İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

wondered why   (nedenini merak ettim)

"I wondered why it took so long for him to get a title shot and now we know."

The man wondered why she had jumped, if she have been pushed, and why was she naked.

The prince wondered why she did not come, and when he tried to find her, he was captured.

wondered whether   (merak edip etmediğini)

He wondered whether Christianity had been censored.

Hinckley wondered whether Springsteen could "win the faithful back".

In one post, Wandering Scribe wondered whether any "blog trawling" literary agents might read her blog.

wondered what   (ne olduğunu merak ettim)

She always wondered what life was all about then.

He wondered what it was about, and went up to investigate.

Okazaki often wondered what the family and the home can represent in these conditions.

wondered how   (nasıl olduğunu merak ettim)

Trimurti wondered how old that Maharishi would have to be, in order to know who is the eldest.

Lane wondered how the "Star Trek" franchise could ever come back from the total deconstruction the "SNL" skit presented.

Initially, Taylor wondered how they would include a horse in the scene, suggesting that they might use computer-generated imagery (CGI) or a "robotic horse".