black and white   (黒と白)

The floor is of alternating black and white marble.

The video is seen in colour and black and white.

The black and white cinematography is by Gil Taylor.

red and white   (赤と白)

The school's athletic colors are red and white.

The walls are laid in patterns of red and white brick.

The traditional colours of the club are red and white.

blue and white   (青と白)

The team colours at the time were blue and white.

Köpetdag traditional kit colours are blue and white.

Its colors are blue and white or yellow-white.

white man   (白人)

You must go by the way white man had hitherto gone.

Huey Calhoun, a white man, arrives on the scene.

At the same time, a white man comes into view.

white men   (白人男性)

The slaves kill the white men and drink much alcohol.

She has many affairs, some, it is rumored, with white men.

The jury consisted of twelve white men.

white people

Most films have white people in speaking roles.

During this time, black and white people could not share.

On some nights, "there were more white people in there than blacks.

white flowers

The small white flowers form small umbels, across.

Many species have large, yellow or white flowers.

It produces bright white flowers in the summer.

white marble   (白い大理石)

The floor is of alternating black and white marble.

Extant "huabiao" are typically made from white marble.

It originally had a black glass and white marble exterior.

white settlers

By 1800 white settlers were pouring westwards.

The Coushatta claim was disputed by white settlers in 1859.

He was one of the first white settlers in Clarke County, Georgia.

white and black

The official colors are yellow, white and black.

Thoracic segments white and black transversely banded.

The seats in the stand are blue, yellow, white and black.

white women

White men had an increased risk, but not white women or black men.

In 2014, employed African American women earned 75 percent as much as white women.

The focus on personal freedom was another divergence between white women and women of color.

white supremacist   (白い至上主義者)

She is ordered not to touch the baby of a white supremacist couple.

Bennett won wide attention when he called Lincoln a white supremacist in 1968.

Page was an American white supremacist and Army veteran from Cudahy, Wisconsin.

white blood

It can also damage hair follicles and white blood cells.

Above this is a whitish layer of white blood cells (the "phlegm").

Any white blood cell count higher than this constitutes pleocytosis.

white spots   (白い斑点)

The large, colorful body is blue with white spots.

The female is larger and bears enlarged white spots.

Infants have white spots on their backs when younger.

white paper   (白書)

The war of 1870/71 left a shortage of white paper.

Therefore, he founded in 1872 a factory for white paper.

The new issues were printed on white paper with clear gum.

small white

The small white flowers form small umbels, across.

small white spots in the marginal area of the hindwing.

A small white minority of French with other European (i.e.

white background   (白色の背景)

2" and contained the chrysanthemum crest on a white background.

They are either colored on a white background or the other way around.

It featured a white background with two stylised curved "E"s facing each other.

white wine   (白ワイン)

Production is concentrated in white wine varieties.

The area is noted for growing grapes for white wine.

The white wine is aged in 40-45% new oak for 10–12 months.

painted white

The lighthouse is built of iron and painted white.

These were both moulded from fibreglass and painted white.

The house was painted white, and Adkins named it Whitehaven.

first white

was integrated with the first white athlete.

Grouard became the first white missionary to live in Anaa.

Wright's son Ernest was the first white child born in Tuncurry.

green and white

green and white colours are also seen in the crest.

The flag of the municipality is green and white.

Traditionally the club's colours are green and white.

white dwarf   (白色矮星)

Even later, the Sun will become a white dwarf.

This star system consists of a dim red dwarf and a white dwarf.

A yellow-white main sequence star, it has a white dwarf companion.

white and blue

The main colors would have been white and blue.

"As of 9 June 2019"<br> Its colors are white and blue.

Most were painted in a red, white and blue paint scheme.

white woman

A white woman was also killed but lost her kidney.

After this opening, Cheryl meets L, a white woman, at a party.

(Ba-tak’ ma’ca) The white woman of beautiful face but body of a frog.

white light   (白色光)

As he feared, the signal showed a white light throughout.

It was built as a white light, visible for in clear weather.

It stands tall, with a white light flashing every 10 seconds.

white stripes   (ホワイトストライプ)

The home stockings were red with six white stripes.

The away stockings had only three white stripes.

The ball has two one-inch-wide white stripes.

white supremacy   (白覇権)

), patriarchy, heterosexism, white supremacy, and imperialism".

He held strong views on race and was a proponent of white supremacy.

Due to notions of white supremacy, they were treated as second-class citizens.

white markings

The wings are maroon red with variable white markings.

The genetics behind white markings in horses are complex.

