Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

expert witness   (testigo experto)

Ayoob has appeared as an expert witness in several trials.

He is also a specialist and expert witness on service quality issues.

In law, an expert witness must be recognized by argument and authority.

bear witness   (atestiguar)

One fewer just man to bear witness.

We are here to bear witness to the animals being sent to slaughter.

There were homosexual castrati, as Casanova's accounts of 18th-century Italy bear witness.

witness protection   (protección de testigos)

Mark admits he is going into witness protection and he and Kyle say their goodbyes.

After the arrests, he was subsequently placed in witness protection for his safety.

In an effort to reconnect with Lara, Mason tells her that his family are in witness protection.

key witness   (testigo clave)

as a key witness in a bombing.

Page figured as a key witness in the Morse v. O'Reilly telegraph lawsuit of 1848.

Brunner was granted legal immunity as the key witness for Beausoleil's prosecution.

witness against   (testigo contra)

At the time of their trial Karan gave witness against them.

Bennett pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor charge and became a witness against Klein.

D'Angelo is furious at Wallace's death, and briefly turns state's witness against the Organization.

witness statements   (declaraciones de los testigos)

You know how I got witness statements?

According to the witness statements, "U-27"s commander was shot while swimming towards "Baralong".

Up to 50 officers were assigned to the case to take witness statements and carry out door to door enquiries.

witness stand

Richard dies nine days after taking the witness stand.

After exhaustive measures to keep Larry safe, he finally makes it to the witness stand.

At that point, Dr. Pierre A. Siegelstein was called by the defense attorney to the witness stand.

witness testimony   (declaración del testigo)

Expert witness testimony should be respected in all cases.

Dr. Kaufmann is an author of two dozen publications and has provided expert witness testimony more than 35 times.

FRE 702 was issued to provide a standard for expert witness testimony to be upheld by the United States court system.

only witness   (solo testigo)

The only witness is Kim Soo-jin, the dead man's wife.

Sadai then kills him for being the only witness of the murder.

She played Maya, the only witness in a homicide who is kept under house arrest by her parents.

bears witness

Constant bears witness to her nation's calamities.

The ongoing debate on this constitution bears witness of how controversial his views remain.

Without or Without also bears witness to the group's view that confronting doubt is a valuable practice.

prosecution witness   (testigo de cargo)

His testimony discredited the prosecution witness.

Savio was a prosecution witness in Gerhartsreiter's murder trial in Los Angeles.

Majocchi appeared as a prosecution witness in her subsequent trial for adultery.