İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

work together   (birlikte çalışmak)

You work together and learn to trust one another.

She and San work together after he reveals himself.

In every group, 10 to 11 fishermen work together.

began work   (işe başladı)

Thereafter he began work in the Audiencia of Lima.

She began work at Ravensbrück concentration camp.

On March 1, 2010, Snyder began work at Apple Inc.

continued to work   (çalışmaya devam)

Großer continued to work for the ARD for 10 years.

There she continued to work on gravitational waves.

He continued to work full time at Seattle Center.

not work   (çalışmıyor)

There is every likelihood that this did not work.

Apart from "Junoon", most of them did not work.

It does not work as action, cop drama, or even horror.

whose work   (kimin işi)

Charles M. Relyea was among the illustrators whose work appeared in "Munsey's".

He is military general whose work is to protect Gerard King's son, Prince Shiva.

Grass socks were worn mainly by men, the bulk of whose work was done in the snow."

went to work   (işe gitti)

Nasution immediately went to work in his new role.

Teams from the MSFC went to work on the problems.

Caroline also went to work for the family business.

early work   (erken iş)

All were completely ignorant of Cremer's early work.

San Sebastiano, Venice, begun 1506, is an early work.

Pielke's early work was on the Space Shuttle program.

s work   (işi)

Her daughter was in full support of her mother’s work.

Vocal music is also present in Guridi’s work.

His father vouched for Ned’s work ethic and shooting ability.

s work   (işi)

Her daughter was in full support of her mother’s work.

Vocal music is also present in Guridi’s work.

His father vouched for Ned’s work ethic and shooting ability.

hard work   (zor iş)

It took countless hours of hard work and ingenuity.

Coffey was known for her diligence and hard work.

Her hard work pays off, and she loses 5 pounds.

work includes   (iş içerir)

Her latest work includes her 2018 solo album "J.S.

His early body of work includes "Steal This Movie!"

Jowett's broadcast television work includes A.T.O.M.

work began   (iş başladı)

Actual construction work began on March 15, 2018.

The Act was obtained in 1872 and work began in 1873.

In June 1978, work began on revising COBOL-74.

social work   (sosyal çalışma)

Stein published extensively in social work literature.

Since his early days he was passionate about social work.

Its online social work degree program has been ranked No.

began to work   (çalışmaya başladı)

Upon graduating, he began to work for the BBC.

In 1961 Koppel also began to work for Bing & Grøndahl.

During his studies, he began to work in cinema and TV.

first work   (ilk iş)

Her first work was published by Silhouette in 1982.

This result was his first work in algebraic geometry.

They self-produced their first work "El aire muerto".

started work   (işe başladı)

Shankar consequently started work on "Boys" (2003).

Joss Whedon assisted them before he started work on "".

The government started work on 15 July 1926.

body of work   (iş gövdesi)

His early body of work includes "Steal This Movie!"

Her main body of work consisted of seven novels.

"Blankenburg has given us an important body of work.

work done   (iş bitti)

He was awarded £10,000 on the value of work done.

All work done by members is equally creditable.

To a "karma yogi", right work done well is a form of prayer.

construction work   (inşaat işleri)

The construction work was completed in around 1931.

Actual construction work began on March 15, 2018.

A. Jones started construction work the following day.

own work   (kendi işi)

His own work in the field, however, lacked accuracy.

The two supplementary volumes were mainly his own work.

Sokurov's own work has been heavily influenced by Tarkovsky.

later work   (daha sonra iş)

Their later work is noted for its monumentality.

These images recur in later work as well.

His later work included some excellent political portraits.

major work   (Büyük iş)

His major work was in synthetic organic chemistry.

Flinders was responsible for funding the major work.

Gower considered "Mirour" to be his first major work.

earlier work   (önceki çalışma)

He argues that Planck misread his own earlier work.

By 1943 he was known because of his earlier work.

He relied heavily on earlier work by Stephen Kleene.

found work   (iş bulundu)

He seems not to have found work as a musician.

He later found work sailing on cargo steamers.

He then found work on Henry Martin's farm in Kelmscott.

work included   (iş dahil)

The work included creating a harbour and a marina.

Resnick's work included input from Castel himself.

The work included Akelaitis' biography written by .

previous work   (önceki iş)

Fauré's previous work in the genre, the Piano Quartet No.

