declared the winner   (勝者を宣言した)

The last person remaining is declared the winner.

Froch was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

In the Grand Finale, his team was declared the winner.

eventual winner   (最終的な勝者)

The eventual winner was Gabriela Isler of Venezuela.

The eventual winner of the pageant was Lena Ma.

Krupicka ran second to the eventual winner, Adam Ebbin.

winner of each   (それぞれの勝者)

The winner of each group will promote to LEB Plata.

The winner of each heat qualified to the second round.

The winner of each match up was determined by aggregate score.

first winner   (最初の勝者)

Became the first winner of the Gold Ostap premium.

He was the first winner of the Richard Tucker Award.

Carmen Manet from Slovenia was the first winner.

determine the winner   (勝者を決める)

There would be a third-party group of judges to determine the winner.

If the game is still a draw, a penalty shoot-out will determine the winner.

The system used to determine the winner of the cup has a rather tangled history.

overall winner   (総合勝者)

The overall winner received $15,000 prize money.

The overall winner of the tournament was Joel Román.

Anssi Koivuranta from Finland became overall winner.

race winner   (レース勝者)

Benning said that the race winner won around $3000.

The race winner was Vivian Cheruiyot in a time of 2:18:31.

Richard was demoted to third and Lee was declared the race winner.

award winner

The overall award winner is indicated in bold type.

<nowiki>*</nowiki>Designates double award winner

Keteyian is an 11-time Emmy award winner.

behind the winner   (勝者の後ろ)

He finished 38 lengths behind the winner in eleventh.

Tempier finished the race in 11th place, 2:23 behind the winner.

He was over thirteen minutes behind the winner, Englishman Liam Killeen.

medal winner

He was also a gold medal winner at the Paris Salon.

gold medal winner in both long jump and triple jump.

Costa Rica as gold medal winner in Heptathlon.

prize winner

The grand prize winner is featured in "Sports Illustrated".

Stalin prize winner of III degree (1950).

Notable alumnus include Nobel prize winner Richard Feynman (Physics, 1939).

behind winner   (勝者の後ろ)

Most Improved was ¾ length behind winner Parish Hall.

He finished in about sixth place, behind winner Don Juan.

She won nearly 12,000 votes, 6,000 behind winner Richard Patten of the Liberals.

scored the winner

A week later, he scored the winner against his former club.

John Tavares scored the winner, and hometown captain Tracy Kelusky was named game MVP.

Sam Ireland scored the winner for Bangalow in extra time after it was 1-1 at full-time.

winner against   (勝者)

A week later, he scored the winner against his former club.

Obika followed this up with a 90th-minute winner against Wolves.

The Shoot Out matched up the event's first-round winner against a prearranged bucking bull.

winner received

The winner received the Hythe Aero Trophy and £100.

The overall winner received $15,000 prize money.

The winner received £100 and the runner up £50.

decide the winner

The match was to decide the winner of the 2012 MTN 8 tournament.

It took NASCAR founder Bill France Sr. three days to decide the winner.

Extra time and penalty shoot-out were used to decide the winner if necessary.

winner receives

The winner receives a trophy and the $10,000 prize.

The winner receives for a single short-story.

"The Fred" award winner receives Dagg's Gumboot as a trophy.

tournament winner   (トーナメントの勝者)

The tournament winner, Alcides Vigo was promoted to the Playoff.

The tournament winner, Deportivo Aviación was promoted to the Playoff.

The tournament winner, Unión Huaral was promoted to the First Division.

cup winner

The cup winner qualifies for the 2019 AFC Cup.

The cup winner is guaranteed a place in the 2019 AFC Champions league.

youngest winner

At 19 years of age, he is also the youngest winner to date.

He is the youngest winner of a Golden Calf for Best Actor to date.

In 1954, Jean-Pierre Serre became the youngest winner of the Fields Medal, at 27.

inaugural winner

Matthews was the inaugural winner of the Ballon d'Or.

The inaugural winner was the Southern team.

Its inaugural winner was Benfica who beat Agrária by 5–0.

named the winner

Bruce Liang 梁博 was named the winner.

Non Thanon was named the winner.

Harbaugh was named the winner of the Woody Hayes Coach of the Year Award.

stage winner

Without the bonus of two minutes for the stage winner, Giuseppe Martano would have won the race.

During 2008, he was a stage winner in Sparkassencup Schwenningen, and won two stages in Bayern-Rundfahrt.

