İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

wonder what   (merak et ne)

Then you stop laughing and wonder what the point is.

I wonder what kind of world my children's kids will live in."

Experienced arcade thrashers will wonder what the fuss is about."

wonder why   (Neden acaba)

They wonder why they are tied up and attempt to get loose.

However, she started to wonder why she should help humanity.

People wonder why I haven't broken down or shed a tear (in public).

wonder how   (merak et nasıl)

New readers often wonder how such a serious work may be called a "comedy".

The events of 9/11 inspired him to wonder how many other people died on that day that seemed to be forgotten about.

In this painful experience people often wonder how they will go about living without this person and what it will be like.

no wonder   (şaşmamalı)

It's no wonder sales figures were so breathtaking."

It is no wonder that he did not hurry to return home.

"It's no wonder I'm being called 'Bloodthirsty Box'."

wonder whether   (merak edip etmediğini)

Betty responds, "I wonder whether you would take $8."

I actually wonder whether feminism has had any impact on men at all in the last 30 or 40 years."

They may wonder whether the person really wants to commit suicide or he is just in it to get some publicity.