well known   (众所周知的)

Žito was well known as a conjurer and illusionist.

Nock was also well known for his duelling pistols.

Listed below are just some of the well known ones.

well received   (受到好评)

These initial performances were not well received.

The music video was well received by most critics.

News of the campaign was well received in Britain.

well as other   (以及其他)

pamphlet, as well as other similar publications.

Each station has a fire engine as well as other specialty rigs.

This list includes municipalities as well as other places with articles.

very well   (很好)

Predator" has been very well received by critics.

I fought very well all the way to the 12th round.

The school has done very well in all of these areas.

not well   (不好)

These initial performances were not well received.

Note that the expectation may be not well defined.

The limits of its stability are not well defined.

well as several   (以及几个)

Lie went on to publish another four novels, as well as several translations.

This was outlined in Zhen Quan's (d. 643 AD) book, as well as several others.

It features both a high iodine content as well as several hydrophilic groups.

well as many   (以及很多)

had his family as well as many hospital bills.

Arabic, Hebrew) languages, as well as many more scripts.

as well as many theatrical and musical productions across New Zealand.

so well   (很好)

"That's the reason Applied Biosystems did so well."

He would not fare so well later on in the war.

Their slightly crazy voices work so well on the chorus.

most well

It is one of Istanbul's most well known sculptures.

Gold is the most well known of the native metals.

He was most well known for sculpting surgeons' hands.

well established

Calvert was by now well established in British films.

By that time he was well established in the community.

Today, his international reputation is well established.

most well known

It is one of Istanbul's most well known sculptures.

Gold is the most well known of the native metals.

He was most well known for sculpting surgeons' hands.

performed well

The single performed well in Scandinavian territories.

Parties supporting remaining in the EU performed well.

In the 2014 Micronesian Games, Schulte performed well.

became well

and Röövel Ööbik became well known in Finland.

That claim became well known in Romania.

A site which latterly became well known in Baillieston was chosen.

became well known

and Röövel Ööbik became well known in Finland.

That claim became well known in Romania.

A site which latterly became well known in Baillieston was chosen.

how well

It is not clear how well this device worked in practice.

There is disagreement over how well the detainees were treated.

This section will emphasize the REB pathway due to how well studied it is.

well connected

It is well connected to the Birati Bus Terminus.

He came from an exceptionally well connected family.

Chenglapattu is well connected by road and rail.

well as numerous

This failure ruined a number of the Gurneys, as well as numerous investors.

As well as numerous scientific papers, he authored and edited several books.

The park features a 3.5 mile primary loop trail, as well as numerous side trails.

well enough

Yohann performed well enough for Monaco to earn a 1–1 draw.

Projective polarity works well enough for convex polyhedra.

They did well enough in their first year, not as well the second.

well before

This happens well before a drop in oxygen saturation.

Plans to join the euro were in place well before 2011.

The parish was in the hundred of Loes well before 1086.

did well

John Coleman also did well, registering 6 majors.

It is a low budget movie which did well overseas.

Everything he applied himself to he did well.

well as various

Waldperlach), as well as various additional material (e.g.

By the mid-1990s, the B-1 could employ GP weapons as well as various CBUs.

It is used for the semiannual spring musical, as well as various plays and many events.

well preserved   (保存完好的)

An amphitheatre, less well preserved, also exists.

Bonampak is known for its well preserved murals.

The rood screen is 15th-century and not well preserved.

well as all

17, 1965) as well as all the tunes on the 1964 Rhythm & Greens EP.

1913), as well as all but two of his relatives, had been deported and killed.

All English non-League scores, as well as all Welsh and Irish scores, were removed.

well suited   (非常适合)

This tree is well suited to parks and large gardens.

Fly ash is well suited for use in flowable fill mixtures.

Few of the island's soils are well suited to agriculture.

well as providing   (以及提供)

Hence, they steered the entire Space Shuttle, as well as providing rocket thrust towards orbit.

as well as providing a simple system for finding and returning "sets" of data in a single operation.

