whether or not   (是否)

It is not yet proven whether or not there are more.

to decide whether or not to divulge this information.

It is unclear whether or not they actually continued further.

determine whether   (确定是否)

Later follow-ups determine whether they might receive more aid.

This means to determine whether the input program computes a "total" function.

The policymakers must determine whether the policy is justified by the evidence.

unclear whether   (不清楚是否)

It is unclear whether the two men were related.

It is unclear whether Epictetus and she were married.

It is unclear whether Old Korean was a tonal language.

decide whether   (决定是否)

Consumers want to decide whether to accept an ad.

to decide whether or not to divulge this information.

The individual states decide whether these delegates are bound or unbound.

question of whether   (是否)

That left the major question of whether to approve it or not."

It is not a question of whether he would go to another producer.

The question of whether actual rates have increased is unresolved.

regardless of whether   (不管是否)

The verb changes to fit the diminutive regardless of whether the noun changes or not.

Other infections, however, do require long courses regardless of whether a person feels better.

These are given to the school regardless of whether or not it requires its students to pay fees.

clear whether

It is not clear whether Bettison was in attendance.

It is not clear whether the ICPA has obtained such approval.

It is not clear whether the chapter demanded his resignation.

known whether

It is not known whether the film currently survives.

asked whether

Rabbi Eleazar asked whether the clothes did not need washing.

He was asked whether he was a master thief and he answered yes.

Rabbi Eleazar asked whether vermin did not breed in the clothes.

depending on whether

Human symptoms vary depending on whether the disease is chronic or acute.

There is some variation in style depending on whether it is summer or winter.

This term is different depending on whether shallow or deep states are considered.

questioned whether

The police even questioned whether he was human.

The judge also questioned whether women should be doctors.

Byyny questioned whether one of WAAKE-UP!

not known whether

It is not known whether the film currently survives.

not clear whether

It is not clear whether Bettison was in attendance.

It is not clear whether the ICPA has obtained such approval.

It is not clear whether the chapter demanded his resignation.

question whether   (质疑是否)

Did you question whether people like me were crisis actors?"

I would question whether there's much of a line to be crossed.

"To the question whether Capt.

unknown whether   (不知道是否)

It is unknown whether they landed near the Columbia.

It is unknown whether Clyn perished from the disease.

It is unknown whether either of them reached the summit.

determining whether

would give the steps for determining whether "x" evenly divides "y".

There is a simple recursive algorithm for determining whether a QBF is in TQBF (i.e.

Distributists usually use just war theory in determining whether a war should be fought or not.

know whether

I don't know whether that's a good thing or not."

They do not know whether they like each other.

I don't know whether anyone else has ever tried that before".

uncertain whether   (不确定是否)

It is uncertain whether the phylum is monophyletic.

It is now uncertain whether such patents are valid.

It is uncertain whether she survives.

deciding whether   (决定是否)

The problem consists in deciding whether the given graph is connected or not.

It was deciding whether or not to begin disciplinary proceedings against Sharp.

They were deciding whether or not to begin disciplinary proceedings against Sharp.

see whether

It will be fascinating to see whether it will transfer to the UK.

They undress him and thoroughly checks him to see whether he has hidden anything.

The centre compares the measurements to the catalogue to see whether it is a known object.

debated whether

Recently, researchers have debated whether joint training (i.e.

Historians have debated whether the Confederacy could have won the war.

As a result, it is debated whether some areas belong to Franconia or not.

consider whether   (考虑是否)

When choosing a space in which to debrief, one must consider whether the scenario which unfolded was a complex case.

For example, the court must consider whether precautionary and defensive measures might prevent something socially useful.

The line's success led businesses to consider whether the North Norfolk coast, eastwards from Hunstanton, could be opened up by a railway.

debate whether

Sources debate whether or not this was a Colt Model 630 or 649.

There is debate whether such words are genuine compounds or pseudo-compounds.

Scholars debate whether Macbeth's vision of Banquo is real or a hallucination.

whether such

It is now uncertain whether such patents are valid.

It is not known whether such variation can lead to sub-ER localizations.

There is debate whether such words are genuine compounds or pseudo-compounds.

choose whether

As humans have free will, they can choose whether or not to act upon those attractions.

Each week, one contestant is eliminated and his girlfriend must choose whether or not to stay with him.

The Swedenborgian Church of North America allows ministers to choose whether to perform same-sex marriages.

issue of whether

Also, "there's the issue of whether art can be properly represented on the Web.

The issue of whether to keep the bridge or to demolish it divided the local community.