The album is much more pop-oriented than Hackett's previous work.

In contrast to previous work, it consists of sixteen short pieces.

life and work   (yaşam ve iş)

In her life and work she is attached to feminism.

Sandler portrayed the life and work of Maurice Chevalier.

Little of his life and work is known today.

missionary work   (misyonerlik çalışması)

As a result, missionary work in Argentina slowed.

Liddell went on to missionary work in China.

Another obstacle to missionary work in Argentina is poverty.

recent work   (son iş)

It may not even appeal to fans of his more recent work.

His recent work defends infinitism about justification.

Jean-Luc Godard describes his recent work as "film-essays".

restoration work   (restorasyon çalışması)

Certain flags are also subject to restoration work.

He was the one to initiate the first restoration work.

Architect François Baillairgé led the restoration work.

work of art   (Sanat eseri)

This argues for treating a work of art objectively.

This work of art originated from the Marquesas Islands.

Her home is a work of art, and her kids are polite and sweet.

published work   (yayınlanmış eser)

Her first published work would be for Carnal.

"Upjati" (1956) was his first published work.

Dhar's first published work is "Mrityur Poschate" in 1934.

literary work   (edebi eser)

Kafka had decided not to do literary work there.

In addition, he sent an original literary work.

Wartime themes would also figure in his literary work.

other work   (diğer işler)

It is mentioned in her memoir more than any other work.

He did much other work for the Jewish People.

Some of her other work gained over 70 million views online.

pioneering work   (öncü çalışma)

He also did early pioneering work in machine translation.

Schumann, due to their pioneering work on Burke–Schumann flame.

This pioneering work heralded the start of the modern era of PNS.

important work   (önemli iş)

He later considered this his most important work.

The most important work was carried out by Hans Tho.

He regards his teaching job as his most important work.

best work   (en iyi iş)

But is it possible that his very best work came first?"

However, his best work may be in nurturing young players.

Canadian literary scholars have cited this as her best work.

started to work   (çalışmaya başladı)

She then moved to Munich and started to work for BMW.

After graduation he started to work as a camera operator.

In 1883 he started to work for the Strasbourg Observatory.

new work   (yeni iş)

Artists create new work for a spring exhibition.

A new fire occurred on 15 June 1649 requiring new work.

It was her first new work in 13 years.

did not work   (işe yaramadı)

There is every likelihood that this did not work.

Apart from "Junoon", most of them did not work.

When that job did not work out, he moved to Winter Park.

work during   (sırasında çalışmak)

Not all work during the strike was completely stopped.

He began exhibiting his work during the 1950s.

He took a break from his academic work during World War II.

find work   (iş bul)

Thousands made their way to Mobile to find work.

Initially there she found it hard to find work.

She first dressed as a man to find work, and move west.

work was completed   (iş tamamlandı)

The construction work was completed in around 1931.

The work was completed by the end of fall 2016.

original work   (Orijinal iş)

A manuscript of the original work is still extant.

Fei Xin's original work comprised two chapters.

About 35 percent of the original work force returned.

design work   (tasarım çalışması)

In November 1934, Mitchell started detailed design work.

Some design work was by Solomon D. Chase.

As design work continued the nomenclature continued to evolve.

work was done   (iş yapıldı)

Very little work was done in the following decade.

Some interior work was done on the north section).

Visual effects work was done by Alex Arpaillange.

research work   (Araştırma çalışması)

His research work focuses on comets and cosmology.

A product of her extensive research work in Mt.

His main research work is on growth and contract theory.

work through   (uğraşmak)

immediately take pen and paper and work through an example".

They continued their work through 1998.

Their big question is: Can they work through it or is it over?"

famous work   (ünlü iş)

Some famous work of arts with a Diana theme are:

His most famous work is "La Bella Cubana", an habanera.

Their most famous work together is "The Christmas Song".

work towards   (doğru çalışmak)

No work towards these plans was ever carried out.

Students may also work towards a joint J.D.

Graduate students can work towards a M.A.

work within   (içinde çalış)

She continues to work within the Energy Sector.

The mandate authorized specific framework for the TRC to work within.

Most wireless LAN equipment is designed to work within predefined standards.

art work   (sanat eseri)

His art work has been displayed internationally.

The art work was provided by Henry Scarpelli.