His armor reduces his strength (for his opponent's sake) as well as providing him remarkable protection.

well as having

as well as having a solo singer career.

Caution and observation as well as having 3 or more may prevent this.

This is a method of great antiquity, as well as having modern equivalents.

well documented   (有据可查)

This process is well documented for Ottoman prayer rugs.

It was a well documented cave by the 1960s.

Historical use of various aloe species is well documented.

well developed

The gills are symmetrical and both well developed.

The local rail and bus services are well developed.

The female's crest is slightly less well developed.

well below

The temperature was well below freezing.

Temperatures in Australia have ranged from above to well below .

He believed Dr. Neill was well below his daughter's social class.

well as new

Sebastian performed songs from previous albums as well as new songs.

Meaning of original name as well as new one is connected with a shield.

In 2007, a new organizational structure as well as new program were decided.

generally well

"Wings for My Flight" was generally well received.

"En concert" was generally well received in media.

Wolf Brother was generally well received by critics.

particularly well   (特别好)

They did not perform particularly well in service; no.

It is particularly well known for its production of wine.

Migration of butterflies and moths is particularly well known.

sold well

The work sold well, resulting in a second print run.

It sold well until its discontinuation in 1979.

Twelve years later it was reissued and again sold well.

well as more

The plans include a village green, shops and community hall, as well as more than 1,000 homes.

Ecuador has multiple TV networks and many local channels, as well as more than 300 radio stations.

Varun says that the current aim of the company is to become profitable as well as more responsible.

well understood   (完全了解)

The cause of BII phobia is not yet well understood.

The causes of quantum scarring are not well understood.

(At the time, surface tension was not well understood.)

well above

It is found well above the timberline in páramo habitat.

The educational level is well above the national average.

Highest summer temperatures can be well above in June and August.

less well

An amphitheatre, less well preserved, also exists.

The status of other populations is less well known.

The female's crest is slightly less well developed.

well defined   (定义明确)

Note that the expectation may be not well defined.

The limits of its stability are not well defined.

In the south, the cordilleras are not well defined.

well beyond   (远远超出)

What's more, it exported well beyond France.

The total number of TPLF-members was well beyond 100,000.

Its perihelion was well beyond the orbit of Mars, at 2.133 AU.

well aware   (很清楚)

But I was well aware that I did not love him."

Meck was probably well aware that she was hard to tolerate.

Graves himself was well aware of scholarly mistrust of "The Greek Myths".

well as playing

Marshals", as well as playing the title character in Othello.

will.i.am produced the song as well as playing the bass, keys and drum programming.

As well as playing for City, Walsh also made guest appearances for Oldham Athletic, Rochdale and Manchester United.

quite well

But for these fifteen months I have been quite well.

The single had fared quite well in Australia.

It is claimed that he was "never quite well afterwards".

perform well

The film did not perform well at the box office.

work well

Statues do not work well as building blocks.

This method usually does not work well for aryl halides (e.g.

This trade-off is asserted to work well on LCD flat panel monitors.

extremely well

This completely new development sold extremely well.

Obama did extremely well throughout eastern Pennsylvania.

The album was extremely well received.

well as local

as well as local inverses of nonlinear mappings.

There is regular bus service on these roads as well as local bus traffic.

It portrays the nativity scene and mining motifs as well as local themes.

not well received

These initial performances were not well received.

On that occasion the trick was not well received.

Magnus's English accent was not well received by some critics.

played well

In this account Cambridge "played well together".

Flanagan played well during his time with the Pirates.

Edington played well during his time with the Pirates.

well educated   (受过良好教育)

Half were well educated lawyers or local officials.

She is described as well educated and a wise regent.

Lakshman was also articulate and well educated.

worked well

When the car worked well it was almost uncatchable.

The system worked well during the regular season.

They were: Only the E 3201 really worked well.

well as making

He well as making the quarterfinals of French Open losing to Söderling.

He also played for Cambridge University, as well as making a single appearance for Free Foresters.

