witch trials   (魔女裁判)

Her case belonged to the more famed within Polish witch trials.

She was eighteen years of age during the time of Salem witch trials.

One of his brothers, John Bradstreet, was also implicated in the witch trials.

witch hunt   (魔女狩り)

Ambassador Susan Rice, "Benghazi is a stupid witch hunt."

Kolingba's RDC loudly proclaimed that Patassé's government was conducting a "witch hunt" against the Yakoma.

She said that she had been the victim of a "witch hunt" by overzealous social workers determined to break up her family.

witch doctor   (呪術医)

Reverend Jondular (William L. Baker) is a witch doctor who helps Spanner use his powers.

In some carvings the bishop appears as a witch doctor (native to 19th century east African culture).

Kalbaryo later reveals herself to be a witch, born under her great grandfather who is a witch doctor.