Occasionally white markings on the face and/or body and legs occur.

large white

Forewings with a large white spot at the end of the cell.

The flag has a large white cross that divides it into four quarters.

She had a large white oak hull.

white shirt   (白のシャツ)

He wears a black suit with white shirt and bow tie.

Members also wear a white shirt and dark gray slacks.

His white shirt peeps out at the throat and the sleeves.

all white

When WI opened in 1914 it was an all white school.

Away strips have generally tended to be all white.

The term was initially applied to all white Zimbabweans.

white blood cells

It can also damage hair follicles and white blood cells.

Above this is a whitish layer of white blood cells (the "phlegm").

Jawed vertebrates have an adaptive immune system, based largely on white blood cells.

creamy white   (クリーミーホワイト)

The larva is creamy white with a brown head.

Males have a "collar" of creamy white fur across their necks.

They are creamy white in color.

white flag   (白い旗)

Finally, defeated, Sam raises the white flag.

White, ordered the raising of a white flag.

He then had her flag hauled down and a white flag hoisted.

pure white   (真っ白)

The building was constructed of pure white stone.

It is noe thing but pure white sand, mixed with a little gravel.

It is now pure white with no face.

predominantly white   (主に白)

Fredericton's population is predominantly white.

2 was a predominantly white school with virtually no admission of African Americans.

He then took a coaching and teaching job at predominantly white Macalester College in 1971.

flowers are white

The flowers are white with a green strip on each tepal.

Leaves are green and the flowers are white.

The flowers are white to yellow, in small umbels diameter.

white population

At the same time, the white population of Atlanta has increased.

These immigrants comprised 3% of the city's foreign-born white population.

These immigrants comprised 2% of the city's foreign-born white population.

white students

The DTH was seen as a newspaper for white students.

It was constructed for white students only.

There was no effect of self-affirmation in white students.

white collar   (ホワイトカラー)

The home kit is all blue with white collar.

He acted differently with the union of white collar employees.

The powiat of Rechytsa adopted a white żupan with white collar.

white line

A white line along the stomach is also present.

These were blue with a white line painted around them.

Dynastic changes are marked with a white line.

white matter

This is associated with frontal lobe white matter lesions.

A section through the material also appeared to show grey and white matter.

He observed plaque on his own teeth— “a little white matter” as he called it.

white and red

The color has shown to vary between white and red.

They are ranged under two classes, white and red.

The beacon flashes white and red every 2.5 sec.

great white   (グレートホワイト)

The jaws of a large great white shark may have up to five layers.

As a sign of his prophecy, he said a great white whale would rise out of Witch Pond.

Ryan helps the couple escape from their drowned car, but a second great white shark is revealed.

white pine   (ホワイトパイン)

), but rarely near maple and white pine.

western white pine, sugar pine).

Forest cover includes red cedar, white pine, red pine, and yellow birch.

white band

In the very late 1980s / early 90s a thin white band of approx.

A broad, longitudinal white band runs along the distal half of the body.

Larva dark grey with a dorsal white band and sub-dorsal series of red spots.

white horse   (白馬)

She gives him a white horse statuette as a gift.

It is also an obsolete term for a white horse.

This is how to discern a gray horse from a white horse.

white stripe   (白のストライプ)

Superintendents also have a white stripe fitted on the police hat.

It has a white stripe running from the lower forehead to the muzzle.

The bottom of each sleeve featured a thick white stripe from wrist to elbow.

white sand   (白い砂)

The beach has white sand and no or very few rocks.

Mandrem Beach is a white sand beach with clear water.

The beach has white sand and several rocks.

forewings are white

The forewings are white with a band of dark scales across the median area.

yellowish white   (黄白色)

The yellowish white shell has a helicoidal shape.

Larvae are usually a pale yellowish white.

"Lepiota harithaka" produces a yellowish white spore print.

white oak   (ホワイトオーク)

The altar and prayer benches are of white oak.

Symptoms in white oak are similar to those in red oak.

Timber: white oak, ash and basswood braced with iron bands.

white socks

The away kit is a white shirt, blue shorts and white socks.

Plain white socks were also worn.

The team brought back white socks for the last time in team history.

white hairs

It typically has some sparse white hairs on its face.

The side lobes have toothbrush-like tufts of white hairs.

The side lobes have dense, mop-like tufts of white hairs.

white star

The white star in the triangle stands for independence.

Challacombe was a bay horse with a white star bred by F W Dunn.

To the unaided eye, it appears to be a white star of magnitude 3.6.

mostly white

The hindwings are mostly white.