That year she received Big 12 Honorable Mention as well as making the All-Big 12 Academic First Team.

area as well

Magnolias and viburnum surround the area as well.

Other batoids are commonly caught in this area as well.

There is a bungee jump in this area as well.

well represented

Floyd Allen was well represented by a two-attorney team.

All three sorts seemed well represented in Doran’s retinue.

Sports are well represented in Kuloy.

generally well received

"Wings for My Flight" was generally well received.

"En concert" was generally well received in media.

Wolf Brother was generally well received by critics.

well regarded

As a consultant, Keith Lucas was well regarded.

He was well regarded by Graham Greene and J.

Tohei was well regarded by many instructors and students.

doing well   (做得好)

Business was doing well and he gained notoriety.

The economy was also not doing well.

By 1840, neither was doing well.

as well

's office – as well as herself and her husband Joe (Jake Weber) – that her gift is real.

It was highly competitive – as well as the British names of Dent, Frodsham, Reid, Blackie, Johnson.

By the evening of March 4, 32 of the 48 states – as well as the District of Columbia – had closed their banks.

well adapted

They are well adapted to survive in harsh conditions.

Some species are well adapted for diving to great depths.

American marten are well adapted to snow.

very well received

Predator" has been very well received by critics.

It was very well received by fans and critics alike.

The character was very well received by media.

well as serving

At one point he served in a tank unit, as well as serving in the infantry.

As well as serving as its editor and typesetter, Liebermann published in "Vpered!"

The street intersects I-680, as well as serving as the terminus of the North Freeway.

well respected

The Brownings were well respected, and even famous.

Lisa Goldstein is another well respected feminist sf author.

The elders are well respected by Amis.

well equipped

Honduras' infantry was smaller and less well equipped.

Vytautas' army was well equipped, but smaller in number.

The school is well equipped in all aspects, especially in technology.

until well

Curry is simmered on low heat until well cooked.

Malta remained a slave market until well into the late 18th century.

The Ouaddai opposed French domination until well into the 20th century.

well as others

As well as others listed on the referenced site.

This use, as well as others, is detailed below.

Many studios were established as well as others that entered the Cycle of the film industry independently.

well as parts

Washington, as well as parts of Highland Park and Glassell Park.

Of Cicero's books, six on rhetoric have survived, as well as parts of eight on philosophy.

It is an introduced species on the West Coast of North America as well as parts of Europe.

fairly well   (相当好)

Friendly relations had fairly well cooled by 1914.

They typically do fairly well with social skills.

This idea can work fairly well when the Reynolds number is high.

well as working

As well as working to combat slavery, Titus worked with the women of the Suffrage Movement.

APEC has an Electronic Commerce Steering Group as well as working on common privacy regulations throughout the APEC region.

Trained by Luigi Vanvitelli and Carlo Vanvitelli, he collaborated with Giuseppe Sanmartino as well as working independently.

well as most

Church as well as most of the related U.S.

This narrative occurs in all 4 Sanskrit recensions, as well as most other versions.

very well known

He is a very well known bodybuilder in the UK.

A very well known scholar in Hindi, Parsi, and English.

As performer and producer he is very well known as KING BEE.

music as well

Mental practice is a technique used in music as well.

I watched him record his own music as well as groups.

It has been used to score film music as well.

work as well

These images recur in later work as well.

A nylon cloth appears to work as well but is not as affordable.

Eventually, many of the union workers went back to work as well.

go well

They can go well with jams, Nutella, and Eurocrem.

This second war, too, did not go well for the house of Baux.

At first the mission seemed to go well.

not well known

However, the extent of absorption is not well known.

The natural history of "P. brevipes" is not well known.

The existence of the Trust is not well known by students.

well as international

The series garnered strong ratings as well as international media attention.

The designs feature local architectural concepts as well as international style.

Popular national as well as international artists perform every year at Pro Nites.

become well

The author claimed to have become well acquainted with Mr. Gardner.

Most were young men several of whom would become well known in later life.

