İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

widely used   (yaygın olarak kullanılan)

Was not considered successful and not widely used.

The most widely used is "ciao", meaning "goodbye".

It has also been widely used by state governments.

most widely   (en yaygın)

The most widely used is "ciao", meaning "goodbye".

The first and most widely used tracers are sunspots.

Aluminium is the most widely used non-ferrous metal.

widely known   (yaygın bilinen)

He soon became widely known as a popular preacher.

This work led to the field becoming widely known.

Klein is widely known for his work on skepticism.

widely considered   (yaygın olarak kabul edilen)

He was widely considered as Meles Zenawi's right-hand man.

Phipps Bridge was widely considered undesirable at the time.

It is widely considered Benda's best work, and inspired Mozart.

widely regarded   (yaygın bir şekilde kabul edilen)

Ahmad is widely regarded as a traitor by Bangladeshis.

His work is widely regarded as pseudoscience.

This result was widely regarded as an upset.

more widely   (daha geniş)

However, the name "Persian" is still more widely used.

The ford is more widely known in English as Jacob's Ford.

Some of his more widely know contributions are listed below.

widely accepted   (yaygın olarak kabul)

The division into subgenera is not widely accepted.

None of these constellation became widely accepted.

These theories are not widely accepted, however.

widely distributed   (yaygın olarak dağıtıldı)

It is widely distributed in eastern North America.

The widely distributed genus contains five species.

The video was widely distributed on the internet.

widely available   (yaygın olarak kullanılan)

It is widely available in southern Chinese regions.

These tests are widely available and affordable.

They are widely available to protect domestic premises.

not widely   (yaygın değil)

Was not considered successful and not widely used.

However it was not widely recognised at that time.

The division into subgenera is not widely accepted.

became widely   (yaygınlaştı)

He soon became widely known as a popular preacher.

None of these constellation became widely accepted.

It also became widely used in trade and commerce.

widely recognized   (tanınmış)

Many of his songs are widely recognized in the region.

He is widely recognized as the "Father of his country".

Naranjo has become widely recognized.

most widely used   (En yaygın olarak kullanılan)

The most widely used is "ciao", meaning "goodbye".

The first and most widely used tracers are sunspots.

Aluminium is the most widely used non-ferrous metal.

widely believed   (yaygın olarak inanılan)

It is widely believed that these groups are always finite.

This was the first x-ray source widely believed to be a black hole.

It was widely believed that Antony had once offered a diadem to Caesar.

vary widely   (geniş çapta değişebilir)

The size of the areola can vary widely among women.

Rates of dairy consumption vary widely worldwide.

Adoption policies for each country vary widely.

widely reported   (yaygın olarak bildirilen)

His statements were widely reported in the media.

The event was widely reported in Chinese media.

Hess's death was widely reported in newspapers.

widely read   (yaygın okumak)

Madero's book was well received, and widely read.

It was not widely read and had little influence.

His novels and short stories are still widely read today.

widely seen   (yaygın olarak görülen)

Priapus was widely seen as hideous and unattractive.

Another widely seen common name is serrets or serrettes.

This suggestion is also widely seen as being discredited.

still widely   (hala yaygın)

Cash is still widely used for most transactions.

A watered-down version of this is still widely used.

COBOL, C, and C++) are still widely used today.

widely spoken   (yaygın olarak konuşulan)

Cameroonian Pidgin English is also widely spoken.

Awadhi is also the widely spoken along with English.

The Nepali and Rajbanshi languages are widely spoken.

widely adopted   (yaygın olarak benimsenmiştir)

One of the models, the Lowry model, was widely adopted.

Farmers have widely adopted GM technology.

It was widely adopted as a replacement.

now widely   (şimdi yaygın)

The bush forge theory is now widely accepted.

The film is now widely available on DVD.

A range of such OTC medical products is now widely available.

widely circulated   (geniş çapta dolaşım)

The printed hymnal must have been widely circulated.

It was never released or widely circulated amongst collectors.

As such, it was struck in large numbers and widely circulated.

widely praised   (geniş övgü)

Across India, the military raid was widely praised.

Phelan's calm and confident manner was widely praised.

