İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

whole world   (bütün dünya)

It is the inimitable rock garden in the whole world.

I can imagine a whole world around "New Amsterdam"."

are grown, processed and exported to the whole world.

whole thing   (Bütün şey)

The whole thing is on a circular, yellow ground."

I love San Francisco, the bay, and the whole thing.

The whole thing is simply beyond comprehension."

whole new   (Tamamen yeni)

A whole new series is being released during June 2019.

puts programming for the Atari in a whole new dimension."

These offices were used by a whole new division, Funhaus.

whole life   (tüm hayat)

Trivedi spent his whole life developing the village.

He spent his whole life in King William's Town.

Easterbrook was sentenced to whole life imprisonment.

whole country   (tüm ülke)

There he incited the whole country to revolt.

There are a total of 168 branches in the whole country.

Thus it was able to serve the whole country.

whole family   (tüm aile)

The whole family moved to Philadelphia in 1831.

The whole family breaks down especially Simar.

Next evening he brought his whole family to the theatre.

whole area   (tüm alan)

There is not even an ATM machine in the whole area.

Various sport facilities are spread over the town's whole area.

Herive declared it the first “mother church” for the whole area.

throughout the whole

Jarir tried throughout the whole night but failed.

Downtown Nuevo Laredo runs throughout the whole avenue.

"A. nebulosa" is readily found throughout the whole year.

whole body   (Tüm vücut)

Have him separate and steady her legs and whole body.

Yamadutas stitch thread through his whole body in this hell.

Ingestion of the whole body follows.

whole time   (bütün Zaman)

I was sweating like a mouse the whole time and my make-up was leaking.

"Hayes couldn't get a job the whole time I was blacklisted," he claimed.

The whole time, he operated on both American and German injured soldiers.

across the whole   (bütün olarak)

The price increased to 99p across the whole UK.

Churiya hill is a range of hills across the whole of Nepal.

The nurses based here cared for patients across the whole parish.

whole season

In 1978, he played the whole season at Iowa, batting .275.

As a consequence, he played with the U21 team the whole season.

The whole season aired in the same timeslot, Mondays at 8:15 p.m.

whole year   (bütün yıl)

Normally whole year villagers go there for marketing.

It is the lowest average temperature of the whole year.

It was the best moment of their whole year.

whole series   (bütün dizi)

There are 20 volumes on DVD for the whole series.

The whole series was broadcast after 1994 on TV Nova.

The whole series was run through twice.

during the whole   (bütün boyunca)

This was the only diversion KLM had during the whole of 1933.

These beauty objects were used during the whole Aegean Bronze Age.

The enemy kept up a continuous fire on this place during the whole day.

whole game

In those days ice hockey players played the whole game.

The whole game was given a score of 8.5/10.

Cassius Winston added 17 points in the win as MSU led for the whole game.

whole album

He got to listen to the whole album before he died.

The whole album won't be on sale yet till March.

It added a kind of classic environment to the whole album.

whole range   (tüm aralık)

This station is also noted for a whole range of amenities available within the premises.

From here we can have a glimpse of the whole range of Naneghat and the forts near Murbad.

This is essentially a File and Print Server suite that runs on a whole range of different platforms.

whole story   (Tüm hikaye)

She goes and meet Kaashi and explain the whole story.

After hearing the whole story from Nikhil, A.R.

The whole story of Slidell's diabolic scheme comes out.

whole lot   (bir sürü)

But it is a moment that foresaw a whole lot more".

The company slogan is "Hardware and a whole lot more".

We know there's not a whole lot we can do."

whole process   (tüm süreç)

The whole process may last as long as six hours.

The whole process ... went on all over Germany.

She said the whole process may take until 2013.

whole council

With this, the whole council unites and puts their squabbling behind.

In 30 English unitary authorities the whole council is up for election.

In 121 English district authorities the whole council is up for election.

whole system

Consequently, the vapor pressure of the whole system increases.

Then the whole system consists of just one object: the man himself.

The whole system weighs about .

whole city   (tüm şehir)

With his tail on fire he sets the whole city of Lanka ablaze.

"The whole city is my canvas," he told Time Magazine in 1976.

In London the pupils do better than the average of the whole city.

whole region   (bütün bölge)

The city of Nitra is also the centre of whole region.