Controversy surrounded the issue of whether the cross atop the dome until 1915 should be replaced.

determines whether

First, the predictor determines whether there is a dependence.

Sometimes he determines whether they had faith that he would heal them.

This is the key definition that determines whether a total order is also a well order.

unsure whether   (不确定是否)

It is unsure whether the proposal will gain a majority.

For months, he was unsure whether or not signing was a better decision.

In another final scene, Tidus (unsure whether or not he is still a dream) wants to remain with Yuna.

debate over whether

There has been considerable debate over whether the term is racist.

The tubax has had debate over whether it is really in the saxophone family.

There is a lot of ethical debate over whether or not cloning should be used.

regarding whether

There is a controversy regarding whether Jesus himself claimed to be divine.

Opinions vary regarding whether the use of smartphones at the dining table is acceptable.

After the encounter, Johnstone was left uncertain regarding whether he had been infected or not.

test whether

This spurred Barnabet into committing her first murder to test whether or not this was true.

it tries to test whether the said framing runs afoul of a quantitative or qualitative analytical check.

A simple example of this approach can be used to show that it is difficult to test whether a matroid is uniform.

say whether

Officials did not say whether or when the summit would resume.

The specification does not say whether conditions are implemented with CLOS.

Then the players in turn say whether they want to bid for a contract or pass.

investigate whether   (调查是否)

The Olympic Committee for Rio had its lawyers investigate whether there were grounds for a lawsuit, but no charges were filed.

After his first test, Asch wanted to investigate whether the size or unanimity of the majority had greater influence on test subjects.

Two of his earlier results (1963 and 1965) investigate whether or not and under what circumstances a Bayesian learning approach is consistent, i.e.

asks whether

God asks whether they will agree to be his people.

Albert reconciles with Adam and asks whether Eva was real or not.

It asks whether every problem whose solution can be quickly verified can also be solved quickly.

depends on whether

The ice extent depends on whether the winter is mild, moderate, or severe.

Treatment depends on whether the myocardial infarction is a STEMI or NSTEMI.

Among others, this depends on whether a pseudo-terminal was allocated or not.

questions whether

Skepticism questions whether knowledge is possible at all.

Tomlinson questions whether this presence translates to cultural imperialism.

Sophie questions whether Mark changed his mind and Kate runs home to Ramsay Street.

based on whether

Conductor rail systems have been separated into tables based on whether they are top, side or bottom contact.

Points are awarded to the police or thief based on whether the police guesses the identity of the thief correctly.

assess whether   (评估是否)

Responses from servers are examined directly to assess whether an attack has taken place.

In most cases, a trial (test) lead placement is performed in order to assess whether the stimulation will work as expected.

People who were vaccinated were followed up for 84 days to assess whether they were protected from infection and to monitor any adverse events.

asking whether

For example, asking whether a kilogram is larger than an hour is meaningless.

The simple procedure begins by asking whether the patient is able to move and react to physical stimuli.

Humphries followed up, asking whether she thinks Obama's birth certificate is a fair question to be looking at.

indicate whether

The number of wings indicate whether it is a monoplane, biplane or triplane.

The terms carry no value judgment, but only indicate whether one is on one's "home" side.

Pausanias, however, mentions Theisoa first, but does not indicate whether he visited there.

debate about whether

There has been debate about whether "Archaeopteryx" could really fly.

There was a debate about whether Nierenberg delayed to release the report.

There is some debate about whether the speech that is extant is the original speech.

tell whether

Hand-numbered, but heck if I can tell whether this is #18 or #48!

It is usually rather difficult to tell whether a given Diophantine equation is solvable.

Hopkins could not tell whether the track was coming or going, made by big or small feet.

questioning whether

This leaves Terese hurt and questioning whether she should be with Paul.

Criticism has included questioning whether the theory has been adequately tested.

However, the reviews of the exhibit were mixed, including questioning whether video games belong in an art museum.

sure whether

The vessel was released on Tuesday and I'm not sure whether ransom was paid".

It is not sure whether it is from the salt water or whether it is from some bacteria from fish.

I am not sure whether Dubliners realise that that is what we are about today, but in effect that is the case."

such as whether

The friction material varies in composition depending on many considerations such as whether the clutch is "dry" or "wet".

He does little more than introduce some interesting topics, such as whether Isaiah was put to death for proclaiming an embodied God.

A five-woman committee governed the group, making decisions on matters such as whether or not member were allowed to go out on dates.

wondered whether

He wondered whether Christianity had been censored.

Hinckley wondered whether Springsteen could "win the faithful back".

In one post, Wandering Scribe wondered whether any "blog trawling" literary agents might read her blog.

whether a given

An example of a decision problem is deciding whether a given natural number is prime.