Laurie's performance in the role has been widely praised.

most widely known   (en çok bilinen)

The most widely known languages may be used, as well as Latin.

Henner's most widely known work is his 1885 painting of Saint Fabiola.

Until the 1950s, the most widely known surfboats were those of Accra, Ghana.

widely popular   (yaygın olarak popüler)

This was the first widely popular all-nude musical.

The film was widely popular with audiences of its time.

Electrical experiments were widely popular from around 1770.

widely criticized   (geniş ölçüde eleştirildi)

The tightness of this definition was widely criticized.

The special was widely criticized and mocked for its absurd premise.

However, since the beginning of the series, it has been widely criticized.

widely cited   (yaygın olarak alıntı yapılan)

His works are widely cited by other authors.

"Myth & Legends of the Celts" (Penguin) is widely cited.

Her research in long term memory is widely cited in psychology.

became widely known   (yaygın olarak tanındı)

He soon became widely known as a popular preacher.

", and became widely known as "High Leg Joō."

The hymn became widely known in Germany.

widely held   (yaygın olarak)

However, this opinion is no longer widely held.

classical foundationalism or idealism) is widely held.

He is widely held to be one of the 20th century's premier logicians.

widely acclaimed   (büyük beğeni topladı)

The technology has been widely acclaimed by the medical community.

"To Liv(e)" is widely acclaimed by academic scholars and film critics.

Superstar (disambiguation) A superstar is a widely acclaimed celebrity.

used widely   (yaygın olarak kullanılan)

Cucumber and tomato are used widely in salads.

The flag was used widely in a 2007 pro-EU march in Minsk.

The devices are still used widely in the fields of distribution and transport.

varies widely   (geniş ölçüde değişir)

Tool use varies widely depending on the species.

Canadian cuisine varies widely depending on the region.

Antibiotic consumption varies widely between countries.

widely credited   (geniş çapta itibarlı)

He is widely credited with restoring the popularity of the Appalachian dulcimer.

Greene and coach Noll are widely credited with turning the Steelers franchise around.

VisiCalc is widely credited for fueling the rapid growth of the personal computer industry.

widely publicized   (yaygın olarak duyuruldu)

The mission was successful and widely publicized.

The intent was to discourage abortion in a widely publicized trial.

The F-117 was widely publicized for its role in the Persian Gulf War of 1991.

widely published   (yaygın olarak yayınlandı)

He is widely published, and has written three books.

His story was widely published in English newspapers then.

Her work was widely published internationally, and spread rapidly.

widely spaced   (geniş aralıklı)

The twin engines are housed in widely spaced nacelles.

The shell is flat with regular and widely spaced ribs.

Females have a pair of simple, widely spaced spermathecae.

more widely known   (daha yaygın olarak bilinir)

The ford is more widely known in English as Jacob's Ford.

It subsequently became the more widely known Committee for State Security (KGB).

It was not until the early 1980s that The Clark Sisters began to become more widely known.

become widely   (yaygınlaşmak)

Naranjo has become widely recognized.

has become widely established in western Europe, including the UK.

travelled widely   (yaygın seyahat)

From early on Bozaci travelled widely in Europe.

Raman has travelled widely in and out of India.

It also indicates that he travelled widely.

widely recognised   (yaygın olarak tanınan)

However it was not widely recognised at that time.

He recently opined his frustration of not being more widely recognised.

His work on the possible chemistry of early life has been widely recognised.

widely acknowledged   (Yaygın kabul gören)

Kelsen's "Pure Theory of Law" is widely acknowledged as his magnum opus.

Hayek's influence on the development of economics is widely acknowledged.

Trott was widely acknowledged as the finest all-round cricketer of his day.

published widely   (yaygın olarak yayınlandı)

He has published widely, both papers and books, such as:

She has published widely on these issues.

Joan Procter published widely in scientific books and journals.

widely respected   (geniş saygı)

He was widely respected and mourned at the time of his death.

These last paintings are the most widely respected of his works.

In 1899, he settled in Jerusalem, where he was widely respected.

widely viewed   (yaygın olarak izlendi)

The interview was widely viewed as a complete disaster.