The whole region of Vale dos Sinos was populated by Germans.

The village retains the traditional character of the whole region.

whole length

It's a four-lane motorway in its whole length.

The whole length can be more than five feet.

The long hood ran the whole length of those locomotives.

whole island

They let us have the whole island to ourselves.

About 17% of the whole island is classified as woodland.

They occupied the whole island by June 24.

whole town   (bütün kasaba)

The whole town leaves for the clambake.

The whole town is mountainous due to the Sierra Madre Mountains.

In the whole town, the waterways has a total length of 4.5 kilometers.

whole group

By the time the whole group gathered in Italy, they numbered about 1,500.

Against Meletius Smotrytsky a whole group of Orthodox pamphlets was written.

A KWL chart can be used for all subjects in a whole group or small group atmosphere.

whole day   (bütün gün)

His friends work a whole day cutting squid for Chin Kee.

The enemy kept up a continuous fire on this place during the whole day.

The battle started around 6 a.m. on 8 August 1655 and lasted the whole day.

through the whole

Basil, whose glory has spread through the whole world.

The enemy, now routed, scattered through the whole defile.

He stuck with me through the whole demoralizing experience.

whole line

The house developed a whole line of travel items.

The whole line is now owned by Norfolk Southern.

The whole line could be operated from 1 November 1903.

whole community   (tüm topluluk)

The whole community of a given region is regional.

In the absence of a "datu", the "babaylan" could take charge of the whole community.

It is the end of winter and the beginning of celebrations involving the whole community.

whole career

Holub has spent his whole career with HC Liberec, beginning at junior-level.

This is the longest amount of time she has ever taken to record a song in her whole career.

He played for IFK Göteborg his whole career and became Swedish masters with them 1908 and 1910.

almost the whole

In 1858 almost the whole village burnt out.

By then almost the whole of the South Caucasus was captured.

Johnston bowled for almost the whole innings, sending down 38.4 of 85.4 overs.

whole building

The whole building was restored in the 19th century.

In 1870, his store occupied the whole building.

Often the whole building was circumambulated, often many times.

whole population   (tüm nüfus)

They represent around 1% of the whole population.

Out of the whole population, 62,310 are males, 60,339 are females.

Almost the whole population, some 400,000 people, fled these areas.

whole project

The whole project is estimated to cost US$76 million.

Noé stated: "The whole project happened very quickly.

The whole project will cost $235.41 million.

whole school   (tüm okul)

The Vice-Captain chairs whole school assemblies.

The sixth form coat of arms was used for the whole school from the 1930s until the 1940s.

In the past few years, they have seen financial troubles and were facing a whole school close.

covering the whole

Originally, it was a single award covering the whole of baseball.

Nock made weapons covering the whole field from pistols to muskets.

There is a serpentine road stretch covering the whole area of the village.

played the whole

He started and played the whole match in a 2–2 draw.

In those days ice hockey players played the whole game.

He started and played the whole match as Aizawl won 2–1.

cover the whole   (tümünü ört)

Its large ears cover the whole shoulder.

This appointment was later expanded to cover the whole of the South Caucasus.

These may be around Baku and the central part to cover the whole Azeri aerospace.

whole village   (bütün köy)

The whole village have more than 70% of literacy.

The whole village having more than 65% of literacy rate.

In 1858 almost the whole village burnt out.

whole match

He started and played the whole match in a 2–2 draw.

He started and played the whole match as Aizawl won 2–1.

Pandiyan started and played the whole match as Chennai City drew 1–1.

whole genome   (bütün genom)

The whole genome sequence of "Fomitopsis palustris" was reported in 2017.

He advocated a study of the whole genome rather than of isolated genes only.

Recently, the whole genome sequence of one of its strains had been completed.

whole team   (bütün takım)

In the end, the whole team is full of Christmas spirit.

Discreet Monsters went bankrupt and the whole team was fired.

Pitchers, outfielders, the whole team collapsed under the strain."

whole structure

The whole structure was built with granite rock.

The whole structure has been listed at Grade II.

The whole structure centers on parks and green areas.

spent the whole   (hepsini harcadı)

It spent the whole of 1943 in the Calcutta area.