Participating artists created art work based on the book of paintings.

returned to work   (işe döndü)

She soon recovered and returned to work in a week.

He then returned to work in the family business.

Williams returned to work in stage productions.

work experience   (iş deneyimi)

Few had work experience beyond occasional odd jobs.

Students vary widely by age, educational background, work experience.

The other bodies recognise academic qualifications and work experience.

known work   (bilinen iş)

"Patriarcha" remains Filmer's best known work.

His suite in a minor is his only known work.

Her best known work is "Nameplate."

live and work   (yaşa ve çalış)

""Parry moved to live and work in Scotland in 1965.

People used to live and work under harsh conditions.

Moffat continued to live and work at Fitzroy Square.

work force   (iş gücü)

In 1996, agriculture employed 66% of the work force.

About 35 percent of the original work force returned.

work ethic   (iş ahlakı)

His strong work ethic made for an easy decision.

But what happened is, she had this great work ethic."

Li was known for his toughness and work ethic.

continues to work   (çalışmaya devam ediyor)

She continues to work as a freelance journalist.

She continues to work within the Energy Sector.

Katz continues to work in the special needs profession.

forced to work   (çalışmaya zorlandı)

Peasants were forced to work for the king.

Jews and other prisoners were forced to work on the project.

Detainees were also forced to work on the Trans-Saharan Railway.

scientific work   (bilimsel çalışma)

His scientific work has stood the test of time.

His scientific work has to do mainly with addictive disorders.

Following completion of training she resumed her scientific work.

able to work   (çalışabilmek)

It also was able to work closely with other tanks.

That's why I was able to work every other day.

Nevertheless, the 132nd Infantry Division was able to work its way up to the river.

work started   (iş başladı)

The work started in 2008 and is now complete.

In 1874 work started on its construction.

After the earthquake, reconstruction work started in Istanbul.

graduate work   (mezuniyet çalışması)

His graduate work led to eight patents.

Over 56% have a master's degree or graduate work beyond a master's degree.

She pursued graduate work in economics, also at Penn, earning her master's in 1919.

get to work   (işe başlamak)

The boss then orders them to get to work.

In 2016, 12.4% of Canadians used public transportation to get to work.

Of the working population, 9.3% used public transportation to get to work, and 71% used a private car.

work has appeared   (iş ortaya çıktı)

His work has appeared in "The New York Times".

Her work has appeared in several exhibitions in Malta and internationally.

Her work has appeared in "Nature", "Nature Photonics", and other journals.

most famous work   (en ünlü eser)

His most famous work is "La Bella Cubana", an habanera.

Their most famous work together is "The Christmas Song".

Kekulé's most famous work was on the structure of benzene.

field work   (saha çalışması)

Geological field work varies depending on the task at hand.

As part of his undergraduate research, he did field work in the Mt.

She conducted her field work in Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania and London.

work was published   (iş yayınlandı)

The Rad Lab work was published by Fano and Lawson.

Her first work was published by Silhouette in 1982.

This work was published during Tomkinson's lifetime.

work was carried   (iş yapıldı)

The most important work was carried out by Hans Tho.

It was recorded before restoration work was carried out.

The work was carried out at three levels.

work well   (güzel çalış)

Statues do not work well as building blocks.

This method usually does not work well for aryl halides (e.g.

This trade-off is asserted to work well on LCD flat panel monitors.

work closely   (yakından çalış)

It also was able to work closely with other tanks.

From 1998 the RPF and GPV began to work closely together in parliament.

After leaving the party, he continues to work closely with the Democrats.

solo work   (yalnız çalışma)

Routh embarked on solo work primarily in the mid-1970s.

Rose left the group in 2006 to concentrate on his solo work.

Khan's most famous solo work is "Injected with a Poison" (1992).

work focuses   (iş odakları)

His research work focuses on comets and cosmology.

Her work focuses on racial and gender stereotypes.

Zhou's theoretical work focuses on particle physics.

building work   (İnşaat binası)

Crump started the building work on 23 August 1937.

The building work took several years, fully occupying Christie.

Speer's building work made him among the wealthiest of the Nazi elite.

further work   (daha fazla iş)

This led to further work in daytime soap operas.

In further work with Jonker, J.S.

It underwent a Victorian restoration in 1869 and further work in 1906.

main work   (ana iş)

Their main work was upgrading Paisley's water supply.