The incident was widely viewed as an apparent coup attempt against Shamir's leadership of the party.

Dining in North America is widely viewed as a social occasion, rather than simply an opportunity to eat.

widely cultivated   (yaygın olarak ekili)

Cash crops like cardamom, pepper and tea are widely cultivated here.

Other species are saprotrophs, and "buna-shimeji" is now widely cultivated.

are widely cultivated.

widely separated   (genişçe ayrılmış)

Coastal shipping links widely separated parts of the country.

Male flies have an exceptionally long second segment and widely separated eyes.

In Dyson's version of the theory life evolved in two stages, widely separated in time.

widely discussed   (yaygın olarak tartışıldı)

It has been widely discussed in the years since.

The incident was widely discussed by the media.

It is a widely discussed virtue in ethical theories of Hinduism.

traveled widely   (yaygın seyahat)

He read and traveled widely and wrote for six decades.

Looking for inspiration outside Denmark, he traveled widely.

He spoke on the lecture circuit and traveled widely in Asia and Europe.

widely throughout   (genelinde)

He also toured widely throughout South America.

Norethisterone is marketed widely throughout the world.

Dydrogesterone is available widely throughout the world.

still widely used   (hala yaygın olarak kullanılmaktadır)

Cash is still widely used for most transactions.

A watered-down version of this is still widely used.

COBOL, C, and C++) are still widely used today.

most widely read   (en çok okunan)

He has been called "probably the most widely read Islamic political analyst".

It was one of the most widely read texts of the High Middle Ages or even "the" most-read.

His dramas are among the most widely read and frequently performed stage pieces in Russia.

varied widely   (geniş çeşitlilik gösterdi)

The impact of mass extinction events varied widely.

The circumscription of the genus has varied widely.

The content of the stump speech varied widely.

widely expected   (yaygın olarak beklenen)

The system was so novel that its engineering was widely expected to fail.

He was awarded his PhD with top honors, something that was widely expected.

Al-Huraiti had previously been widely expected to back the no-confidence vote.

first widely   (ilk önce)

This was the first widely popular all-nude musical.

The LG Optimus G is the first widely released device to feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC.

For these reasons, FORTRAN is considered to be the first widely used cross-platform programming language.

widely criticised   (geniş ölçüde eleştirildi)

The report was widely criticised as a "whitewash".

The article caused outrage and was widely criticised.

During the 20th century, Aristotle's work was widely criticised.

widely spread   (yaygın)

The long-range DF units were always widely spread.

Non-LTRs are widely spread in eukaryotic genomes.

The accordion is widely spread across the world.

most widely spoken   (en yaygın olarak konuşulan)

The most widely spoken language is Malayalam.

It is the most widely spoken of the three Ersu languages.

Afrikaans is the most widely spoken language in the town.

more widely used   (daha yaygın olarak kullanılır)

However, the name "Persian" is still more widely used.

Liquid oxygen (LOX) is even more widely used but as an oxidizer, not a fuel.

In earlier times, it was much more widely used in breads, porridges, soups etc.

spread widely   (yaygınlaşmak)

The petals are a curved lance shape, long, about wide and spread widely apart.

The authorities considered suppressing the news, but it had already spread widely.

His cult spread widely during the Middle Ages, reaching Capua, Naples and Benevento.

widely across   (yaygın)

However, severity may differ widely across the globe.

"A Sinner in Mecca" has been reviewed widely across the word.

Progress varied widely across demographic and national groups.

widely dispersed   (yaygın olarak dağılmış)

During the war, departments had been widely dispersed.

Political power was widely dispersed among certain elites.

The ostrich is widely dispersed, but is found chiefly in the desert and steppe regions.

widely covered   (geniş kapsamda)

Kuhl's work has been widely covered by the media.

Releases are widely covered in the media.

This case was one of the first trials to be widely covered by the media.

widely practiced   (yaygın olarak uygulandı)

Falconry is widely practiced by Qataris.

Hydrogenation of unsaturated fatty acids is widely practiced.

saponification, is a widely practiced route to metallic soaps.

widely studied   (yaygın olarak çalışıldı)

DNA methylation is the most widely studied epigenetic mechanism.