Einar spent the whole Christmas drinking at the hotel.

He spent the whole year fighting in the THAI FIGHT circuit, going a perfect 9–0.

whole county   (bütün ilçe)

The population in the whole county is about 250,000.

In 1831 the whole county contained twenty-one hundreds and three municipal boroughs.

Sydenham High School was first established in 1872 and proposed to serve the whole county.

whole affair   (bütün mesele)

Richard is annoyed but Anna finds the whole affair amusing.

The whole affair had taken nine minutes.

in which he describes how he became involved in the whole affair.

whole complex

The whole complex is situated on a plateau about long.

The whole complex is now informally known as the "old Galeão."

The whole complex denoted the nature of a fortified settlement.

whole idea

The whole idea is to be constantly updating.

The word fits very well with the whole idea behind this album.

He is accompanied by Surly, a sceptic and debunker of the whole idea of alchemy.

along the whole

London bus routes 94 and 148 run along the whole length of Bayswater Road.

Constantine deployed his own forces along the whole length of Maxentius' line.

Steam engines were placed at intervals of miles (2.4 km) along the whole line of the railway.

covers the whole

It covers the whole "tambon" Phiman of Mueang Satun.

Quaternary Alluvium covers the whole suburb.

It covers the whole apse, and shows the life of St Aidan.

whole number   (bütün sayı)

Sometimes players may request to hop a whole number.

Each half of the fraction is written the same as a whole number.

one full circle) is equal to "n" units, for some whole number "n".

playing the whole

He made his debut on 21 August 2016, playing the whole match in a 1–1 home draw against Mortágua.

He made his debut on 31 October, playing the whole match in Kettering's 1–1 home draw with Stevenage.

He started the club's first match of the season, playing the whole game in a 2–0 home defeat to Barrow.

whole generation   (bütün nesil)

A whole generation of sculptors studied in his workshop.

They inspired a whole generation of bands.

His work inspired a whole generation of Kitikmeot carvers.

when the whole   (ne zaman bütün)

Makuta is about to kill Keetongu when the whole Temple explodes, sending all four into space.

They heard a scream and when the whole class found David, his soul was taken, starting the curse.

He seemed to be saying: "My friend, how can I speak of detail when the whole thing is antipathetic?"

whole territory   (bütün bölge)

Geopolitically, it had formed the whole territory of Greater India.

1724 Pilaji vanquished Beram Khan and occupied whole territory around Surat.

The chronicle claims that the tsar also gave Vladimir the whole territory of Dyrrachium.

whole work   (bütün iş)

12076 has only the last five sections (Parwa) of 18 in the whole work.

The whole work of the museum was designed by the artist Mr. A. P. Sridhar.

Of the whole work, only the first three cantos and a part of the fourth is extant.

whole nation

He had the power to carry the whole nation, the mob with him.

The University has 20, 000 full-time students and 2, 000 staff members from the whole nation.

The whole nation mourned her death and she was given state respect being the First Lady of Zambia.

whole army

The "king left the whole army to Potocki" on 17 July [N.S.]

The two agreed to purge the whole army of its divisive elements.

1 and #6.1 are unique beings, there currently exist a whole army of J.A.K.E.

whole set

They are the only tiles in the whole set that don't match other tiles in the normal sense.

This whole set is more colorful than the facade, although here the creamy tones are dominant.

The oldest name is the Guayaquil-Dolores Megashear, which involves a whole set of parallel fractures in western Colombia.

whole blood

Germany's blood serum (not whole blood like most standards) THC-A limit is 1 ng/mL.

In whole blood, red blood cells, leukocytes, and platelets are suspended within the plasma.

The QuantiFERON-TB Gold In-Tube uses an ELISA format to detect the whole blood production of interferon γ.

whole truth   (tüm gerçek)

Brick finally reveals to Connie the whole truth.

Even then it does not tell the whole truth.

She tells him the whole truth.

whole period   (Tüm dönem)

However the timetable for the whole period is calculated in advance.

Rather than studying particular individuals across that whole period of time (e.g.

Northern Ireland was exempted from conscription legislation throughout the whole period.

whole night   (bütün gece)

Jarir tried throughout the whole night but failed.

The whole night the unfortunate city was burning.

