Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

during the winter   (durante el invierno)

Ice fishing is also permitted during the winter months.

The park did not sit idle during the winter.

The church is currently closed during the winter months.

winter months   (meses de invierno)

They do not breed in the coldest winter months.

During winter months, wood was cut and stacked.

It is nocturnal and active mostly during winter months.

during winter   (durante el invierno)

The Common sails are stored indoors during winter.

The reserve's campsite is closed during winter.

It is nocturnal and active mostly during winter months.

winter season   (temporada de invierno)

Kataiya winter season is the most pleasant time.

They hibernate during the winter season.

There are few rains in winter season due to Western depression.

winter break   (vacaciones de invierno)

FC Union Berlin during the German winter break.

Before the winter break, he made four appearances in the 2.

The winter break was preceded by a home win against Real Betis.

winter sports

This discourages people from trying winter sports.

Andorra is famous for the practice of winter sports.

They are not good at winter sports like skiing.

winter and spring   (invierno y primavera)

The terms summer, autumn, winter and spring do not generally apply.

Post-Production was done in Toronto during the winter and spring of 2016.

During the winter and spring runoff, the Hardy is allowed to fluctuate much more.

winter transfer

In the 2016–17 winter transfer window Heidinger moved to 3.

He was transferred to Partizan in the 1989 winter transfer widow.

In the winter transfer window, winger Nolito was loaned to Granada.

summer and winter

The primary school hosts summer and winter fairs.

The Lusen is popular for hiking in summer and winter.

Apollo divides months into summer and winter.

winter quarters

In 1649 he went upriver and built winter quarters at Anadyrsk.

On December 19, Washington's army entered winter quarters at Valley Forge.

It subsequently went into winter quarters, guarding the Rappahannock River.

winter transfer window

In the 2016–17 winter transfer window Heidinger moved to 3.

In the winter transfer window, winger Nolito was loaned to Granada.

Vidémont joined Ajaccio in January 2015, on the final day of the winter transfer window.

late winter

In the late winter of 1882 the Brisbane F.C.

Activity occurred throughout the day in late winter and early spring.

Wildflowers are common in late winter, and small orchids may be observed.

spent the winter

He and his men spent the winter here.

After arriving in St. Louis, the regiment spent the winter there.

Hobbs spent the winter of 1905–06 practising his batting and fielding.

autumn and winter   (otoño e invierno)

Flowers appear in autumn and winter.

"Life" showed in Sweden on Kanal 5 during autumn and winter 2006.

It blooms in autumn and winter.

cold winter

Snow falls during cold winter storms.

Both help stave off the cold winter air which sometimes dips below freezing.

On one cold winter day, he saw the poor suffering from chilblains on their ears.

fall and winter

These shows run seasonally during the fall and winter.

During fall and winter, fog is often frequently present.

Special event trains are run during fall and winter months.

winter weather

Military operations were hampered by deep snow and extremely severe winter weather.

For these reasons, it often receives harsher winter weather than much of the rest of the city.

Later, the young trolls make good on their lessons, ruining each other's fun in the winter weather.

winter storm   (tormenta de invierno)

The practice of winter storm naming remains controversial in the United States.

On February 13, 1926, the wharf was destroyed by heavy surf during a winter storm.

As they ride, a winter storm begins, and soon the road becomes covered with heavy, thick snow.

through the winter

Queens hibernate through the winter once they have been fertilized.

It was catastrophic for France, as his army was decimated through the winter.

Apart from some CB shoots, there was little activity through the winter months.

first winter

Many died during the harsh and long first winter in Fredericton.

That first winter Clay gave birth to her only child, who died soon after.

In February 2005 there was the first winter championships in Stoos, Switzerland.

winter solstice   (solsticio de invierno)

The Romans marked the winter solstice on December 25.

It contained the winter solstice in the Early Bronze Age.

Over this period, the year began with the winter solstice.

winter temperatures

Summer temperatures average to , winter temperatures to .

Summer temperatures typically range from , while winter temperatures average between .