The V1a vasopressin receptor gene is a mechanism most widely studied.

French is also widely studied.

very widely   (çok yaygın)

The yellowmouth grouper is very widely spread.

The Sarum or Salisbury Breviary itself was very widely used.

In Hungary, dill is very widely used.

not widely used   (yaygın olarak kullanılmaz)

Was not considered successful and not widely used.

Syllabic abbreviations are not widely used in English.

However these are not widely used due to lack of profit.

widely quoted   (yaygın olarak alıntı yapılan)

He has been widely quoted as the "last of the great physicians".

His books are widely quoted, when history of Kashmir is discussed.

The "Zhen'gao"'s Examination of the Corpse section is widely quoted (Strickmann 1979: 182).

became more widely   (daha yaygın hale geldi)

Later SLC radar and GL radar for the HAA guns became more widely available.

As Gullah culture mingled with white southern culture, the custom became more widely practiced.

In the latter half of the 2010s, a vegan variant of Scouse quickly became more widely available.

exhibited widely   (yaygın olarak sergilendi)

She exhibited widely in Texas, and died in Dallas.

She exhibited widely in Texas during her career.

Cole's prints were exhibited widely during the 1980s and 1990s.

widely grown   (yaygın olarak yetiştirilen)

It is widely grown in parks and gardens in temperate regions.

Coconut trees are also widely grown.

The flowers are hermaphrodite, and are widely grown in horticulture.

widely varying   (çok değişken)

TESOL is a large field of employment with widely varying degrees of regulation.

Trapshooting outside of official events follows ATA rules and norms to widely varying degrees.

The combat now became so frenetic that the surviving pilots later gave widely varying accounts.

widely supported   (yaygın olarak desteklenen)

Meinhof's model was widely supported into the 1940s.

Chelsea are among the most widely supported football clubs in the world.

CSM Bucharest is one of the most widely supported handball clubs in Romania.

widely planted   (geniş ekili)

It is widely planted in Chile where it was historically mistaken for Sauvignon blanc.

Also, GM crops have been widely planted since the late 1990s, but CCD did not appear until 2006.

It is widely planted either along borders of gardens or as an intercrop throughout many traditional gardens in the tropics.

most widely distributed   (en yaygın dağıtılmış)

It "is one of the most widely distributed wild potato species."

The masked shrew is the most widely distributed shrew (Merritt 1995).

Copper was the hardest of these metals, and the most widely distributed.

so widely   (çok yaygın)

He had no idea it would become so widely known.

It has become so widely used that most don't realize it is not part of official ASCII.

As a result of junshi being practiced so widely, it was outlawed by a number of daimyō.

became widely used   (yaygın olarak kullanıldı)

It also became widely used in trade and commerce.

The Eurohound was good for mushing and became widely used.

However, aluminium became widely used only starting with World War I in 1914.

not widely known   (yaygın olarak bilinmemektedir)

As a result, these funds are not widely known.

Despite this, Roosevelt's affair was not widely known until the 1960s.

However, his death was not widely known until Sir Roger Moore paid tribute to him on Twitter on 17 October.

most widely accepted   (en yaygın kabul gören)

The two most widely accepted altered states are sleep and dreaming.

It is one of the most widely accepted and well-validated tests for ToM within adults.

Nonetheless, British Isles is still the most widely accepted term for the archipelago.

widely admired   (büyük beğeni topladı)

Reinach was widely admired and a remarkable teacher.

The Frasers' design for the half dollar has been widely admired.

His huge work capacity was widely admired by his colleagues and crew.

widely condemned   (yaygın olarak kınanmış)

Weltmer was widely condemned and denounced as a fraudster.

This statement was widely condemned by many Iranian politicians.

The work was widely condemned as unethical, dangerous, and premature.

widely celebrated   (yaygın olarak kutlandı)

Martenitsa is also widely celebrated.

Christmas is a public holiday in Singapore that is widely celebrated.

He is widely celebrated as one of America’s premier tap dance artists.

widely perceived   (yaygın olarak algılanan)

Surveys suggest Fox News is widely perceived to be ideological.

