Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

householder with no   (cabeza de familia sin)

56.3% were married couples living together, 11.1% had a female householder with no husband present, and 29.0% were non-families.

Of the 662 households, 23.4% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 52.9% were married couples living together, 11.2% had a female householder with no husband present, and 31.3% were not families.

Out of 190,638 households, 29.9% have children under the age of 18 living with them, 28.5% were married couples living together, 24.8% had a female householder with no husband present, and 41.3% were nonfamilies.

along with other   (junto con otro)

This along with other new systems, vehicles, etc.

Ayda along with other spirits are shown in the forest.

New sails were added in 1971, along with other repairs.

along with several   (junto con varios)

The mall has 273 stores along with several restaurants.

The project was started by Victor Luchitz along with several others.

The company was ranked 44th along with several other robotics companies.

along with many   (junto con muchos)

The garage along with many others was requisitioned in the First World War.

Gofio is a Canarian food also known by Cubans, along with many other kinds.

In the 2010s, the population declined, along with many other towns in Belarus.

together with other   (junto con otro)

Cross-stitch is often used together with other stitches.

The men hunt either individually or together with other men.

Castile obtained La Rioja, together with other Navarrese lands.

people with disabilities   (gente con discapacidades)

It is also ideal for people with disabilities.

Her finding that over 90% people with disabilities i.e.

“It gives visibility to the context of people with disabilities.

along with fellow   (junto con el compañero)

He was automatically put up for eviction along with fellow intruders Melanie and Rita.

She was automatically put up for eviction along with fellow intruders Heath and Melanie.

He would move next to Napoli along with fellow Uruguayan midfielder, Mariano Bogliacino.

along with all

Santiago kidnaps Rudy along with all of his equipment.

She was able to escape, along with all of her patients.

Her feast day, along with all the English Martyrs, is on 4 May.

along with another   (junto con otro)

They also have 8 sisters along with another brother.

She, along with another doctor and ten nurses, treated the patients.

Lacey was later speared along with another of the station shepherds by Aborigines.

diagnosed with cancer   (diagnosticado con cancer)

Chambers was herself diagnosed with cancer in 1981.

At the age of seven he was diagnosed with cancer.

Around this time, his wife was diagnosed with cancer.

graduated with honors   (graduado con honores)

Sonas graduated with honors with a B.S.

Vargas graduated with honors from Harvard University with an A.B.

In 1819, he graduated with honors from the University of Vermont.

met with mixed

The single was met with mixed to positive reviews.

The game was met with mixed reviews upon release.

filled with water   (lleno de agua)

The bucket is filled with water and left out overnight.

A half-a-million gallon tank filled with water was used.

An important example is of a telescope filled with water.

along with most   (junto con la mayoría)

Former coach Kiss returned to the team along with most of the teams key players.

The Alpha architecture was sold, along with most parts of DEC, to Compaq in 1998.

The video was published first on YouTube along with most of Lonely Island's works.

worked with many

He worked with many theatre groups (e.g.

As an actor, he has worked with many leading directors of this film industry.

In 2007, DioGuardi worked with many notable artists, one of whom was Britney Spears.

along with others

Agreeable individuals value getting along with others.

Disagreeable individuals place self-interest above getting along with others.

Tracks from Stravarious were later re-issued, along with others on "Do What You Like".

credited with having

The base is credited with having destroyed 25 German submarines.

He is credited with having won 40 fights (with 37 KOs), 7 losses, and 5 draws.

He was credited with having the Air Canada Centre completed on budget and on time.

met with positive   (se reunió con positivo)

said: "Hell III" was met with positive reception.

The opening ceremony was met with positive reviews.

"No Love Deep Web" was met with positive reviews.

love with each   (amor con cada)

Vijay and Soo Reni also fall in love with each other.

Fallon and Liam admit they are in love with each other.

They got close and eventually fell in love with each other.

covered with orchards   (cubierto de huertos)

Out of the forested land, 2.3% of the total land area is heavily forested and 3.9% is covered with orchards or small clusters of trees.

Out of the forested land, 95.5% of the total land area is heavily forested and 2.5% is covered with orchards or small clusters of trees.

Out of the forested land, 86.3% of the total land area is heavily forested and 1.9% is covered with orchards or small clusters of trees.

served with distinction   (servido con distinción)

Her husband served with distinction in Vietnam.

Prince George served with distinction in the rank of Major, Welsh Guards 1939–45.

