time when   (時)

Foragers take less time when food is more abundant.

This time when McBride shows up, Laurel knocks him cold.

This is often the only time when it is used interactively.

even when   (ときでさえ)

Brienne refuses, even when threatened with a hanging.

This is also a multivalued function, even when is real.

The connection can be made even when the tubing is wet.

occurs when   (発生するとき)

The second pathway only occurs when R is a proton.

Especially occurs when the skin is not exposed to air.

This action occurs when they initially find their mate.

especially when   (の場合は特に)

Eddie has taken this task to heart, especially when testing alcohol.

This formula is useful especially when working with Fourier transforms.

This is sometimes thought to occur especially when memories are similar.

only when   (の時だけ)

A player could carry the ball only when being pursued.

"Folklore is folklore only when performed".

Use it only when the sentence would be ambiguous without it.

when compared   (比較すると)

when compared with most of Europe and the rest of the world.

They result in less scarring when compared to staples or sutures.

The spines are relatively small when compared to other surgeonfish.

died when   (死んだとき)

His mother, Sati, died when he was five years old.

Amir Ali's mother died when he was nine years old.

Pornsak's mother died when he was five years old.

when he became   (彼がなったとき)

Chaklmers was 23 years old when he became master.

The seat was vacated by Adrian Fenty when he became mayor.

Daubney resigned when he became a father.

when it became   (になったとき)

It remained a bank until 1963, when it became Dr. J.M.

1 Black [chart] album than I was when it became the No.

That was when it became ridiculously easy to make films...

used when   (使用されるとき)

It is used when subtasks must occur in parallel.

This is used when a skater needs more help on a jump.

A single golf glove may be used when batting.

when it comes   (来るとき)

The book fails when it comes to the text, though."

Mortalities are not uncommon when it comes to floods.

She is very observant when it comes to human emotions.

when all   (すべてのとき)

Mines eventually finish when all ore is extracted.

It is cleared when all the beads are moved to the right.

Emulsions appear white when all light is scattered equally.

season when   (季節)

It is also the season when farmers burn brush in the fields.

2014 was a season when the tour went “quality over quantity”.

The caterpillars provide food at a season when other foods are scarce.

period when   (期間)

One of the notable events of her life was the period when her child was born.

It was during her period when school got the present premises in Doroshenko str.

Except for the period when he was a minister he has remained in active practice.

when the first   (最初のとき)

1982 was when the first letterpress covers were made.

Sources vary as to when the first oyster bar was created.

In 1738 when the first eight students enlisted themselves.

began when   (始まったとき)

The casting for "Carousel" began when "Oklahoma!

His English education began when he was twelve.

Kill Laura began when Weaver was in sixth form college.

year when   (いつ)

The plant may flower during its first year when sown early.

It had grown to £1,200 per year when the office was abolished.

He has been unbelievable this year when he steps on the mound.

century when   (世紀)

It was destroyed by the Normans in the 9th century when they plundered Metz.

However, he scored a third century when he captained the MCC against Border.

It probably lapsed during the 17th century when Coleford became a market town.

ended when   (終了したとき)

It ended when he fired Duncan in the fall of 1948.

The inning ended when Alexander struck out Shocker.

The game ended when the ball fell through a hole.

when he died   (彼が死んだとき)

So when he died in 1704, she took up the regency.

He was a resident of Karachi when he died at 70.

He owned 42 percent of the company when he died.

when he joined   (彼が参加したとき)

He remained there until summer 2012 when he joined S.P.

He remained with Devonport until 1997, when he joined Frankston.

Kucka returned to Italy on 14 January 2019, when he joined Parma.

when asked   (尋ねられたとき)

Kiffin quipped when asked about Mathis.

Sikharulidze took up pair skating at age 15 when asked by a coach.

It is not enough to assist [with fast offerings] only when asked."

later when   (後で)

They were released a month later when Poland surrendered.

(A sixth child was born later when they lived in Los Angeles).

This helped later when Spaniards tried to get along with Mapuche.

when used   (使用するとき)

the axiom of choice is often mentioned when used.

It often is paired up with chives when used in food.

This duration also holds true when used recreationally.

came when   (来たとき)

However, heartbreak came when Linda miscarried.

The problem came when the course was measured.

Their biggest title came when they won the 2009 Japan Open.

killed when   (殺されたとき)

The two assassins are killed when it explodes.

In , he is killed when watching a movie at the theatre.

He was wrong and was probably killed when the city fell.

old when   (古いとき)

He was thirty-five years old when he began racing.

Goran was 10 years old when his parents divorced.