The tree blooms better with pronounced differences between summer and winter temperatures.

following winter

The following winter was then the opportunity to return to Lorraine.

The following winter's tour to Australia was billed as an attempt to reclaim The Ashes.

The following winter she was sent for transport again, a long walk under harsh conditions.

early winter

Adults emerge in the late autumn or early winter.

Diocletian entered the city of Rome in the early winter of 303.

Construction began in 1926 and finished in the early winter of 1927.

winter storms

They can also receive snow from winter storms.

Snow falls during cold winter storms.

Rains on the Basque coast are rarely persistent except during winter storms.

winter and summer

Today Entracque addresses both winter and summer tourism.

Machh experiences extreme winter and summer temperatures.

Its climate is Mediterranean but extreme in winter and summer.

harsh winter   (invierno aspero)

Diapause allows "O. bicornis" to survive harsh winter conditions.

The term became common in the press during the harsh winter of 1880–81.

In the early months of 1885, a harsh winter had embattled shipping in Lake Michigan.

winter when   (invierno cuando)

They remained in command until the winter when the fleet returned to Britain.

The seeds germinate in the autumn or winter when the soil temperature is cool.

Growth is slow during summer but faster in winter when food is more plentiful.

each winter

The bats migrate to Mexico each winter.

A high quality course is constructed each winter in Jämijärvi.

The mountain summit receives an average of of snowfall each winter.

transfers winter

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severe winter   (invierno severo)

February was by far the coldest month in this severe winter.

The most severe winter days in Lapland can see the temperature fall down to .

During the severe winter of 1940, the battalion remained in battle positions.

throughout the winter

This went on throughout the winter of 1940–41.

It is closed throughout the winter (October to March).

The high elevation results in snowfall throughout the winter months.

football transfers winter

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spend the winter

They spend the winter as adults or eggs.

The eggs hatch and the larvae spend the winter hibernating within the bark.

At the end of the year, Moonshell was again sent to spend the winter in Dubai.

winter conditions

This allowed them to train in winter conditions all year.

Diapause allows "O. bicornis" to survive harsh winter conditions.

This failure has also been blamed on the difficulties of fighting in the bitter winter conditions, particularly for the infantry.

winter home   (casa de invierno)

In 1946, Maynard died at his winter home in Tucson.

Ray and Jackie had a winter home in Naples, Florida.

The O'Tooles also maintain a winter home in Bonita Springs, FL.

every winter

The city recreates the ice palace every winter.

The state restocks trout every winter, starting November 1.

It snows briefly on Mt Meron a few times during every winter.

winter and early

The breeding season is autumn, winter and early spring.

Activity occurred throughout the day in late winter and early spring.

The mountain receives large amounts of snow in autumn, winter and early spring.

winter time

Population of Ağva is about 2,500 in winter time.

In the winter time, groups of up to 150 guests can be served.

However, the filming was clearly done during the winter time.

winter sport   (deporte de invierno)

Mexico's best winter sport is para-alpine skiing.

It is Canada's official national winter sport.

during winter months

It is nocturnal and active mostly during winter months.

Her design made her difficult to handle during winter months.

The oceans off Skjellvika are used for ice-fishing during winter months.

winter crop

Crop (as of 01/01/2016): grain production: 1792 tons yield - 22.0 c / ha; including winter crop 935 tons, yield - 21.0 c / ha.

main winter   (invierno principal)

The remainder of the first of the two Cathar wars now focused on Simon's attempt to hold on to his gains through winters where he was faced, with only a small force of confederates operating from the main winter camp at Fanjeaux, with the desertion of local lords who had sworn fealty to him out of necessity—and attempts to enlarge his newfound domains in the summer when his forces were greatly augmented by reinforcements from France, Germany and elsewhere.

winter semester

She graduated in the winter semester 1901/02 in Berlin.

She also taught a winter semester in 1948 at Sarah Lawrence College.

He stopped his 1934/1935 winter semester Calculus III course from 20 November on.