young widow   (若い未亡人)

The young widow edited her father's papers.

When he was 36, Bacon courted Elizabeth Hatton, a young widow of 20.

The young widow refused and fled, taking refuge in the castle of Como.

wealthy widow   (裕福な未亡人)

David married a wealthy widow in Leipzig.

He soon returned to New York in 1932 to marry a former portrait sitter and wealthy widow, May Safford.

The house was designed and built for Margaret Louisa Thompson Johnstone, the wealthy widow of John T. Johnstone.

widow died   (未亡人が亡くなりました)

His widow died on 8 October 1952, at the age of 72.

Andreas Bjørn died in 1750 and his widow died in 1758.

His widow died three years later, in 1699.

left a widow   (未亡人を残しました)

Elizabeth was left a widow to bring up their son.

He left a widow, Thea Gregory, and six children.

Adams left a widow with four sons and two daughters.

leaving a widow   (未亡人を残して)

He died on 7 April 1980, leaving a widow, Vera, and two daughters.

He died in Sydney in 1931, leaving a widow, Annie, and two daughters.

He died of pneumonia at the age of 33, leaving a widow and three children.

married the widow

In 1766,he married the widow Susan Scott.

In 1694, being 49 years old, he married the widow Neeltje Pieters van Meyservelt.

Nearly a decade after Madeline's death, Desha married the widow Mary Frazer LeBus.