It served with distinction during a call up for Mississippi River floods in 1993.

along with former

Project unit Ecomoni, along with former Morning Musume member Rika Ishikawa.

7960, Open Thirds Nos, 24105, 43600, 43612, 52250 along with former pre-grouping GNR composite No.

(#6 now belongs to the Central NY Chapter, NRHS along with former Solvay Process Co. Alco 0-4-0 # 53).

compared with other   (comparado con otro)

This allows the deck to be extremely low compared with other trailers.

Articulation on the dolçaina is really limited if compared with other wind instruments.

In most cases these will be lower compared with other wastewater treatment alternatives.

enzyme with systematic   (enzima con sistemática)

Arylsulfatase Arylsulfatase (, "sulfatase", "nitrocatechol sulfatase", "phenolsulfatase", "phenylsulfatase", "p-nitrophenyl sulfatase", "arylsulfohydrolase", "4-methylumbelliferyl sulfatase", "estrogen sulfatase") is a type of sulfatase enzyme with systematic name "aryl-sulfate sulfohydrolase".

N-acetylgalactosamine-4-sulfatase N-acetylgalactosamine-4-sulfatase (, "chondroitinsulfatase", "chondroitinase", "arylsulfatase B", "acetylgalactosamine 4-sulfatase", "N-acetylgalactosamine 4-sulfate sulfohydrolase") is an enzyme with systematic name "N-acetyl-D-galactosamine-4-sulfate 4-sulfohydrolase".

N4-(beta-N-acetylglucosaminyl)-L-asparaginase N4-(beta-N-acetylglucosaminyl)-L-asparaginase (, "aspartylglucosylamine deaspartylase", "aspartylglucosylaminase", "aspartylglucosaminidase", "aspartylglycosylamine amidohydrolase", "N-aspartyl-beta-glucosaminidase", "glucosylamidase", "beta-aspartylglucosylamine amidohydrolase", "4-N-(beta-N-acetyl-D-glucosaminyl)-L-asparagine amidohydrolase") is an enzyme with systematic name "N4-(beta-N-acetyl-D-glucosaminyl)-L-asparagine amidohydrolase".

up with another   (con otro)

He followed it up with another goal in the home fixture.

They followed this up with another in 1933.

Prisoners are paired up with another and handcuffed together.

battle with cancer   (batalla con el cáncer)

Shanta died in 2006 after a long battle with cancer.

He died at the age of 72 after a battle with cancer.

Park died on 23 July 2019 after a battle with cancer.

along with various

They experienced slowness along with various bugs which hindered the user experience further.

On August 15, 1876, Ahtahkakoop, along with various other chiefs and officials met at Fort Carlton.

The new lineup features Imus in the Morning along with various political and financial talk programs.

along with new

Five subspecies are recognized, along with new subspecies.

It received new front and rear bumpers, along with new grill and lights.

An official add-on for the game adds three new levels along with new monsters.

credited with helping   (acreditado por ayudar)

She is credited with helping her husband become a better student.

He was credited with helping devise the crouching technique for defense.

She is credited with helping define what is known as "the New Zealand Look."

charged with murder

Having been charged with murder, Anjirō had fled Japan.

Selman was arrested, charged with murder and stood trial.

She was charged with murder, kidnapping and crimes against .

combined with other   (combinado con otro)

Burial may be combined with other methods such as salting or fermentation.

Partial evaluation can be combined with other incremental computing techniques.

Diodes can be combined with other components to construct AND and OR logic gates.

common with other   (común con otros)

This is in common with other types of surface waves.

In 1927, as was common with other Irish painters of the time, Reid went to Paris.

The gauge selected for the line was , in common with other Saxon narrow gauge railways.

communicate with each   (comunicarse con cada)

Tigers also use their tails to communicate with each other.

We leave a door open to communicate with each other's traditions.

Ants communicate with each other using pheromones, sounds, and touch.

interact with each   (interactuar con cada)

Muslims and Christians collaborate and interact with each other peacefully.

These groups appear to interact with each other, especially at forest clearings.

He argues that his work is about "how different realities interact with each other."

conjunction with other   (junto con otro)

Calculus can be used in conjunction with other mathematical disciplines.

Diplopodia is often found in conjunction with other structural abnormalities and can be lethal.

It also produces some Australian movies, such as "Bad Eggs", in conjunction with other companies.

met with critical   (se reunió con crítico)

"NTS Sessions 1–4" has been met with critical acclaim.

"The Sciences" was met with critical acclaim.

His 2014 autobiography "" was met with critical acclaim.

collaboration with other   (colaboración con otro)

The fifth step was collaboration with other government agencies.

