İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

wider range   (geniş aralık)

At the mixed sales there are a wider range of horses available.

Vijayan was discussed in Kerala Cultural-Political scenario in a wider range.

It could help customers buy wider range of products and save customers’ time.

wider audience   (daha geniş kitle)

His love for jazz helped bring the genre to a wider audience.

This effort succeeded and he began to be known to a wider audience.

Jennings intended to gain for them a wider audience with this album.

much wider   (çok daha geniş)

The park is much wider in the southern segments.

The result was much wider sidewalks and benches to sit on.

The double and twin rooms were much wider with more furniture.

wider public   (daha geniş halk)

As a result, Reemtsma has become known to a wider public.

As a result, for a time the object became known to the wider public as "Xena".

It became available to a wider public with the release of the Netscape browser in 1994.

wider community   (daha geniş bir topluluk)

This does not preclude them from being active in the wider community.

The Cleland Club is the former miners Working men's club, now used by the wider community.

RMIT Music Collective is affectionately called 'RMIT Music' by its members and wider community.

wider area

There are also changing exhibitions of archaeological finds from the wider area.

The name "London" is now ordinarily used for a far wider area than just the City.

The wider area including nearby Lewsey Park is sometimes referred to as Lewsey Farm.

wider variety

Juveniles consume a wider variety of prey than adults.

In the past, a wider variety of cold-start methods were used.

Von Neumann stability is necessary in a much wider variety of cases.

slightly wider   (biraz daha geniş)

A single barrel vaulted nave with a slightly wider apse.

Jack planes are long and wide, with wooden-stocked planes sometimes being slightly wider.

The carapace is rounded in outline, without any rostrum, and is slightly wider than it is long.

wider world   (daha geniş dünya)

in its relations with ‘the wider world’).

The EU also promoted human rights issues in the wider world.

News of his death only became known to the wider world six months after he died.

wider region   (daha geniş bölge)

From different directions the German troops were surrounded in the wider region of Murino on 24 July.

In the early Bronze Age, the territory of Manglisi was part of the wider region, home to a kurgan culture.

The Ridwan family saw themselves as the leaders of the wider region and the patrons of other ruling families.

wider recognition

He was also gaining wider recognition.

In particular, his role as Mark in the 2003 film "Love Actually" gained him wider recognition.

Brown's work in this area became the basis for a wider recognition of Price's role in and contribution to American music.

wider distribution

Magazines had wider distribution than comic books, and a more adult readership.

However, some sources list it as having a wider distribution but see taxonomic note below.

At least one film screened at the event, "March Point", received wider distribution through PBS.

within the wider

It is also within the wider territory of the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

This section deals with fictional characters set within the wider backdrop of the British Empire.

New ensembles/groups began to form as well as an increasing presence within the wider RMIT University community.

wider sense

Snyder also sought to cultivate a wider sense of mission.

It has often been used this wider sense by Christian authors, e.g.

In a wider sense, the term is used to refer to a variety of Spanish musical styles.

reach a wider

intended for the video to depict something real "made not real" to reach a wider audience.

He also hoped to reach a wider audience to help Maltese folklore become more widely known.

This will ultimately reach a wider target audience and drive more traffic to the original post.

wider context

Hawking put the Paralympic Games into the wider context of society.

In a wider context, there was an attempt to base all of mathematics on Cantor's set theory.

In the wider context, the First Family may comprise the head of state or head of government's parents, siblings and extended relatives.

wider attention   (daha geniş dikkat)

However, it was a contribution outside Parliament which brought Sandham to wider attention.

His career began in Chicago clubs, but he did not gain wider attention until moving to New York City in 1938.

As Brod published the bulk of the writings in his possession, Kafka's work began to attract wider attention and critical acclaim.

wider society

Until 2017, most mainstream assessments of the platform economy were largely positive about its benefits to wider society.

Crime and population figures show that Jews in New York committed crimes at a rate far below the average for the wider society.

It offers a framework through which community psychologists examine individuals' relationships within communities and the wider society.

wider use

These features all came into wider use among other Czech games.

However, the usage of Roman Urdu is declining with the wider use of Hindi and English in these states.

The Extremaduran language is spoken in northern rural areas, and shades into dialects of Spanish that are in wider use.

even wider

In May 2008, WCBS led WNBC by an even wider margin.

This species’ historic range, however, was even wider.

Time needs to be given to the greater Sikh community and the even wider world community.

gained wider

This system now gained wider acceptance.

It became operational in 1979 and gained wider acceptance as an advocacy group in 1987.

However, the proof has since then gained wider acceptance, although doubts still remain.