Chaklmers was 23 years old when he became master.

when both   (両方のとき)

She was orphaned when both her parents died in 1997 and 1998.

Farmer had worked under Kuharich when both were with the Chiefs.

War will occur when both states' expected utilities are positive.

day when   (の日)

Raynor's mother died at day when Raynor visited her.

This was the day when the sun was created in Genesis 1:14–18.

He was optioned the next day when Brett Carroll was recalled.

when he won   (彼が勝ったとき)

He received national attention when he won the U.S.

in 1957 when he won Lok Sabha seat from Surendra Nagar.

He was re-elected on 26 April 1959, when he won by 43 votes against 17.

when he took   (彼が取ったとき)

He was later killed by Rama when he took the form deer.

Ryan Tubridy also spoke in favour of the jumper when he took the helm.

Maj. Gen. Polk ignored the problems of the forts when he took command.

when his father   (彼の父が)

Warner was born when his father was 57 years old.

He inherited Rietberg when his father died in 1365.

He had to seek work when his father died in 1937.

when he returned   (彼が戻ったとき)

The dressing room was silent when he returned.

Amazingly, when he returned to camp, his wife was well again.

He played with Hibs until 1963, when he returned to Third Lanark.

occurred when   (発生したとき)

The only problems with fuel occurred when G.C.

The incident occurred when the police raided the apartment.

Changes only really occurred when Alfie had an epileptic seizure."

when not   (そうでないとき)

1 OCU in 1968 and 1970 when not in service with No.

The ship eventually comes to a stop when not thrusting.

they lose the information when not powered).

years old when   (歳のとき)

He was thirty-five years old when he began racing.

Goran was 10 years old when his parents divorced.

Chaklmers was 23 years old when he became master.

when he came   (彼が来たとき)

He also was a bass player when he came to New York.

But when he came to sell his labor, he sold himself.

He enlisted in the Marines reserves when he came of age.

again when   (再び)

He played again when Donegal returned to the final in 2012.

Without Molly, he begins using drugs again when he is released.

However, destiny makes them meet again when he sees her in Mumbai.

when using   (使用するとき)

This is especially useful when using existing library code.

They appear even when using monochromatic light, hence the name.

This complicates the use of SCM systems in IDEs when using Maven.

years when   (何年か)

The rivalry goes back over 40 years when it started in the 80's.

Arati Devi was a Jewish girl of 19 years when she made the film.

They were very lazy in the first 10 years when downloads came in.

when he moved   (彼が動いたとき)

Wilson when he moved from Port Neches to Nederland.

Abraham, too, was circumcised when he moved into Canaan.

Bayani Agbayani became a breakout star when he moved to ABS-CBN in 1996.

times when   (とき)

She recalled times when the legislature was in turmoil.

It was one of those times when you wonder where God is.

There were other times when they had to be as loud as they could.

when he scored   (彼が得点したとき)

His next goals came against his former club Morton when he scored twice.

His best ACB game came on May 3, when he scored 13 points on 100% shooting.

Beckett's best try scoring season was in 1998 when he scored 12 tries in 24 games.

when he left   (彼が去ったとき)

It is also not recorded when he left Newcastle United.

Diomedes took the Palladium with him when he left Troy.

The idol was taken away by Maharaj when he left Mangaon.

occur when   (発生する)

Deaths occur when aircraft crash into power lines.

Many problems may occur when filling viscous media.

They occur when a horseshoe vortex deforms a cumulus cloud.

when it came   (それが来たとき)

And when it came down to it I realised the band was the most important."

Coolidge was frugal, and when it came to securing a home, he insisted upon renting.

I guess the seeds were there for me to nourish when it came to the seismic charges."

when he played   (彼が遊んだとき)

He lived in Vasastan when he played for IF Brommapojkarna.

In 2010 he returned to Argentina when he played for Conesa FC.

Price was 56 when he played Hopkins, but "the real Hopkins was in his 20s".

when the team   (チームが)

Bundesliga when the team won promotion in 2017.

Things did not improve in July when the team went 3–7.

There is no word on when the team plans to race again.

when he retired   (彼が引退したとき)

He remained at Cloyne until 1752, when he retired.

He held the seat until 1974, when he retired.

He worked there until 1963, when he retired.

when a new   (新しいとき)

It was used until 1810 when a new church was erected in the town.

Further expansion occurred in 1830 when a new canal basin was dug.

The school was used from 1921 to 1988, when a new school was built.

when the latter   (後者の場合)

He was killed by Sinbad when the latter harpooned him in the mouth.

It will be connected to the Liberty Park when the latter is complete.

Tucker in 1912 when the latter took up his new post as Bishop of Kyoto.

so when   (そうするとき)

This slug can swim, and will do so when disturbed.