Dorrit Cohn's main work was in Narratology.

His main work is the "History of Little Russia" (in 5 vols.

guitar work   (gitar çalışması)

The song features guitar work by Graham Coxon.

Huff had previously done guitar work on Stephenson's solo albums.

The song features guitar work from fellow Matchbox Twenty member Kyle Cook.

academic work   (akademik çalışma)

He started his academic work on Basque in 1852.

Students may present their academic work.

He took a break from his academic work during World War II.

continue to work   (Çalışmaya devam et)

Newsom said he would continue to work for universal Wi-Fi.

They continue to work together and help each other when needed.

SO.HO will continue to work but will no longer be offered/updated.

development work   (Geliştirme işi)

Additional development work was carried out by Bryan Bouffier.

The development work began in 1983.

The result of this development work is the European DataWarehouse GmbH.

charity work   (hayır işi)

Bell is active in charity work and fundraisers.

They are both committed to use the prize for charity work.

His charity work is believed to have cost him much of his fortune.

film work   (film çalışması)

He left the show in 1999 to focus on film work.

writes that Andjar remains best known for his film work.

However, Lockhart is mostly remembered for his film work.

last work   (son iş)

However, this was his last work in fresco.

Hake's last work was published in 1604.

Bartók's last work might well have been the String Quartet No.

seminal work   (seminal çalışma)

A seminal work in this arena is the Star Wars ASCIImation.

Ottakoothar wrote his seminal work "Thakka Yaga Barani" here.

Ritsema called the book a "seminal work of engaged retrospection."

television work   (televizyon çalışması)

Jowett's broadcast television work includes A.T.O.M.

Tang's other television work includes appearances in "Dr.

Prior to her television work, McGarry worked at Downtown Radio.

years of work   (yıllarca süren çalışma)

minimum pension, minimum numbers of years of work, etc.).

The novel was completed in 1862 after four years of work.

It's been 47 years of work.

continued his work   (çalışmalarına devam etti)

He continued his work until the end of his life.

He continued his work without any challenges.

He continued his work in physics at Columbia University.

back to work   (işe geri dön)

I went back to work as a marine engineer on Monday.

The judge ruled against Vidor, ordering him back to work.

I'm looking forward to going back to work."

work hard   (çok çalış)

Be proud, work hard, and believe in yourself."

Men and women who dig in, work hard, laugh loud and often.

They would work hard to make that happen.

begin work   (Çalışmaya başlamak)

The new treatment works was expected to begin work in October 1904.

Kimberly breaks her wrist to remove it so she can begin work as radio host.

Glenn managed to see through Jackson's disguise and begin work his way to find proof.

more work   (daha fazla iş)

It needs a lot more work to make the whole thing mesh together.

From now on, I'll do no more work!").

After that, Wilson moved to Boston, hoping for more work opportunities.

does not work   (çalışmıyor)

It does not work as action, cop drama, or even horror.

Above all, the form itself just does not work.

However, this does not work in Google Apps for Your Domain.

work appeared   (iş ortaya çıktı)

His work appeared prominently in "Crawdaddy".

Neither work appeared in book form in Burroughs' lifetime.

His earlier work appeared in English in 2012 as "Moscow 1937".

extensive work   (kapsamlı çalışma)

The most extensive work of the club was in prison reform.

During the 1990s there was extensive work done on the tower.

He is known for his extensive work on copepods, minute crustaceans.

repair work   (onarım işi)

He supervised much of Gimson's architectural and repair work.

Despite being decommissioned, repair work on the ship continued.

Network Rail began repair work and the line reopened on 4 April 2014.

only work   (sadece iş)

It is Rifbjerg's only work of science fiction.

His only work available in English is "Triste's History".

A glidant will only work at a certain range of concentrations.

used to work   (eskiden çalışırdı)

The developer of Debian also used to work for Pixar.

Surprisingly, Jack used to work as a policeman.

Suryam's mother used to work as a maid in Rajagaru's house.

opportunity to work   (çalışma fırsatı)

He then offered her the opportunity to work with him in Veracruz.

They became friends and they had the opportunity to work together some years later.

During his period in advertising he had the opportunity to work with many child actors.

production work   (üretim işi)

His other skills include lecturing and production work.

Sebastian does production work as Xenomorph Productions.

It was Jens Bogren's first production work for Powerwolf.