The stage winner was Lars Petter Nordhaug of Team Sky who took over the general classification lead from André Greipel.

game winner

In Game 7, Pete Babando scored the game winner in double overtime.

Florida QB Chris Leak passed for 3 TD's including the game winner to Dallas Baker with 6:30 left to play.

The MVP of the game was Lewis Ratcliff of the Calgary Roughnecks, who scored 4 goals, including the game winner.

against the winner   (勝者に対して)

The loser would play off against the winner of the 2009 First Division play off.

An objection by Rotz against the winner for causing interference was unsuccessful.

They were drawn at home in the next round against the winner of either Kilmarnock or Rangers with the latter winning in the replay.

joint winner

The book was a joint winner of the Booker-McConnell Prize for fiction.

In 2004, the design for London's City Hall was appointed joint winner.

At eighteen, he was joint winner of the West German Chess Championship.

gold medal winner

He was also a gold medal winner at the Paris Salon.

gold medal winner in both long jump and triple jump.

Costa Rica as gold medal winner in Heptathlon.

crowned the winner

Line Rehkopff was crowned the winner of the season.

The winner of this battle would be crowned the winner of The Four.

Judah is crowned the winner and showered with prizes, claiming his first strike against Rome.

late winner

Villa's Conor Hourihane knocked Yeovil out with a late winner.

The Royals lost the fixture 2–1, with the National League side scoring a late winner through Ben Williamson.

His first senior goal came on 28 December, scoring a late winner over Huddersfield Town in a 2–1 victory at Bramall Lane.

clear winner   (明確な勝者)

The boats raced in 1845 a twenty mile course with no clear winner.

In this series of tests, the faceted system was now the clear winner.

SK and Na'Vi had a rivalry, but Na'Vi was the clear winner in this match.

became the winner

Argentina and Mexico became the winner and runner-up.

India became the winner for the third successive time.

He participated and became the winner of "Nach Baliye" in 2015.

stakes winner

Her sire, Boston Doge, was a multiple stakes winner.

Her first foal, Sonic Mule, was also a stakes winner.

Sentiment's only stakes winner was Night Raid.

group winner

Medals are awarded to each group winner and runner-up.

After playing each other once the group winner advances to the semi-finals.

The group winner advanced to the group stage to join the 11 automatic qualifiers.

scoring the winner

In Russia, they lost 1–0, with Danny scoring the winner.

His highlight was scoring the winner in a 2–1 home win over S.L.

He scored once during his spell at Preston, scoring the winner in a 1–0 win over Sheffield Wednesday.

winner was announced

The winner was announced in November 2017.

The winner was announced as Keith Brown at the SNP conference in Aberdeen on 8 June.

On 17 December 2003 viewers were invited to vote for their favourite invention and then the winner was announced live on BBC One.

announced the winner

Gerron Hurt was announced the winner, with Ashley Mincey and Cesar Cano as co-runners-up.

When these were opened on October 25, 1995, SAUR was announced the winner, based on price.

After all provisional ballots had been tallied, Harris was announced the winner over Lewis by 735 votes.

winner receiving

A panel of international baristas judges the designs, with the winner receiving a cash prize.

The AFC playoffs culminate in the AFC Championship Game with the winner receiving the Lamar Hunt Trophy.

The season began with eight child chefs in the pilot episode and then ended with three finalists in the season finale, with the winner receiving $20,000.

winner was chosen

The overall Grand Prix winner was chosen from a combination these votes.

Ajda Pekkan sang all of the songs and the winner was chosen by an "expert" jury.

There were 9 songs in the finals and the winner was chosen by the votes of 3 regional juries.

time winner

23.6 in 2016 he became the fourth time winner of the Survey of the Czech cyclist.

He is also a two time Indiana Sprint Week (2011, 2018) & Eastern Storm (2017, 2018) champion, and a two time winner of the Little 500 (2011, 2015).

His first match in charge came just a day later, in which Marc Goodfellow scored a stoppage time winner for Bristol City as County were beaten 2–1 at home.

declared winner

SC WANEL EXIM SRL (Bacău) was declared winner.

Escobar was declared winner of the match by technical knockout.

BJP retained the seat with Vijay Rupani declared winner candidate.

letter winner

He was also a two-year letter winner in basketball.

With University of Arizona, he was a letter winner in both 1985 and 1986.

Rathman was a three-year letter winner in football at the University of Nebraska.