and child welfare centre in the village.

His research focuses on the public economics of healthcare and child welfare.

The story's main character, Mariko, is a woman studying child welfare in Hokkaido.

welfare programs   (福祉プログラム)

Iran spent 22.5 percent of its 2003 national budget on social welfare programs.

With this money in hand, the State can therefore finance the social welfare programs".

In addition, a "no" vote could have ended welfare programs from which voters were benefiting.

welfare system

Some ancient cultures promoted gleaning as an early form of a welfare system.

As wives and widows of soldiers they were hurt by the inadequate welfare system.

This explains why the French welfare system is plural, with a wide variety of actors.

public welfare   (厚生)

Technology is the greatest public welfare of this era".

Classified as a Mediterranean welfare regime, Cyprus has a weak public welfare system.

He was a secretary of public welfare for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania from 1963 to 1966.

health and welfare   (健康と福祉)

Ofsted inspected Boarding, health and welfare provision in June 2010.

Inspectors of Polynesians were appointed to monitor Islanders' health and welfare.

It conducts research into diseases of farm livestock and the promotion of animal health and welfare.

family welfare   (家族福祉)

There is one family welfare centre in the village.

He joined the Maharashtra state government services again in 2010, as commissioner, family welfare.

On 6 January 2010, he returned to the state government and was appointed commissioner, family welfare.

welfare benefits

Individuals who have an intellectual disability cannot receive social welfare benefits.

This allowed these individuals to claim welfare benefits and healthcare from the state of Sweden.

More services were moved to local offices including welfare benefits, fuel advice and furnished lets.

welfare reform   (福祉改革)

At the Treasury her brief covered social issues such as child poverty and welfare reform.

During the campaign, Walker backed welfare reform and opposed the expansion of mass transit.

Paul Gregg (academic) Professor Paul Gregg is a British academic, and expert on labour markets and welfare reform.

welfare services

She was trained in air defense and staff welfare services in the Swedish Air Force.

They described it as the notion that "welfare services should be restricted to our own".

the State Labour Welfare Board provides welfare services to workers in the organized sector.

general welfare   (一般福祉)

He took great interest in the educational and general welfare of the Muslim community in Lagos.

Over the time, however, the office has become increasingly occupied with the general welfare of the people in the district.

He served on the education, environmental protection, finance, and technology committees and chaired the general welfare committee.

welfare recipients   (福祉受給者)

During a speech in August 2011, Bruning compared welfare recipients to raccoons.

The GDR people would become welfare recipients of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The elderly and Government welfare recipients are given a 20% discount on their taxi fares.