İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

wished to see   (görmek istedim)

Poigai wished to see Vishnu's face continuously but could view only from the simmering light of the lightning.

wished to make   (yapmak istedim)

Brown wished to make an immediate all-out attack.

Anna Mani wished to make India dependent in weather instruments.

He wished to make contact with men from the Bogue for personal reasons - he wasn't a rogue!

wished to continue   (devam etmek istedi)

In February 2019 he said he wished to continue playing for a further year.

While Pearson at first wished to continue riding, her injuries made that course difficult.

At Festiniog passengers had to transfer to narrow gauge trains if they wished to continue northwards.

wished to remain   (kalmayı diledi)

Brock's story also included material from two other troopers who wished to remain unnamed.

Orpen made it clear he wished to remain in France and was keen to work in the newly liberated towns.

Entering the 2008 season, Farrior stated that he wished to remain a Steeler for the remainder of his career.

wished to avoid   (kaçınmak istedi)

Harney, an elderly career officer, wished to avoid open conflict with secessionist forces.

Small companies who wished to avoid credit card charges and simplify online payments soon followed suit.

The Austrian emperor Leopold II, brother of Marie Antoinette, may have wished to avoid war, but he died on 1 March 1792.