The group is widely perceived to act as a counter to the Muslim Council of Britain.

At the death of the pearl diving industry the dhow is widely perceived to have been disposed.

widely scattered   (yaygın olarak dağılmış)

The sketches remain widely scattered, many of them in private hands.

Petrovsky's examples put together widely scattered sections of continents.

When Gallitzin first started, there were few families, and those were widely scattered.

more widely available   (daha yaygın)

Later SLC radar and GL radar for the HAA guns became more widely available.

This invention gradually made books less expensive to produce, and more widely available.

It substantially reduced the cost of book production, and made books more widely available.

not widely accepted   (yaygın olarak kabul edilmiyor)

The division into subgenera is not widely accepted.

These theories are not widely accepted, however.

However, his theory was not widely accepted.

widely understood   (yaygın olarak anlaşıldı)

English is widely understood as well as French.

French is also widely understood.

The most spoken language in the village is Oshiwambo but English is widely understood too.

widely thought   (yaygın olarak düşünülmüş)

They are widely thought most vulnerable to Grover's algorithm.

Akin's comments were widely thought to be the main reason he lost the senatorial election.

The manuscript was widely thought to be in Old Welsh until the 18th century when it was identified as Cornish.

widely copied   (geniş çapta kopyalandı)

This system was widely copied in various NATO forces.

Nevertheless, the style was widely copied by men of all ages.

It has been widely copied, originally by mandolin maker Bob Givens.

now widely used   (şimdi yaygın olarak kullanılan)

MSC is now widely used by development aid agencies, especially NGOs.

This approach to regulation is now widely used in Canada and several countries overseas.

In the 2010s, electronic musical instruments are now widely used in most styles of music.

widely publicised   (yaygın olarak duyuruldu)

The $5 denomination was also issued, despite not being widely publicised in the changeover campaign.

Although workfare did exist in the 2000s under New Labour, it was not widely publicised or widely used.

After his brother committed a widely publicised murder-robbery in Kraków, he began to call himself "Żymierski" around 1913.

not been widely   (yaygın değil)

However, the impact of this omission on long-term pain has not been widely studied so far.

Private equity has not been widely used in Egypt in the past as a source of funding for businesses.

The name Chloanthaceae has not been widely adopted and "Pityrodia" is now included in the Lamiaceae.

widely applied   (yaygın olarak uygulanır)

Such reactions are widely applied to the production of dyes.

Nevertheless it remains widely applied.

This model was successfully validated in animals and then widely applied in humans.

lectured widely   (geniş ders anlattı)

He wrote and lectured widely about astronomy for professional and popular audiences.

From 1970 on, he lectured widely throughout the world on various aspects of American music.

He lectured widely in this country and abroad and attended many national and international meetings.

widely appreciated   (geniş takdir)

Songs were widely appreciated by media and audience.

This stone is widely appreciated in Japan for its ornamental value.

Gurshabad is also widely appreciated as the Geetkariyan fame singer.

widely disseminated   (geniş çapta yayılmış)

Jackalow became a wanted man, and his description was widely disseminated.

The Beale thesis was widely disseminated by the influential survey of Charles A.

Conspiracy theories about Jews are widely disseminated in Saudi Arabian state-controlled media.

widely assumed   (yaygın kabul)

He had been widely assumed to be preparing a run for president.

Lincoln's mother Nancy is widely assumed, absent documentation, to have been the daughter of Lucey Hanks.

It was widely assumed that this was McCartney working under a pseudonym and the album became a collector's item.

widely reviewed   (geniş çapta gözden geçirilmiş)

The book was critically acclaimed and widely reviewed.

It had a high media profile, and was widely reviewed and discussed.

It was widely reviewed.

widely referred   (yaygın olarak atıfta bulunulan)

This practice has been widely referred to as "Caviar diplomacy".

The painting has been widely referred to and pastiched in art, film.

"Hands" is still widely referred to as one of the greatest Irish TV series of all time.

toured widely   (geniş çapta gezdi)

At times, its company of dancers has toured widely.

He also toured widely throughout South America.

It ran through 1907 and then toured widely.