İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

wore black   (siyah giydi)

Country-western singer Johnny Cash always wore black on stage.

Aguilera wore black lace thigh-high boots and a white bodysuit.

The team wore black armbands for the last four games in 1978 in memory of Nelson.

wore white   (beyaz giydi)

The Cowboys wore white jerseys on Thanksgiving in 2018.

They wore white pants and either black or white jerseys.

Workers wore white lintless gloves.

wore the number   (numarayı giydi)

During which time Reid wore the number 36 shirt.

She wore the number 54 at the forward position.

He wore the number 29 shirt for the new season.

often wore   (sıklıkla giyerdi)

Discothèque-goers often wore expensive, extravagant and sexy fashions.

Trueman often wore a cardigan whilst smoking a pipe throughout his links.

She often wore baggy clothes and sunglasses, stating that she wanted to be herself.

women wore   (kadınlar giydi)

The women wore vividly colored skirts and scarves.

Both men and women wore parkas that extended below the knees.

Traditionally, Iranian women wore chadors long before Islam arrived.

wore number   (numara giydi)

He wore number 34 while playing for the Lions.

Worpel wore number 38 for his debut season.

He formerly wore number 90 for Kölner Haie (Cologne Sharks).

team wore   (takım giydi)

The team wore solid blue socks and black cleats.

It marked the first time the team wore an all-brown combination in team history.

The team wore black armbands for the last four games in 1978 in memory of Nelson.

wore a black

For his performance in the E.S.C., Mickey wore a black suit, and played a green guitar.

His Worcester teammates wore a black crêpe on their jersey sleeves in his memory, for the season.

Martha wore a black mourning cape for one year, and she burned their correspondence to protect their privacy.

wore a white   (beyaz giydi)

The leader wore a white jersey with red polka dots.

He also wore a white bow tie, instead of the conventional black.

The leader wore a white jersey.

wore red   (kırmızı giydi)

Teachers also wore red to school to indicate solidarity.

Many of the participants were armed and mounted; all wore red.

The daily team leaders wore red dossards in the following stage.

always wore

James Bond himself always wore Floris No.89,

He always wore a string of colorful beads.

Country-western singer Johnny Cash always wore black on stage.

wore the same

It already wore the same red coat with white facings as the DLI.

Women wore the same robes as men, plaited, decorated hair and both genders wore heavy jewelry.

They wore the same look again for their game against the Cleveland Browns on December 24, 2011, and they won, 20–14.

men wore   (erkekler giydi)

All four men wore oilskin coats over the armour.

However, some old documents say that men wore "maidari".

During warfare, men wore red cedar armour, a cedar helmet, and cedar loincloths.