They practice collaboration with other choirs for larger projects.

His fourth album, "Made in Trance", is a collaboration with other French musicians.

associated with increased

Some of these are associated with increased risk of skin cancer .

UCD is associated with increased risk of paraneoplastic pemphigus.

Benzodiazepines are also associated with increased risk of suicide.

met with generally

The album was met with generally positive reviews.

"Trilogy" was met with generally positive reviews.

"Longing" was met with generally positive reviews.

replaced with new

In 2010, the panels were removed and replaced with new panels.

In 1895 the "Atlanta" two Scotch boilers were replaced with new ones.

It is then replaced with new lyrics with no reference to Stalin itself.

along with numerous

They, along with numerous other musicians formed a band.

They have 6 state and 6 national titles, along with numerous individual player titles.

In 1958, he was, along with numerous notables, to establish the Homosexual Law Reform Society.

worked with other   (trabajado con otro)

Nick Douglas has also worked with other bands and musicians.

Morant has worked with other bands, such as The 4 Of Us, Alabama 3, and Anne Clark.

In the same era they also worked with other producers such as Linval Thompson ("Wailing").

merged with other   (fusionado con otro)

In 1973, the bank merged with other Orlando banks to become SunBanks.

"Yuya", his hometown, was merged with other towns into Nagato City in 2005.

In 2007 it was merged with other municipalities to form the new Vejle Municipality.

worked with several

He has worked with several producers, PFizzy, Snow Man and Phizy Joe.

Kazic has since worked with several construction companies in Germany.

She was later reassigned to kitchen duty and worked with several prisoners of war.

shared with other   (compartido con otro)

‡ Note: shared with other four nominees.

In many cases these responsibilities are shared with other federal agencies.

Most of the postcranial traits are today known to be shared with other lambeosaurines.

diagnosed with breast   (diagnosticado con mama)

In 1988, Connally was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In April 2010, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In 1978, Loden was diagnosed with breast cancer.

credited with introducing

She is credited with introducing all three to the American public.

Häusser is credited with introducing both those styles to Denmark.

Queen Marie is also credited with introducing lentilles to the French diet.

collaborated with other   (colaborado con otros)

He also collaborated with other Soviet theaters.

He also often collaborated with other painters.

Additionally, they have collaborated with other artists.

couples with children

Of the rest of the households, there are 61 married couples without children, 114 married couples with children There were 29 single parents with a child or children.

Of the rest of the households, there are 306 married couples without children, 596 married couples with children There were 89 single parents with a child or children.

Of the rest of the households, there are 232 married couples without children, 378 married couples with children There were 63 single parents with a child or children.

persons with disabilities

Another development, for persons with disabilities, is called ".

It has a staff of 77 employees, 15 of whom are persons with disabilities.

Seniors, persons with disabilities, and veterans receive a discounted fare of 50% off.

combination with other   (combinación con otro)

In combination with other sources this suggests Jesus was born in 8 or 7 BC.

Acupuncture is generally used only in combination with other forms of treatment.

Acupuncture is generally only used in combination with other forms of treatment.

associated with other   (asociado con otro)

These dates are older than those associated with other proto-languages.

Papules are sometimes associated with other features such as crusts or scales.

Dolphins are associated with other gods, such as Apollo, Dionysus and Aphrodite.

relations with other   (relaciones con otros)

Denmark has long had good relations with other nations.

He was the first of its rulers to have diplomatic relations with other states.

Overall, the Andamanese showed closest relations with other Oceanic populations.

relationships with other   (relaciones con otros)

Chiang developed relationships with other generals.

Canetti remained open to relationships with other women.

Glossopterids' relationships with other groups remain obscure.

associated with each

Under those musical scales are the "janyas" associated with each "melakarta".

The volume of flatus associated with each flatulence event again varies (5–375 mL).

In a multiprocessor system, there is one idle thread associated with each CPU core.

contact with other   (contacto con otro)

Rubber in contact with other surfaces can yield friction coefficients from 1 to 2.

Henceforth, it would be up to South Africa to keep contact with other African states.

This activity brought her into contact with other intellectuals sympathetic to free-market capitalism.

credited with creating

Derleth is credited with creating the "Elder Gods."

He is credited with creating the Russian oil industry.

His four mouths are credited with creating the four Vedas.

worked with artists

There he worked with artists Goudie, Sheryl Crow and ZZ Top.

