İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

wheelchair basketball   (tekerlekli sandalye basketbol)

She started playing wheelchair basketball at age 13.

He is classed as a 3.0 wheelchair basketball player.

He is classed as a 2.0 wheelchair basketball player.

wheelchair accessible   (tekerlekli sandalye girişi)

This station became wheelchair accessible in 2004.

The park is generally wheelchair accessible.

The park is fully wheelchair accessible.

wheelchair tennis   (tekerlekli sandalye tenisi)

Crump began coaching wheelchair tennis in the late 1980s.

In August 2010, he ran a wheelchair tennis coaching clinic in Vanuatu.

Greg Crump Greg Crump (born ) is an Australian wheelchair tennis coach.

wheelchair basketball team   (tekerlekli sandalye basketbol takımı)

He joined the senior wheelchair basketball team at the age of 19.

Sagar also plays for a Spanish wheelchair basketball team in Toledo.

He has also played with Toledo, a Spanish wheelchair basketball team.

wheelchair users   (tekerlekli sandalye kullanıcıları)

It deals with some of the issues faced by paraplegic wheelchair users.

Jerry's Orphans included wheelchair users who did not have muscular dystrophy.

The route is suitable for manual wheelchair users, just follow the yellow post markers.

wheelchair rugby

Grimes began playing wheelchair rugby in 2008.

Following his accident, he initially played wheelchair rugby.

Canada won a silver medal in both team sailing and wheelchair rugby.

national wheelchair   (ulusal tekerlekli sandalye)

He is a 4.5 point player competing for Beşiktaş, and is part of Turkey men's national wheelchair basketball team.

In 2007, she played in the B squad and in 2010 was taken into the A-squad of the Austrian national wheelchair tennis team.

She has won four bronze medals at European championships as part of the Great Britain women's national wheelchair basketball team.

wheelchair athletes

There is only one classification for this event: T54, for wheelchair athletes.

The event, open to T53 and T54 wheelchair athletes, consisted of 2 heats and a final.

Brunei was represented by a single athlete, Shari Hj Juma'at, who qualified to compete in the men's javelin throw, F54-56 (wheelchair athletes).