The scenario remained the same for the whole night.

whole band

The album saw the whole band contributing to the songs.

It affected the attitudes and the spirit of the whole band.

The whole band returned the following month to play the show.

whole situation   (bütün durum)

They don't talk about the politics of the whole situation.

The ghost is a way for Rani to attempt to find some closure on the whole situation."

She explained that Mishti "just feels defeated, she's very angry with the whole situation."

up the whole   (bütünüyle)

He manages to set up the whole contact system there.

Kiffin kept his head up the whole way.

It just brightened up the whole shit."

whole district   (bütün bölge)

The whole district started protesting against the inclusion.

Despite this fact the whole district Wels-Land is officially seen as a part of the Hausruckviertel.

Thereafter, the Muslims captured the whole district of Hamadan, encountering only feeble resistance.

nearly the whole   (neredeyse tamamı)

In the middle of the 17th century, nearly the whole population was decimated by an epidemic of plague.

The record of his public work covers nearly the whole field of sanitary legislation during the last thirty years of his life.

Instead, the flat granite-clad wall was cut with a "horizontal" band of glass running nearly the whole length of the building.

whole site   (tüm site)

The whole site is surrounded by a large enclosure.

The whole site was modelled in a modern idiom.

The EFEO took responsibility for clearing and restoring the whole site.

whole surface

Longitudinally the whole surface is sharply scored by the lines of growth.

The whole surface of the shell shows close, regular, low spiral threads, ornamented with transverse lenticular beads.

Longitudinals—the whole surface is crossed obliquely by not quite contiguous threads, which are almost as strong as the spirals.

whole film   (bütün film)

The whole film was shot over 82 filming days.

Those are the only exalting glimpses in the whole film."

Eli's voice throughout the whole film was provided by Elif Ceylan.

whole state   (bütün devlet)

which compose the territory of the whole state.

This little town has the biggest market for ornaments in the whole state.

The law which allows this abuse makes wealth of more account than virtue, and the whole state becomes avaricious.

whole tone

A diatonic scale can be also described as two tetrachords separated by a whole tone.

In classical solo playing the double bass is usually tuned a whole tone higher (F–B–E–A).

whole song

The whole song was just two chords and that lick."

The whole song was later released as the first radio single.

The song title is mentioned only once throughout the whole song.

covered the whole   (bütününü kapladı)

The municipality covered the whole Stjørdalen valley in what is now the municipalities of Stjørdal and Meråker in Trøndelag county.

For a century the or Elsinore shipyard was a prominent landmark, which covered the whole area between the town and Kronborg Castle.

The forest of Wrekin, or 'Mount Gilbert' as it was then called, covered the whole of that hill and extended eastward as far as Sheriffhales.

whole church

The whole church has a cool blue color as a result.

The stated vision is "the whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole world".

Smith produced a written revelation in 1832 that condemned the "whole church" for treating the Book of Mormon lightly.

whole point   (Bütün mesele)

The whole point of the exercise was no one was meant to be credited.

That's the whole point!

This would indicate that the whole point of treatment is to get the alcoholic to face and accept his limitations and capacities."

whole house

Mang Dante sets it on fire, which later burns down the whole house.

If nobody picked up the call, the whole house would be nominated for eviction.

The head of household makes the Sign of the Cross, lights a candle, and censes the whole house.

whole province   (bütün eyalet)

After this, the whole province of Galicia took sides with Henry.

Malatya is administered by a metropolitan municipality, which covers the whole province.

Eventually, the Spanish came to call the whole province ""La Provincia de la Laguna de Bay"."

whole plant

The whole plant forms a slowly spreading mat.

In Argentina, the whole plant is used to treat snakebite.

Some are harvested by removing the whole plant, for example, cutting a head of lettuce.

whole book

The whole book attracted much attention.

This was taken a step further in 2012, when a whole book was encoded onto DNA.

Through the theme of reversal, the Song of Hannah functions as an introduction to the whole book.

whole way

The road roughly follows the river Nidelva the whole way.

She laughs the whole way through the video.

It had me laughing the whole way through."

whole history

There never has been a driveway big enough in the whole history of driveways.

The whole history of its development is reflected in the museum's exposition.

For those who knew the whole history, this was truly a story of amazing Tasmania.