A single print of the film survived, however, and it has become well known.

well as appearing   (以及出现)

As well as appearing weekly on British television Horncastle writes in English and Italian.

It was released as a single as well as appearing on her album, "Hello, I'm Beryl Middleton".

As well as appearing at the club, they also made TV appearances, and performed at other venues.

started well

The team started well, but finished the season in 7th place.

The German offensive started well.

The French team, that had won the last three Tours de France, started well.

well maintained

The house is still occupied and well maintained

Fort William is well maintained and open to visitors.

This is one of the well maintained fort in Maharashtra.

already well

Work on the station is already well under way.

This cost $100,000 when the film was already well over budget.

'Buzz' is a relative newcomer, but already well established in the UK.

time as well

Concert tickets were sold there for a time as well.

Pomerape volcano developed during this time as well.

Better powder had been developed by this time as well.

well as winning

As well as winning the winning the regular season and the Open Canada Cup.

He was a first team All-American both of those seasons as well as winning All-Ivy honors.

As well as winning the Stanley Cup, Olmstead was again named to the Second All-Star Team.

well as through

The band gained popularity in California as well as through their Myspace page.

Our bodies expend energy through normal functioning as well as through exercise.

The film is available in libraries as well as through commercial online retailers.

well when

Israel lost his mother as well when he was two years old.

Guglielmo Marconi stayed here as well when he visited London.

This idea can work fairly well when the Reynolds number is high.

team as well

Te'o was also named to the 2009 Parade All-American team as well.

It was their first ever Masters 1000 title won as a team as well.

Caps included games played for the Soviet team as well as the CIS.

well worth

The roof of the chancel is very early and well worth note.

A "Next Generation" critic deemed it "well worth the wait.

A detailed report on her stay in Khaplu is well worth reading.

well within

The Institute has hostel facilities too, well within its campus.

The lengthened wheelbase put the seats well within the wheelbase.

They are well within the facts, as I know from personal observation.

well as performing

Anoop Menon penned the screenplay as well as performing the role of Goliath.

in a deep voice (entirely studio created) as well as performing the high falsetto chorus.

In the morning, people come here for jogging as well as performing yoga and other exercises.

works well

Only works well for very light powder snow.

Such design also works well with polycarbonate and acrylic.

Projective polarity works well enough for convex polyhedra.

well as writing

This fiction can take the form of video-making as well as writing.

He went on to record 36 albums, as well as writing songs for other artists.

Hall soon found work for Rodriguez fronting his band, as well as writing songs.

went well

Not all musical references to Coca-Cola went well.

Not all of his efforts in the kitchen went well.

Apollo7 went well, and the crews were switched.

not well understood

The causes of quantum scarring are not well understood.

(At the time, surface tension was not well understood.)

The reasons for these differences are not well understood.

countries as well

It was published in many other countries as well.

The album made the charts in many countries as well.

well versed

He was well versed in grammar and the science of polity.

He was well versed in African and Creole languages and history.

He was well versed in Syriac.

alive and well   (好好地活着)

Unbeknownst to them, Mafune is still alive and well.

Clayton arrives to find Ruth alive and well.

The correct answer is "He is alive and well and rules the world!"

well as another

9) were from this album, as well as another Top 20 single in "Run for the Roses" (no.

The school offers a science and technology-oriented program as well as another one focused on language.

DeMille also was planning a film about the space race as well as another biblical epic about the Book of Revelation.

series as well

Furst and Nason also directed the series as well.

Webb is also set to direct the series as well.

He replaced Lindbäck in game four of the series as well.

received well

The open beta has been received well in South Korea.

The film was received well by the audiences.

The album was received well by fans.

too well

His mother Yolanda isn't taking that too well.

I knew them both too well for it to be a secret for me."

The war was not going too well for Serbia in the autumn of 1915.

well during

They wish each other well during the coming fight.

The system worked well during the regular season.

He governed his jurisdictions well during his tenure.

well liked

The series was well liked but lasted only one season.

On a personal level he was well liked by both officers and men.

Because of his craftsmanship, he was well liked and widely known.