It is possible to test in polynomial time whether a given binary matroid is bipartite.

It is usually rather difficult to tell whether a given Diophantine equation is solvable.


What me must do – whether we teach or write or make films.

And as an artist that’s the decision you have to make – whether to be real or synthetic."

In some communities – whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim – the practice may even be attributed to religious beliefs."

certain whether

It is not certain whether the list is complete.

It is not certain whether polonium is a metal or a metalloid.

It is not certain whether the fort sustained any hits from the ships.

not know whether

They do not know whether they like each other.

"I do not know whether it is true or not," President Clinton stated.

Washington did not know whether the British might reopen hostilities after Yorktown.

considered whether

She considered whether to run but ultimately declined to qualify.

The Court considered whether Reynolds could use religious belief or duty as a defense.

Avicenna considered whether events like rare diseases or disorders have natural causes.

check whether   (检查是否)

In the RT system test it is not sufficient to check whether the SUT produces the correct outputs.

The "Boolean satisfiability problem" (SAT) is, given a formula, to check whether it is satisfiable.

They also conduct inspections to check whether the already existing child restraints are safe or not.

according to whether

Personal tax liability differs according to whether an individual is resident in the island or not.

A phalanx is named according to whether it is proximal, middle, or distal and its associated finger or toe.

Some assess human resource policies according to whether they support an egalitarian workplace and the dignity of labor.

decides whether

Third day: the family decides whether the body will be buried or cremated.

The Parliament then decides whether to authorise the candidate to form the Government.

On the third day, the family decides whether to bury the body in the ground or cremate the body.

determined whether

The size of the island inhabited determined whether or not a hamlet would be built.

In the primary and district courts, bribes sometimes determined whether bail was granted.

Webb pointed out the customer's actions determined whether value or waste had been created.

doubt whether

On 3 April, Nansen began to doubt whether the pole was attainable.

There is, however, room to doubt whether Hilbert's own views were simplistically formalist in this sense.

Chase had not secured a tenant for its new tower and the council began to doubt whether it should spend millions on a single theatre.

question is whether

The question is whether the passage can be considered an international strait or not.

The key question is whether Linnaeus's type was a South African plant or a South American plant.

The question is whether there's enough time left to truly take advantage of this status quo upheaval."

considering whether

The scientific errors and crudities of it release any person from considering whether there was any element of revelation in it...

The two uses may be distinguished by considering whether the integrated circuit being tested has an internal array or analog functions.

"The special skill (or indeed lack of skill) of a driver is an irrelevant circumstance when considering whether the driving is dangerous".

doubtful whether   (怀疑是否)

It is doubtful whether such a painting could have been created in the lives of Al-Ali and Dosh.

It was doubtful whether detinue lay where, after bailment, a third party had destroyed the chattel bailed.

According to the philosopher Bryan Magee, "it is doubtful whether any human being has ever known as much as he did".

ask whether

Later in the song, they ask whether their pleas will even be heard: "Will You hear me calling?"

Kildee wrote to the EPA's inspector general to ask whether any open meetings laws were violated.

One can ask whether there exists a folded planar napkin (without regard as to how it was folded into that shape).

debate on whether

This came after much debate on whether it was appropriate for women to view the nude male form.

There is debate on whether he is best classed as a Christian or a theistic rationalist—or both.

There has been some debate on whether or not humans are truly capable of psychological altruism.

whether all

In a word, God has mercy on all, whether all like it or not.

on whether all moral claims are false).

Once they’re alone, Selta wonders whether all Earth females are so aggressive.

ascertain whether   (确定是否)

Mildred is keen to ascertain whether or not her husband George has remembered their 27th wedding anniversary.

Officer Erik Haaland was submitted to internal investigation to ascertain whether he was right to shoot first.

The Tomlinson Inquiry was set up to ascertain whether this was an underhand to disprove that A levels were becoming too easy.

find out whether

is a game giving players the opportunity to find out whether they possess extrasensory perception.

But more studies should be done to find out whether music lessons could raise your child's IQ in the long term".

Its remit was to find out whether tuberculosis in animals and humans was the same disease, and whether animals and humans could infect each other.

wonder whether   (怀疑是否)

Betty responds, "I wonder whether you would take $8."

I actually wonder whether feminism has had any impact on men at all in the last 30 or 40 years."

They may wonder whether the person really wants to commit suicide or he is just in it to get some publicity.

not whether

The issue is not whether Williams was unable to perform her specific job tasks.

To Meiji leaders, the issue was not whether Korea should be reformed but how reform might be accomplished.