Gerard Salonga has worked with artists such as Lea Salonga (his sister) and Martin Nievera.

She has worked with artists including TV On The Radio, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings and Fat Freddy's Drop.

career with local

He began his career with local club GÍ Gøta.

Costa started his career with local clubs Recreativo Estrellas and Estudiantes.

Rossbach started his career with local clubs Stridklev, Urædd and Pors Grenland.

compete with other   (competir con otros)

Often they had to compete with other cities.

Plants compete with other organisms in their ecosystem for resources.

He works to overcome his own meekness, rather than to compete with other Marines.

students with disabilities

The school’s population includes 24% students with disabilities, 5% ESOL and 35% low-income students.

Zengeza High School is one of the high schools in Zimbabwe which caters for students with disabilities.

CE encouraged students with disabilities to work and realize that employment is essential to successful adult transition.

children with disabilities

Families with children with disabilities can claim $1,500.

This is how the idea of creating a place for children with disabilities was born.

In 1981, Ramakrishnan started a school for children with disabilities at Ayikudi.

merged with another   (fusionado con otro)

It was merged with another Directorate, Aircraft Safety.

It was merged with another unit to form a new regiment in 1927.

In 2011, Violator merged with another company, Primary Wave to form Primary Violator.

along with teammate   (junto con compañero de equipo)

In 2013, he moved to Yadanarbon along with teammate Kaung Sithu.

Benfica along with teammate Michel.

In 1964, Winter was named captain of the team along with teammate Jim Cure.

collaborated with many

Throughout his career, he collaborated with many musicians.

Agam has collaborated with many individual musicians over the course of 5 years.

Max has collaborated with many British DJs including DJ Stonebridge, DJ Ripper and Digital Dog.

contact with each

do the two substances come into contact with each other.

As Perestroyka approached, the Baháʼís began to organize and get in contact with each other.

They have remained out of contact with each other due to the complex history of their relationship.

left with no

These people were left with no option but to escape.

Hari, left with no other option, explains his behaviour.

The German nobles were left with no more than 50 ha of land.

comparison with other   (comparación con otros)

In Judaism: For comparison with other religions:

Hydrogen has a wide flammability range in comparison with other fuels.

In comparison with other card games, Königrufen may be played with a wide range of possible contracts.

known with certainty   (conocido con certeza)

(His tribal origins are not known with certainty.)

Burr's true intentions are not known with certainty.

The origins of the modern guitar are not known with certainty.

credited with inventing

He is credited with inventing the term "deep funk".

Western Union was backed by Elisha Gray, also credited with inventing the telephone.

The book is now credited with inventing the genre today known as the Regency Historical.

along with more

Gloria Steinem appears in the film, along with more than 100 interviewees.

Some of these, along with more B-17Fs, received further camera alterations and became the F-9B.

The album's themes include medieval times and the Black Death, along with more modern subject matters.

credited with bringing

Jane is credited with bringing stock car racing to Australia.

He is credited with bringing 31 new species into cultivation.

Kris is credited with bringing in increasingly more sales to Cole's than previous years.

work with other   (trabajar con otro)

They often work with other organizations.

But also she’s stronger, so she can work with other weapons than I had.

Later work with other model organisms continued to contribute to developmental genetics.

associated with many

The king was also associated with many specific deities.

He was actively associated with many organisations of the period.

Hypovitaminosis D has been associated with many neurological conditions.

popular with tourists

The site is popular with tourists, especially Swedes.

The Sahlenburg beach is popular with tourists.

The railway became popular with tourists.

together with several

He was executed on February 8, 1951, together with several other Home Army soldiers.

Later, Engelsberg primarily composed church music together with several instrumental works.

The Gaekwads, together with several Maratha chieftains, fought the British in the First Anglo-Maratha War.

birds with long   (pájaros con largo)

Herons and egrets are medium to large wading birds with long necks and legs.

Order: CiconiiformesFamily: Ciconiidae Storks are large, long-legged, long-necked, wading birds with long, stout bills.

birds with short

In general, sparrows tend to be small, plump, brown or grey birds with short tails and short powerful beaks.

In general, sparrows tend to be small plump brownish or grayish birds with short tails and short powerful beaks.

Order: ColumbiformesFamily: Columbidae Pigeons and doves are stout-bodied birds with short necks and short slender bills with a fleshy cere.

buried with full

He was buried with full military honors.

When he died at 62, Watkins was buried with full military honors.

He is buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery.

families with children

The camp comprised four families with children and about a dozen men.

