İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

whilst still   (hala)

The population fluctuated whilst still maintaining moderate growth until 1961.

He was caricatured by J Jenkins of Edinburgh around 1805 whilst still a Bailie.

The seeds are viviparous and start to develop whilst still attached to the tree.

whilst playing   (oynarken)

There have had 8 players selected for the All Blacks whilst playing for King Country.

Blair later admitted she was surprised at her rise popularity whilst playing Carmella.

There have been six players selected for the All Blacks whilst playing for Poverty Bay.

whilst others   (diğerleri)

Some sources document its establishment in 1803 whilst others cite 1806.

Yet another was "tied to a cross and raped whilst others masturbated at the side".

Charles Goodyear) making rather little money from their work whilst others were able to market it.

whilst working   (çalışırken)

They met whilst working together in a musical in 2015.

Tim and Sarah found out that Gary died in an explosion whilst working for the Ukraine.

In 1983, he died suddenly at his home in Pencoed, whilst working on his Fourth Symphony.

whilst the other   (diğeriyken)

One vessel will act as the terminal whilst the other one will moor.

Two of the kids, Johnny and Jaz, manage to escape whilst the other one, Ricky, is eaten alive.

One on putting a limit on spending by the Legislature was approved, whilst the other was rejected.

whilst serving   (servis yaparken)

No members have whilst serving as a Member of Parliament this year.

He started playing whilst serving as a lieutenant in the Duke of Wellington's Regiment.

In 1995 he became a preacher after having embraced Born-again Christianity whilst serving his sentence.

whilst studying   (okurken)

whilst studying his final year of Law at the University of Sydney.

They met as students whilst studying at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Nacho subsequently joined Atlético Malagueño, whilst studying for his medical degree.

whilst retaining   (tutarken)

The duo reopened it as a gastropub whilst retaining the original name.

"bābū", "his father"; "aqlū", "his leg"), whilst retaining the stress in -"éh" for "their".

It has the force and freshness of popular speech, whilst retaining a flavour of academic culture.

died whilst   (iken öldü)

Monty died whilst a resident of Wadebridge, Cornwall during 2009, aged 92.

To date, he is the last monarch of Spain to have died whilst on the throne.

He died whilst planning further exploration of the Jordan valley at the age of sixty nine.

whilst maintaining   (bakımını yaparken)

This would allow for effective throttling, whilst maintaining chamber pressure.

This allows for shorter nozzles than the standard design whilst maintaining nozzle expansion ratios.

She was responsible for ensuring Curiosity's sampling fulfilled its science objectives dust-free whilst maintaining operational safety.

whilst trying   (denerken)

On the descent of the Colle Dell'Agnello, Kruijswijk crashed whilst trying to follow Nibali.

Tragedy struck in December 1977 when Callan Junior drowned whilst trying to save a young girl.

Conrad balances work, life, friends and family whilst trying to remember that love is out there.

whilst another   (bir diğeri)

Oulu Airport is the second largest, whilst another 25 airports have scheduled passenger services.

One of his brothers became an architect in Hamburg, whilst another (Hendrik Johan Kessels) became a famous clock maker in nearby Altona.

His brother Walter Smith became a professor of philosophy at Lake Forest College in Illinois whilst another brother, William George Smith, became a lecturer in psychology.

whilst other   (diğer)

Only Tsogt Taiji (1581–1637) supported the Great Khan whilst other nobles of Khalkha remained neutral and inactive.

This genus has a thin outer cutis in a single layer merging into the main trama whilst other family members have a two-layer cap skin.

The defending champion Mark Williams was seeded first, whilst other seeds were allocated based on the world rankings following the China Open.