The profane are unable to accumulate good deeds, so when they die it is truly death.

The babies receive no parental care, so when they emerge, they start to hunt for food.

up when   (いつまで)

Sometimes, the past shows up when we least expect it.

The petroleum engine will start up when battery power fails.

His mother and stepfather later broke up when Rivera was 12.

when people   (人が)

when people walk all over the floor he just mopped).

I don’t argue when people say Nijam was a flop.

This occurred even when people were cued with source verbs (e.g.

when many   (たくさんのとき)

Dada in Paris surged in 1920 when many of the originators converged there.

The phenomenon of overchoice occurs when many equivalent choices are available.

It was a time when many children had rickets and other nutritional deficiencies.

when most   (ほとんどのとき)

This is when most people return home to enjoy a large meal and siesta.

Another boundary adjustment was made on November 15, 1971, when most of Arizona was added.

Quit released "Earlier Thoughts" in 1990 when most of the members were 18 and 19 years old.

when he made   (彼が作ったとき)

Lozano was only 15 when he made his debut for Platense in 2002.

He was already 27 when he made his debut in the 1941 VFL season.

Pelty was 22 years old when he made his Major League debut that year.

particularly when   (特に)

It works particularly when we pay our troops well.

This resulted in very long life, particularly when used in dirty environments.

Colony shape may occasionally be flat-topped discs, particularly when younger.

when he resigned   (彼が辞任したとき)

He remained until December 2012 when he resigned.

Rockefeller served until 1973, when he resigned.

He held the position until May 1990, when he resigned.

when he first   (彼が最初に)

Wharton entered politics in late 1879, when he first ran for office.

(In "", Poirot admits he was wounded when he first came to England.)

By 2004, every person on staff at "CGW" when he first joined had left.

such as when   (いつのような)

I even learned a thing or two from Planet Hollywood, such as when to get out!

It is used when power is the primary concern, such as when playing a bass drum.

It does not occur in other situations, such as when a patient is typing or eating.

when the club   (クラブが)

Bundesliga season, when the club were relegated to the 3.

Their second was in 1995 when the club lost 2-0 to Djaraf.

Jim is arrested on suspicion of arson when the club is set alight.

when the new   (新しいとき)

Oswald's daughters start bullying Skunk when the new term starts.

The mail coaches disappeared when the new railway station opened in 1847.

The nickname "Gasoline Alley" remained when the new complex opened in 1986.

days when   (いつの日)

But there were the days when they used to be of silver.

It was dangerous to be around him on days when his namesake lost.

We're back to the days when we were asking, "Does Saddam have WMD or not?"

when the company   (会社が)

Frog" manga until 2011 when the company ceased operations.

The matter was resolved when the company reversed the suspension.

The Thruxton ceased production only when the company folded in 1971.

controversy when   (論争)

Harbaugh caused controversy when he guaranteed a victory over Ohio State in 1986.

The video also caused minor controversy when scenes contained two women tongue kiss.

The photographs stirred discussion and controversy when they were first exhibited in New York.

attention when   (注意するとき)

He received national attention when he won the U.S.

She drew attention when interpreting the song ""Mulheres Negras"" (2012).

Bennett won wide attention when he called Lincoln a white supremacist in 1968.

formed when   (形成されたとき)

It is formed when basketane is hydrogenated.

Antimony trioxide is formed when antimony is burnt in air.

Mo-Do was formed when Frittelli met producer Claudio Zennaro.

when no   (ないとき)

The game ends when no more lines can be placed.

when no rules are able to be applied).

The game ends when no plants remain.

when he began   (彼が始めたとき)

He was thirty-five years old when he began racing.

Riseley was seven when he began to participate in athletics.

when he began playing triple neck steel guitar and Moog bass pedals.

when he started   (彼が始めたとき)

Vivaldi was only 25 when he started working at the orphanage.

Spalding set a trend when he started wearing a baseball glove.

This is a trend, just the same as he faced when he started years ago."

when the city   (市が)

He was wrong and was probably killed when the city fell.

The Chongzhen Emperor committed suicide when the city fell.

It was destroyed when the city was bombed on 19 March 1945.

started when   (開始したとき)

That had just started when the film was finished.

Low-speed runs had just started when the rains came.

Eyo’s love of drama started when she was nine.

created when   (作成されたとき)

Manteca filled the vacancy created when Jimagua left.

Moons are created when a debris field is large enough to form together.

In 1993, the Green Line was created when the CTA color-coded the lines.

when he went   (彼が行ったとき)

Evans was around 52 years old when he went into office.