Families decreased by 20.4% and families with children decreased 40.9%.

More than 337,000 families with children under the age of 18 lived in Berlin.

interact with other   (interactuar con otros)

Aspirin is known to interact with other drugs.

You can also talk and interact with other NPC characters.

It encourages students to interact with other students they do not normally talk to.

together with all

This scalar field acts together with all the rest to generate the metric.

Any number could be coupled together with all motors controlled by the driver.

The central atom or ion, together with all ligands, comprise the coordination sphere.

associated with several

p-ANCA is associated with several medical conditions:

Bhisham Sahni was associated with several literary and cultural organizations.

Bodhidharma is associated with several other names, and is also known by the name Bodhitara.

working with other   (trabajando con otro)

Joshi is working with other scholars to produce an updated bibliography of Smith's work.

And he looks forward to working with other artists like Mr. Eazi and M.anifest and Efya.

He was working with other Manhattan Project doctors to perform toxicity studies on plutonium.

met with little   (se reunió con poco)

However, they met with little success.

Chryses pleaded with Agamemnon to free his daughter but was met with little success.

The Mk.I met with little success in its initial tune for the 1964 and 1965 Le Mans races.

met with resistance

However, Alexander met with resistance at Gaza.

Initially, the idea of using ultrasound imaging was met with resistance.

When first established, the NFWW was met with resistance from others within the trade union movement.

time with another   (tiempo con otro)

Denotes player spent time with another team before joining Rangers.

met with opposition

This idea immediately met with opposition.

The move was met with opposition from some Republican lawmakers.

Plans to discontinue this service originating in the USA in 2007 met with opposition.

children with special

There is additional support for children with special educational needs.

She grew up on a horse farm that catered to children with special needs.

Hope's Crossing is a camp designed children with special needs ages 9–15.

along with sister

It was then sold to Jamison-Wolf Broadcasting in 2008 along with sister station KNTK (now KHWA).

In June 2008, Brunel FM was sold to Laser Broadcasting along with sister stations Bath FM and 3TR.

The station broadcasts from a storefront studio on North 4th Street in Bismarck (along with sister station KXRV).

often with black   (a menudo con negro)

They are typically grey or white, often with black markings on the head or wings.

They are typically gray or white, often with black markings on the head or wings.

Females are mostly pale brown to black, often with black scribble marks forming lined, zebra-like patterns.

sex with men

Roseanne counters by asking "But do you like having sex with men?

Because of this, men who have sex with men have a high risk of this cancer."

Ireland introduced a ban on all men who have sex with men from donating blood.

joined with other   (unido con otro)

2-4 Family also joined with other vocalists to release a cover version of Wham!

In East Bengal, He joined with other Kerala Players Ubaid CK, Suhair V P, Jobi Justin who were also part the squad.

In 1916 the school joined with other branches of the Technical College in taking returned soldiers as part of a repatriation program.

cooperation with other   (cooperación con otro)

It was a great problem for the people travelling in this route but recently Khudunabari VDC in cooperation with other Govt.

The initial assumption of the Church is to establish cooperation with other Polish-Catholic Churches operating in Poland, Germany and the United States.

Where formerly, the Press produced and published Sunday school curriculum, this venture is now carried on in cooperation with other holiness denominations.

met with criticism

Gurdon's article was met with criticism by many.

A new mortuary was opened in Kingston by 1905, but met with criticism.

Despite the wild popularity of his shows, Galal has met with criticism.

articles with information   (artículos con información)

2009 in poetry Nationality words link to articles with information on the nation's poetry or literature (for instance, Irish or France).

1696 in poetry Nationality words link to articles with information on the nation's poetry or literature (for instance, Irish or France).

1694 in poetry Nationality words link to articles with information on the nation's poetry or literature (for instance, Irish or France).

common with many

Croydon, in common with many other areas, was hit by extensive rioting in August 2011.

Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV) are common with many treatments and some forms of cancer.

The book was originally published with three books in a single volume, as was common with many texts of this period.

up with other   (con otro)

He teamed up with other students and amateur archeologists to excavate the site.

Depending on the specific situation of the area, construction costs can increase and level up with other technologies.

These events are opportunities for people in local SPEAK groups to meet up with other people involved in the SPEAK Network.

credited with saving

He is credited with saving the lives of the entire rescue team.

Widely credited with saving British Rail, it is usually called HST.

The treatment is credited with saving the lives of two aid workers.

matches with different

The show featured various professional wrestling matches with different wrestlers involved in pre-existing scripted feuds or storylines.