Jackson responded by stating that, "The issue is not whether the Israelis and Palestinians are moral equivalents.

establish whether

The book takes pains to establish whether each Lovecraft story "belongs to the Cthulhu Mythos" or not.

Insurance claims may rely on information from an investigation to establish whether the accident is covered by a policy.

He attempts to establish whether they were used at the start of the Joseon Dynasty reigned by King Taejo (r. 1392–1398).

decided whether

Samples by writers were then read by Gaiman, who decided whether or not they were proficient.

After each student decided whether or not to cheat, they justified this decision to make themselves feel good.

After the site for the Sasol complex had been identified, it had to be decided whether or not to combine the existing towns of Evander and Trichardt.

decision on whether

A decision on whether the proposal will go ahead was to have been announced in March 2017.

Often, Stalin had the ultimate decision on whether a newly produced film was appropriate for public viewing.

The study reassures that an inmate's decision on whether or not to report sexual assault depends again on a multitude of factors.

matter whether

For the same reason, it does not matter whether duplicate literals are allowed in clauses (like e.g.

In other words, it does not matter whether the key would have produced an upper-case or a lower-case letter.

Yu Hua’s description of the Cultural Revolution is indifferent, no matter whether it is describing violence or death.

whether a person

She could also smell whether a person was close to death.

Other infections, however, do require long courses regardless of whether a person feels better.

Fazio & Olson ask whether a person who is being primed to detect implicit attitudes is necessarily blind to their implicit beliefs.

upon whether

The moon symbolized different meanings depending upon whether it was a full moon or not.

The ground flora of the understorey varies dependent upon whether the woodland is grazed by sheep.

The health risks of abortion depend principally upon whether the procedure is performed safely or unsafely.

disputed whether   (争论是否)

It was disputed whether this remedy applied to the action of a third party.

It is disputed whether proceedings in "res adiratae" could not be brought in royal courts.

It is disputed whether Galtier actually said those words, but the story is part of the city's folklore.

irrespective of whether   (不管是否)

Altogether 17,500 medals were awarded to people of both sexes, irrespective of whether or not they were British subjects.

He continued this eclectic and experimental approach, irrespective of whether the fundamental format was rock, jazz or classical.

"Junshi" could also be carried out irrespective of whether the lord had died of an illness, fallen on the battlefield, or committed "seppuku".

decision whether

He slowed down his movements, such as the decision whether to jump or not.

For females, the decision whether to mate or not when courted by a male largely depends on the courtship song.

Joubert previously experienced back problems and said his condition would factor in his decision whether to compete in pairs.

vote on whether

University officials and the coaching staff decided to allow the team to vote on whether they would accept the bowl bid.

It was annexed by the City of Richmond on September 26, 1926, after a 13-12 vote on whether to join Richmond or El Cerrito.

The Trần king assembled all his citizens, allowing all to vote on whether to surrender to the Yuan or to stand and fight for their homeland.

whether the film

It is not known whether the film currently survives.

controversy over whether

There is some controversy over whether tool use represents a higher level of physical cognition.

The controversy over whether the game should have been played without fans did not end with the game.

There has been some controversy over whether the Disavow tool has any effect when manipulation has taken place over many years.

not certain whether

It is not certain whether the list is complete.

It is not certain whether polonium is a metal or a metalloid.

It is not certain whether the fort sustained any hits from the ships.

question was whether

The only question was whether or not it went back further to Saxony."

The question was whether Urdiales should be punished with the death penalty.

Sobyeol's next question was whether the plants in the high regions or the low regions grew better.

including whether

Little else is known about Rommell, including whether or not this was his real name or an alias.

The first factor is "the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes."

Expert speechreaders may be able to advise on various issues, including whether a videorecord is or is not speechreadable, and the accent and language used by a talker.

whether through

This contact can be made many different ways, whether through direct conversation, via mail or through the telephone.

Medicine and healing are associated with Apollo, whether through the god himself or mediated through his son Asclepius.

Each regional qualifier, called "Minors", featured eight teams, whether through direct invitation or through qualifiers.

investigating whether

Scientists are currently investigating whether "hexagonal" clouds may be the source of these up-to- "air bombs".

Current research is underway investigating whether vitamin D is a factor contributing to normal brain functioning.

On August 4, ESPN reported that the NCAA was investigating whether Manziel accepted payments for autographs that he had signed in January 2013.

confirm whether

It is advisable for visitors to call ahead to confirm whether they are open or not.

One should also look at the site to confirm whether or not it's an overland infection.

In Volume 18, Hatori declines to confirm whether he is named heir to the Ootori zaibatsu or not.