İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not wish   (istemiyorum)

Only the truly flint-hearted could not wish him well."

However he did not wish to enter Parliament.

He did not wish to renew the loan after the 2012 season.

did not wish   (istemedi)

However he did not wish to enter Parliament.

He did not wish to renew the loan after the 2012 season.

Atkinson did not wish to continue writing for the second series.

does not wish   (istemiyor)

If a player does not wish to bid, he just says "pass" or "next!"

Rhf1 Nd5 Black wants to have his bishop on d5 and does not wish to play e6 at all.

Jocelyn learns she is pregnant, but does not wish to burden Euan with a child of mixed race.

wish to see   (görmek istemek)

Chuck describes his wish to see a "better solution for everyone."

He sends Riley home, but fails to express to her that he doesn't wish to see her again.

While many Guianese wish to see more autonomy, support for complete independence is low.

last wish   (son Dilek)

His last wish was that Mouton start the rally.

Mesdag's last wish was to sing the works of Jacques Brel.

"I want my last wish to be fulfilled.

students who wish

It is read across India, mainly by students who wish to appear for competitive entrance exams.

In addition, EKF provides scholarships for Korean students who wish to study at universities all throughout the European Union.

Dean also offers Part-Time Continuing Studies options to serve students who wish to pursue their education on a part-time basis.

wish to become   (olmak istemek)

The act does not deal with residency of same-sex couples that wish to become civil partnered in Ireland.

is often a required credential for people who wish to become a professor of double bass at a university or conservatory.

Baba's associates urged him to use the final wish to become the permanent CM himself as the state would be great under him.

wish to make   (yapmak istemek)

A player may wish to make multiple different bets.

Suppose we wish to make it display the next available buffer.

"[I rediscovered] the wish to make compositions with figures.

dying wish

Lancelot fulfills Arthur's dying wish to hurl Excalibur into a lake.

He expresses as his dying wish that Mindia kill Tshalkhia, as does Msia.

Pokrovsky falls ill soon after, and his dying wish is to see the sun and the world outside.

wish to take

We do not wish to take that risk".

However some local Arabs, led by Sheikh Talifah, wish to take over.

At any time, a player may wish to take any bet or bets out of play.

expressed a wish

Bernini still expressed a wish to add the figure as late as 1665.

Laurence Olivier also expressed a wish to appear in the programme.

In 2007, the sister of Sean Campbell expressed a wish to meet Watt.

wish to use

It is up to the user to decide which parameters they wish to use.

Membership is also open to sports teams that wish to use the club.

After seeing the prototype armor in use, the military wish to use the armor themselves.

no wish

He had no wish for riches and they lived frugally.

There was no wish to change and to strengthen the centralized power.

Ketsbaia said regarding the departure: "I don't want players who have no wish to play for Anorthosis.