His best season came in when he went 14–6 with a 3.77 ERA.

Justin was replaced by Rami Lakkis when he went back to the UK.

end when   (終了するとき)

The interurban end when the motorbus was introduced.

Turns end when blocks are joined.

The protagonist's road trip comes to an end when his car breaks down.

when he ran   (彼が走ったとき)

He was defeated when he ran for reelection in 1911.

He was defeated when he ran for reelection in 1883.

He was defeated when he ran for reelection in 1840.

except when   (を除いて)

All songs written by Dan Messé, except when noted.

All songs written by Ray Davies, except when noted.

Furthermore, except when , they are also continuous.

place when   (いつ)

His debut in the movie took place when he was a fourth-year student.

She says that her first sale of melons took place when she was eight.

There is learning taking place when a male engages in courtship behavior.

when they won   (彼らが勝ったとき)

Their biggest title came when they won the 2009 Japan Open.

He was with the Bruins when they won the Stanley Cup in 1929.

This affected the "Sky Blues" when they won the FA Cup in 1986–87.

moment when   (瞬間)

This square symbolised the moment when a wave breaks on the beach.

Cobbett similarly highlighted the moment when praising the character.

The actress added that it is a moment when "she is a cop, not a sister."

when viewed   (見たとき)

It looks inaccessible when viewed from the north.

A sphere of radius "r" has formula_2 when viewed from any angle.

Suppose the roundabout spins anticlockwise when viewed from above.

father died when   (父が死んだとき)

Mersereau's father died when she was 9 years old.

His father died when he was barely three years old.

Her father died when she was about 8–9 years old.

era when   (時代)

There was an era when the Hohokams lived and farmed in the valley.

Many were owned by the artisan classes in an era when mortgages did not exist.

This was the era when almost every magazine used her pictures, especially Debonair.

team when   (チームのとき)

"I was on a football team when I was in third grade.

Joo has joined the Daekyo team when she was in the junior group age.

Keizer was scouted by the national beach volleyball team when she was 15.

when needed   (必要なとき)

Kerwin also bought some materials when needed.

Prisoners are entitled to receive legal aid when needed.

They helped as translators when needed.

when necessary   (必要なとき)

She cooked, sewed and acted as a nurse when necessary.

Mathematical analysis of the data is performed when necessary.

It will also be available for use when necessary in nearby areas.

when he signed   (彼が署名したとき)

Ammi made his next step in 2006, when he signed with NAC Breda.

Weir remained at Hibs until 1987, when he signed for Luton Town.

He returned to Eindhoven in 2018, when he signed for Oranje-Rood.

when a group   (グループが)

A fight ensues when a group of truckers in the diner begins to insult Howard.

A very dangerous situation developed when a group of Métis rushed the artillery.

A lawsuit was launched against the City in 1927 when a group wanted to build a hangar there.

down when   (いつダウン)

The channel closed down when Illrymz resigned.

The connection is taken down when the "end" button is pressed.

The divorce decree was handed down when Warmus was eight years old.

career when   (キャリアのとき)

She started her freediving career when she was 13 years old.

Manojlović started his musical career when he was very young.

Biševac started his football career when he was at BASK in 2001.

ends when   (終了するとき)

Game ends when the player's ships are all destroyed.

The game ends when no more lines can be placed.

Each phase ends when nobody can or want to act.

when it opened   (開いたとき)

It replaced a local volunteer fire department when it opened.

It became an instant classic when it opened in 1927 on Broadway.

Thunderbird had rotating walls and open concept classrooms when it opened.

life when   (人生のとき)

He saves her life when the chip van gets burnt down.

Guy still saved Conrad's life when he was surrounded by the enemy.

Yasha took his own life when he was caught in a tragic love triangle.

off when   (オフのとき)

Characters may be killed off when the actors die.

Air conditioners power off when windows are opened.

I'll turn the radio off when it comes on.

happens when   (起こるとき)

This only happens when acetylcholine is administered.

This happens when someone accumulated over £1 million.

What happens when you 'MacGyver-ize' a car?

family when   (家族のとき)

His father left the family when Powers was young.

McTell's father left the family when Willie was young.

Her father left the family when she was still a child.

present when   (存在するとき)

Obstacles may be present when the water is low.

Marc Spector was present when James Lardner attacked.

He is present when staff is named and an uprising is planned.

known when   (いつ知られている)

It is not known when it will be released for sale.

It is not known when Æthelberht became a Christian.

It is not known when cacti were first cultivated.

when playing   (遊ぶとき)

This path is more suited when playing with allies.

Many musicians use open tunings when playing slide guitar.

The device was used to improve the odds when playing roulette.