These dogs have mostly white coats with patches of black and brown hair.

It has no obvious leaves and the mostly white flower is usually buried in leaf litter.

white spot

In some specimens there is white spot on the head.

Female has a white spot at end of cell of forewings.

An irregular white spot found on the discocellulars.

white jersey   (白いジャージ)

The leader wore a white jersey with red polka dots.

It was a white jersey that had four stripes on the arms.

The first uniform was a white jersey with a red star on the chest.

white shorts   (白いショーツ)

Their colours were red shirts and white shorts.

These colours have often been combined with white shorts.

The home kit is a blue shirt, white shorts and blue socks.

white settlement

This time to annex it and occupy it for the purpose of white settlement.

In 1892, Congress opened up part of the reservation to white settlement.

He led several raids against Indians who were hostile to white settlement.

white male

This Robert wears a white male Kyokugen Karate gi with a blue shirt underneath.

The main character in the strip, Dilbert is a technically-minded single white male.

Fowlmouth (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is a young, white male rooster with a blue, short-sleeved shirt.

white hair

Hatnofer was an elderly lady, with grey or even white hair.

Xavier had white skin, white hair, and unique scarlet red eyes.

A horse with dark skin and dark eyes under a white hair coat is gray.

white eggs

Five or six white eggs are incubated for 18 days.

It lays three white eggs between March and July.

Females lay white eggs similar to a rugby ball.

white wines

Jörgen is known for its fine white wines.

Two white wines are nowadays available: and three red wines:

Here the grape is often blended with Malvasia in the DOC white wines of the area.

white stone

The building was constructed of pure white stone.

The figure is bearded with eyes made of black and white stone.

It was a four-pillared three-pagan church built of white stone.

white color

The base of the lip has a white color on the margins.

The bridge is painted in red and white color.

It is nicknamed "the Ice Palace" () for its white color.

long white   (長い白)

These are long white, brown or black cloaks trimmed in gold.

He must have a white head and a long white beard, of course.

Qatari men wear thawbs (a long white shirt) over loose pants.

white noise   (白色雑音)

Pure tones or white noise do not evoke any response.

Brown noise can be produced by integrating white noise.

in engineering or mathematical finance, in terms of white noise.

white lines

It also is trimmed with white lines on its fins.

It is a green moth with faint white lines.

It typically has white lines at the base.

other white   (他の白)

They felt that whites could serve the movement by educating other white people.

Discrimination against Czechs and other white immigrants persisted in banking until the 1930s.

Teleras are usually found in Mexican bakeries where they are sold just as any other white bread.

wear white   (白を着る)

They wear white armor instead of the standard black.

The unmarried girls wear white kerchiefs, the married women black.

During warm and hot weather, Saudi men and boys wear white thobes.

many white

It contains many white, filiform spiral threads.

His essays were resented by many white Southerners and generated much controversy.

In response, many white families left the area, selling their homes for as low as $1,500 for a 3-bedroom home.

white nationalist   (ホワイトナショナリスト)

He did not self-identify as a white nationalist.

This was also the first election that white nationalist William Daniel Johnson ran in.

He has described himself as a "white nationalist, a populist, a traditionalist, with libertarian leanings".

white dress

Minogue wore a long, sheer white dress for the music video.

Farmer then wore a long white dress, and the stage was bathed in red and orange lights.

At the parade on 7 September 2016, she appeared in a simple white dress with a discreet neckline.

plain white   (白無地)

Pants were plain white with a black belt and socks.

Pants were plain white with a red pipe down the outer leg sides.

Home-made Cantonese dishes are usually served with plain white rice.

dressed in white

She was dressed in white and was accompanied by many musicians.

The boy is dressed in white garb.

A pale, blond woman dressed in white then comes out of the cottage.

hindwings are white

The cilia of both forewings and hindwings are white alternated with brown.

The hindwings are white.

between white

The color has shown to vary between white and red.

The cheese itself is uniform in color between white and pale yellow.

For instance, the differentiation between white and yellow may be problematic.

white supremacists

The "National Post" newspaper described him as "one of Canada's most notorious white supremacists".

A "Wired" article covering the controversy referred to him as a “poster boy for white supremacists”.

The Guardian reported that "Speakers included white supremacists and a researcher who has previously advocated child rape."

white shirts

The team play in white shirts and black shorts/socks.

They play in white shirts with blue stripes, and white shorts.

The club's colours are white shirts, black shorts, and red socks.

black or white

The player can choose between black or white chips.

The keyboard can come in colors black or white.

They wore white pants and either black or white jerseys.

narrow white

The medal is hung from a blue ribbon with a narrow white stripe along both edges.

The juveniles in contrast, are blue-black marked from top to bottom with narrow white stripes.

Vimy was a bay horse with a narrow white stripe bred in France by this owner, Pierre Wertheimer.

white flight   (白い飛行)

Over a 60-year period, white flight occurred in the city.

During the 1950s–70s, suburbanization and white flight from urban areas led to a significant demographic shift.

Kerrigan joined the white flight to the suburbs caused by school busing, moving to Quincy, Massachusetts in 1978.

only white   (白だけ)

He was the only white guy on his track team.

He was the only white southern politician of significance to do so.

Charlie Hargrett was the only white man of the original, classic line-up.

white spruce   (白いトウヒ)

Forests of white spruce, willow, birch, and fir are present.

Abbott State Forest was reported to be producing white spruce seed in 1982.

It is usually found on balsam fir, occasionally on black spruce, and rarely on white spruce, red maple, or white birch.

white below

Cilia white below the apex and at outer angle.

Tracer fire laced out and the sea seemed to churn white below them.

This shark is plain gray, brown-gray, or purple-gray above, and white below.

white residents

Out of all five boroughs, The Bronx has the lowest number and percentage of white residents.

It is viewed as a largely blue collar, African Canadian, working class area among older white residents.

The white residents who chose the exit method, felt bitter and lost because of the rise in Hispanic residents.

white blood cell

Any white blood cell count higher than this constitutes pleocytosis.

The survivors were later found to have very low white blood cell counts.

This skin eruption is often accompanied by a fever, muscle aches, nausea, and an elevated white blood cell count.

both white

Of magnitude 5.1 and 5.5, they are separable with the naked eye and are both white.

The primary and secondary, both white stars, are of magnitude 4.8 and 6.2, respectively.

Black coloration is a rigid must on the nose and lips for both white and fawn bakhmulls.

white water

Other white water rivers are the Erme, Tavy, Plym and Meavy.

It is therefore classified as a dangerous white water river.

A rather grand white water mill also crosses between Buxton and Lamas.

white patch   (白いパッチ)

It was darkest at the tail and the hind limbs, with a white patch between the forearms.

It has round or heart-shaped leaf and a reddish purple flower with a central white patch.

There is a prominent white patch on the costal margin of each wing, followed by a red mark.

white phosphorus   (白リン)

The A2 weighs about , about of which is white phosphorus.

In addition, white phosphorus is very poisonous: a dose of is lethal to the average human.

During World War II the United Kingdom used incendiary grenades based on white phosphorus.

white person   (白人)

Hang every black who assaults a white person!"

Such as in the colored child of a white person and a light-skinned person of African ancestry ("albino").

If a white person was found to travel along the road without paying the tolls, a fine of $5.00 was imposed.

white blaze   (白い炎)

Sun Stream was a chestnut mare with a white blaze and white hind feet.

Justify is a chestnut stallion with a large white blaze on his forehead.

A bay horse with a white blaze, he was imported by Henry Curwen in 1698 from France.

wearing a white

The performance saw Carey perform the song sitting on a stool, wearing a white vest top and jeans.

She continued on to sing "Broken-Hearted Girl" wearing a white bustier with a sheer, flowing wrap.

Those belonging to the confraternity were characterized by wearing a white tunic with a turquoise cape and belt.

white males

In Newark County 76% of black males graduated compared to 67% for white males.

In the Detroit school district the graduation rate of black males was 20% but 7% for white males.

The soldiers of the Confederate armed forces consisted mainly of white males aged between 16 and 28.

white race   (白いレース)

Second, I care about the white race.

From this, and other interviews I have read, it appears that the Negro seeks absorption with the white race.

Mason considers Timothy McVeigh and James Fields Jr. to be "heroes" and claims that the white race is in danger because of the Jews.

white paint

The room takes its name from the white paint, which was used on the Gemini.

If the vanes are made of metal, then the black or white paint can be the insulation.

It is distinguishable by its white paint scheme with red tiled roof and brown pillars.

white elephant   (白象)

Thammalungka got a white elephant and brought to Rama II in Bangkok.

In Buddhism, Buddha is said to have been a white elephant reincarnated as a human.

A bronze statue of Samantabhadra riding a white elephant is placed under the dome.

wore white   (白を着ていた)

The Cowboys wore white jerseys on Thanksgiving in 2018.

They wore white pants and either black or white jerseys.

Workers wore white lintless gloves.